Generally speaking, everyone raised in The System is talking, and talking and talking....... often thinking, dreaming and writing about what they don't have. If they already had it, they would have nothing to talk about because they would already be too busy living it and being it -------> freedom, truth, peace, joy, happiness, love, calmness, security, certainty, confidence, status, community, family, partnership, health, abundance with food and water, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Even though everyone appearing in the womb already has everything they need built in for a free, abundant life, the high-level ocCULTists/Freemasons who designed, oversee and administer the ORDER of The System condition everyone to believe/feel/think/dream they don't have everything they need all around them. The resulting chaos causes them to spend whole lifetimes in pursuit of what they think they don't have, so they can have order to the chaos, but they never really have order as a constant for whole lifetimes and are trapped in never-ending cycles of FICTION = chaos to order, chaos to order, chaos to order.....

The high level Freemasons who took over the lands across earth, then carved up them into parish lands, crown lands, parks, acres, hectares, rural, territories, states, lots, plots, industrial, etc, all of this carving up being fiction. Everyone living on these conquered motherlands gradually needed the fiction of commerce to gain ongoing access to land, food, water, shelter, materials, services, etc, because the true freedom with nature was being removed from almost everyone who became refugees on their own motherland. Nearly all of us across earth have forgotten what it is to be a free MAN living amongst the abundance and magnificence of free nature.

The System & everything of The System is fiction and everything performed by MAN raised in The System is only adding to the state of chaos that we are in, both on the land (state) they stand on and psychologically. As we search for what we think we don't have - food, water, shelter, etc, the ORDER to the CHAOS - we are driven by the CHAOS of doubt, uncertainty, distrust, fear, etc, more e-motions are listed here, to achieve ORDER, but, In The System, the ORDER of the security of land, food, water and shelter is only available if we submit our whole lifetimes to being answerable to and under the power and control of the high level OcCULTists/Freemasons and their administrators, re-presentatives, authorities, agents, officials, experts, etc.

Behind mortgages, leases, rents, money, land title deeds, contracts, commerce, etc, is the doubt, uncertainty, distrust, fear, etc, of a tomorrow without the security and certainty of having a roof over the head, food on the table and something to retire with, along with the worry about not being seen as good law abiding citizens who vote, pay taxes and get the kids through school. It is this dark side of CHAOS, all of it fiction, that everyone raised in The System is nurturing and giving power to, hell-bent on achieving ORDER that is never possible under The System.

Out of the constant feeding of chaos being played out amongst the many refugees on their own motherlands comes the rule of law, government/politics, religions, and the many other band aids such as big pharma, psychology, counselling, entertainment, sport, materialism, consumerism, fashion, etc, all of it keeping tabs on the chaos without stopping it, because it is the chaos that gives power to those at the top of The System.

If you are in The System you have already been got at.

In October 2016, an ACT Supreme Court Judge, Richard Christopher Refshauge, replied on the record to Fiona after being asked the question, "Who is the highest power, MAN or the Law?", saying, "MAN is the highest power, but MAN subjugates himself under the law to have order."

The law is fiction, & fiction is chaos when it's believed to be part of reality.

To subjugate yourself is a voluntary act whereby we acquiesce to the demands and penalties of those at the top of The System to have access to their order (fiction) to keep us safe from the chaos (fiction). Regardless of the threats, intimidation, fines, penalties, incarceration, fear-porn, thuggery, etc, used to keep us in our places, everyone in The System is still voluntarily doing what they are doing because we all have the free-will to accept their elections, taxation, injections, servitude to debt and credit, performing in commerce, mortgages, leases, rents, digital-electronic or paper land title deeds that say we are tenants, etc, etc, ALL OF IT BEING FICTION, or not. We have the free-will to NOT accept any of it and to take full responsibility for our lives.

We have all been conned into believing that we need the fiction of The System to live but fiction does nothing for life; it does not make the sun shine, create air for us to breathe, make rain, grow food or give anything of life to life. However, because we have all forgotten how to live in nature as nature, we harm and destroy nature to remain plugged into fiction to receive water, food, shelter, health, etc. The intense meddling with our thinking has turned us all into refugees on our motherland because we have no idea how to live on land without interference and support from The System. We are helpless.

Fiction is a prosthetic, used to replace what nature was naturally doing, and when we give up the prosthetics and stop interfering, nature will gradually return to how things were meant to happen and carry on forevermore. Nature does not need fiction to exist, and when we give up our servitude to fiction, our subjugation under fiction will no longer exist because, without our participation, fiction no longer takes shape and performance amongst the living.

The subjugation of The System is just the intention of a MAN to dominate another MAN'S actions. The law is there to maintain ongoing subjugation so that the fruits of labour produced by the subjugated are mostly proceeds being handed over to the perpetrators who get richer and richer as they provide the order to the chaos (of subjugation) Richard Refshauge is pointing out. When we get past all the distractions and temptations, this is what The System is all about. If you still breathe you have free will, and if you no longer want to breathe, this is also your free-will in action. Subjugation is a VOLUNTARY ACT.

We can appear to animate a dead corpse by picking up the body, moving its legs and arms, wagging its tongue and washing and dressing so we can give the impression that its alive, but it is still not part of the living. The subjugation, through the education and inculcation we have all endured, has trained us to focus our life-energy on images of fiction so that we can give them physical and material form while we perform all the actions the scripts behind fiction require.

Everything defined to MAN is fiction, & The System with all its e-motion is fiction, & the whole of The System is fiction, because all of it is defined to MAN through the fiction of education, inculcation, suggestion, indication, instruction, etc, all of it derived from ritual sacrifice, blood letting and blood libel***, to persuade us to accept the subjugation Richard referred to, whether he is aware of it or not. It is here amongst all the trauma of e-motions that all forms of lying, deceit, non-full disclosure, use, abuse, rape, pillage, plunder, coercion, intimidation, threats, incarceration, ridicule, abuse, committing fraud & slander, manipulation, seduction, temptation, statute fines/Roman civil law/admiralty law, bills, etc, are derived, the order (fiction) out of chaos (fiction) Richard addresses.

[*** This is an article Darkness Visible Part One B - Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 14th December 2014 of many Arthur put together during a defamation case that started in 2014 and went on till 2017. In this particular Darkness Visible document, are many photos and explanations about ritual sacrifice, blood letting and blood libel. Fiona had nothing to do with the defamatory content but she was dragged into ACAT because she owned the unmoderated website that Arthur was posting material into between 2006 and 2019. None of the Love For Life links found in this document will work but there are many Darkness Visible links to be found in Docdroid where the series of Darkness Visible material is stored. Arthur Cristian.]

No judge, magistrate, barrister, lawyer, solicitor, politician, bureaucrat, public servant, govt agent, private corporation, administrator, historian, re-presentative, official, executive, authority, etc (all of these titles are fiction), can prove before this non-fiction-MAN (Arthur), that the law is not fiction, & that those representing fiction have a higher power, authority & standing over this MAN to make him subject to them, and answerable to them, through their many forms of subjugation, all of it being fiction.

If you comprehend what has been shared here, you will see that the whole of The System is run by administrators, authorities and representatives, all of them acting as 3rd party intermeddlers, interceders and interlopers between you and land, you and water, you and food, you and shelter, you and health, you and family, children, grandparents, friends, associates, neighbours, you and community, tribe or village, and between you and nature and earth, and between you and the whole of your life and all of life.

No one in fiction can prove to this MAN that they ever provided idiot-friendly full disclosure to this MAN as a child that the life of this MAN would forever be subject (fiction) to them, and would always be under their subjugation, acting as the authority, re-presentatives & administrators, over this MANS life.

If this non-fiction-MAN is not under the standing of anyone re-presenting fiction, they have no power over the MAN and all the lands this MAN cares for, nurtures, works and lives on, are now this MAN'S Motherland and all of it has already been completely removed from being under the fictional authorities, re-presentatives and administrators overseeing FICTION / THE SYSTEM OF ANTI LIFE. All of the land, the sky, the water & what is under & above the earth, including everything that naturally moves, that is part of life/nature, is now under the full-responsibility of this non-fiction-MAN'S life. This full responsibility will be shared with others who can also handle the full responsibility that comes with being caretakers, custodians and stewards of land as non-fiction-MAN, determined to learn and practice how to stop doing harm to life, forevermore.

As we transition back to the Kindom Village in this life, to avoid starting up the distractions of putting out more small fires when there already is a big one we are all dealing with, it's best to use The System to get out of The System while we all lean how to not pass the baton of The System on to the generations to come.

Arthur Cristian
A Living MAN not contracted to the ocCULTists to perform in their commerce (be subjugated to them) since the recorded ages of their fiction, 2005/2006.
Ironbark Farm Aust