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The Fiction Of Destructive E-Motions = The Dark Side

The System, and everything of The System, is unnatural. Everything physical and material of The System is made from distorted nature that has been carved up, burned, mined, treated, concocted and disfigured to be in the image of the constructs and concepts of a man-made artificial intelligence known as alphabet languages, none of which have any basis in reality where the intelligence of nature operates. Brought up in The System, through the alphabet languages, we learn to bond with distorted feelings we call e-motions, and through distorted feelings we practice integrating with physical and material distortions of life, FICTION, which is what The System is.

Through explanation, instruction, education, suggestion, indoctrination and the inculcation of imaginary definitions, we become the distortions of life forming unnatural bonds with the physical, material forms of fiction, The System. Having already become The System, we are complicit in supporting and expanding The System, setting the example for children to also participate in worshipping The System and, collectively, this validates the norms of a reality that is actually abnormal for everyone trapped in The System performing likewise. This is the intelligence of distorted feelings derived from the definitions of alphabet languages. When we give our life energy to the definitions, we are creating the distorted feelings of the fiction we are focused on.

All intelligence is feelings and nature is the natural feelings emanating as the substance of life we always engage with to expand the consciousness of our natural intelligence. The feelings we have when we are raised by nature undefined (no one inside our heads telling us how to dream our lives) are the natural dreams that we each create for our unique lives through our access to the pure and sincere intelligence of life, that being the senses that are undefined. This is what we refer to as the good heart and all its virtues that we use to expand the consciousness of our true nature as the domain of our real lives we each create through free-will.

When we are fully conscious, we will never harm anything of nature because the intelligence of nature is who we already are and, through the senses of this natural intelligence of life, guides us instinctively to do no harm to what we are part of. The dreams we create this way are the natural conscience of nature communing through us as the natural intelligence of life.

The artificial intelligence behind the e-motions of The System, the alphabet languages and their definitions, does not bond us to the natural intelligence of nature. What is meant to be our natural intelligence has been severely compromised and our behaviour and attitudes have been infected by fiction, bringing confusion to the intelligence of our real lives as we mix the fiction in with the intentions of the virtues of the good heart in the domains of our real lives. We are eating fiction, drinking fiction, listening to fiction, wearing fiction, sleeping in fiction, being entertained by fiction, etc, hence the distortions forming sickness and disease, divorces, misguided relationships and everything else of the chaos of disharmony caused by working with the destructive e-motions and allowing them into our domains. We are now relying on a fake intelligence made up of definitions that actually disconnects us from the intelligence of our real lives with nature. The black and white has become grey.

Thoughts are feelings and feelings are thoughts, which are dreams. We have been trained to explain what we are feeling to create unnatural dreams of life, this is all fiction. Animals and plants do not explain feelings because they are just being the experience of natural feelings through the senses (touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see), moment by moment. They are living the dream of their real lives without intellectualising it through explanations that have become the distortions within the domains of our dreams of life, where the sensations of direct, sensory experience, the natural feelings, are forgotten, set aside.

Exposure to The System from so very young stops us remembering who we really are; there is very little of the consciousness of the dream of life awakened in our domains and without this natural intelligence, generally speaking, we find it very challenging to naturally communicate, through senses, with the ancestors who are always accessible. There is just too much distraction, distortion and confusion going on to do so.

When we focus on and believe in the explanations of definitions, we cause imaginary time and space rifts in the eternal here and now of our natural dreams of life where we experience the eternal peace and calm of the here and now. We have introduced the lies of chaotic feelings into the here and now as we rely on fiction to get access to fiction to maintain fiction, when we are already on land that no one owns and we already have everything we need of nature, that no one owns. We have to go to work (fiction), to pay the rent (fiction) to keep a roof over our heads, and buy fake food (fiction) from the shops (fiction) to maintain the fiction of our fake lives.

When we use the intellectual definitions to communicate, we are creating the continuation of the time and space rift where fiction dominates the domain of our real lives in the here and now. The fiction of The System exists only in this time and space rift.

This is how we become disconnected from life; our constant explanations can only be experienced through the imagination because, when we listen to the explanations we are not there in the present moment experiencing anything through the senses. An explanation is a distorted feeling and education is all about explanations that disconnect us from nature to the point where we grow up able to destroy life without feeling the loss or grief of that which we destroy. What we write is also a distortion because it is words on a computer screen that have no direct sensory experience to share. We can only imagine it, which is the time and space rift. The closest you can get to a sensory experience with these words is to sense our intention behind the inspiration to write them.

We are in a dream world of distorted thinking, living out of a world of fantasy with an intelligence of explanations that are all distorted, unnatural feelings we are imagining. When we operate out of distorted feelings, we distort nature. The e-go houses the accumulation of intelligence explained that we live out of. It is the memories we hold onto and believe that forms the time and space rift that we live out of. The time and space rift is where the destructive e-motions play out through the intellectualising of the definitions we have been taught are reality.

Trauma is the time and space rift because the rift is going against the here and now. When we constantly project the past into the future, there is no peace and calm in the here and now. All the e-motions and behaviour patterns are all played out in the rift, as is all trauma. If we are in the here and now we are imbued by the virtues of the good heart and the conflict is over. The shattering has been brought into wholeness again.

The introduction of distorted, unnatural feelings is the reason for all the chaos. We are in a state of chaos, confusion and distraction because we are always feeling but we are also in the feelings of recalling everything that has been explained to us. We bring the chaos into everything we are doing, including our relationships, because we are always trying to find explanations for what we are feeling. In nature, there is plenty of love but no explanation.There is no explanation needed for the warmth of the sun that we experience.

In The System, we bring the good heart into the time and space rift and say we love, but we also bring the chaos, confusion and distraction. If we didn't have this going on, we wouldn't need The System because we already have everything we need to live built in, including a powerful conscience that means we are the judge, the jury, the doctor, the teacher, etc. This is the natural intelligence we bring to this life as life. We have to stop distorting our children which means that we have to live from the virtues of the good heart in the here and now so they can grow up undistorted. Consciousness is natural feelings and the virtues of the good heart and this is the intelligence that we are supposed to be using to create our lives.

The Kindom Mud Room is where we deal with the time and space rift we are each nurturing and we stop playing out the destructive e-motions. The rift can make us loners who appear to be comfortable in our own skin but find it hard to work as part of a group for the greater good. Loners are often sensitive and are hanging on to chaotic memories that make it hard for them to open their hearts to others and keep the door open. Consciously or not, because they keep re-calling the chaos, they can't escape it and so they become more and more isolated as they become older. They want the good heart, dream for happiness and joy with others, and they can be warm and friendly but the door is closed. The trauma of the rift can also make people very unsure and insecure, in which case they cling to others to tell them what to think, feel and do. All in all, everyone trapped in the rift becomes a control freak because they don't know how to control the trauma so they try to control the environment. This is The System, with all its horror and ugliness.

The doors for the fiction of the dark side have been left open and no one knows how to close them; they are not conscious of what is happening because they are still caught up in the fiction, the scripts, giving it energy. They are still stuck in the imaginary time and space rift of trauma where they can talk about it, read about it, write about it, go to rallies and vote about it, but they are still trapped in it because they won't let it go. From here comes the fantasy, indifference, lack of compassion, being insular, lack of empathy, passing the buck, etc. They imagine that they have empathy and compassion when they don't because they are stuck in a fantasy where they have elevated themselves above others, according to the scripts of whatever fiction they worship, and they are conditional and righteous. However, they are all still trapped in The System, which shows that they haven't figured out what is really going on. We are still defaulting to the explanations.

The trauma is usually operating on a subliminal level under fake fronts and most people are not aware of how the e-motions are triggered and how they are affected by them. Everyone in The System has a fake front that is the definitions of the time and space rift they are surviving their fake lives out of. The fake fronts are the scripts that make up the e-go. If we weren't in The System, we wouldn't have an e-go and we wouldn't have its fake front. We have accessed a plethora of definitions of the virtues of the good heart that we use to concoct whatever flavour of fake front suits us. No matter how far we enter fantasies of scripts that we want to perform, whether of love, success or whatever, they are still trapped in the chaos of The System where all the scripts of fiction are being played out. Having the virtues of the good heart defined keeps us trapped because we are not in the sensory experience of them here and now.

We become so mesmerised by the fantasies of what we are imagining to be real that we remain deeply trapped in the schism of the time and space rift. The imagining of the scripts is the rift where we are always trapped under the control of the malevolence of our ocCULTic masters because they are all scripts of cultish behaviour.

The perpetuation of Hollywood, social media, media, books, internet, technology, etc, is to keep us playing out the natural pull to the good heart and its virtues, triggered by the fantasies promoted in The System, including the controversies, conflicts and chaos that keep us looking for good hearted solutions to the chaos but not realising that everything, both the chaos and the good hearted intentions are only happening in the schism. The natural pull is back to the peace and calm of the good heart where we all belong and where we are in paradise because none of the chaos is happening. We search all through The System for remedies to end the chaos but it never ends, which is why we go from war to war to war and why there is constant sickness and disease.

The reason the trauma is subliminal is because the intentions of the ocCULTists are that is be kept secret, not easily detected on the surface. This is why The System is covert slavery. The greatest of all forms of slavery is where people think they are free and the New World Order is being designed for us to think that we are all returning to nature and freedom in paradise but the ocCULTists will still be between MAN and MAN, land, water, food and shelter. We will think that we still need the "protection" they will be offering because we have been conditioned to think we need protection in The System, especially as we can be punished if we protect our lives against harm.

The only way to stop this chaos is to get back to our senses where we are not trapped in the subliminal programming of the trauma.

Australia one of the most deeply entrenched countries when it comes to the disconnection from life. Some of the older European populations still have stronger roots in village life where the memories of this way of life are still somewhat alive.

The money and commerce of The System keeps us in rift because we are reliant on everyone trapped in it following the hive mind of this economic collective. Our materialism and consumerism that drive the demand for more and more distortion, destruction and devastation of nature come from our bonds to the intellectual, unnatural, artificial, superficial constructs and concepts of The System that are derived from the intentions of those behind The System to conjure up distorted feelings of natural life out of ritual sacrifice, bloodletting and blood libel.

We call these unnatural feelings e-motions and we use them to build a world of fantasy, illusion and delusion in the intellect of alphabet languages that we think are our true intelligence. We are educated into the delusion that fiction created from nature and the imagination we apply to fiction is reality and can be used to create a world of opportunity, freedom, independence, success, spirituality and life-fulfilment, when, in reality, it is just a fake, imaginary dream world of chaos in a covert system of slavery, where we are mostly unconsciously being controlled under the fake order of those at the top of The System as we are led down the path of the total annihilation of nature and, therefore, all of life, including us. On all sides, there are no winners.

It is the deception of an artificial intelligence that we think is real, made up of the definitions, constructs and concepts of fiction that we are educated into. If The System is a sandpit with all grains being letters, words, definitions, meanings, sentences, phrases, paragraphs, chapters, books, explanations, instructions, suggestions, theories, courses, etc, etc, all the definitions, constructs and concepts of The System are the toys and building blocks we are given to create our lives out of the fake intelligence encoded in the sandpit.

There is nothing natural in the sandpit so we learn to form bonds of distorted feelings with fiction and create alienated lives out of the intelligence of what is unnatural rather than from the intelligence of what is natural. Thus, through endless repetition, we form a closer bond with the defined, unnatural feelings of The System than with the undefined feelings of the good heart of nature (our true nature), that is natural, even though we cannot survive without nature (life) as that is what we are. The unnatural feelings is the e-go and most of us live out of that

How is it that we can claim to love nature but continue living in ways that destroy it? How much distortion is there in our thinking and feeling-attachments to fiction that many of us do not seem to be able to see the madness of thinking that we can maintain our destructive lifestyles indefinitely without repercussions on a grand scale?

Where nature inspires natural actions, the alphabet languages compel us to perform unnatural movements that are no different to programs directing robots. The e-motions encoded in alphabets are the intentions of high-level ocCULTists/Freemasons, the "e-", directing our actions, behaviour, etc, the "motions", so that we always arrive at the outcomes they dream for us to be. The distorted feelings of e-motion is the program of fiction in action throughout our lives. Everything about the law, government, religion, banking, commerce, economy, stock market, media, Hollywood, TV, science-fiction, education, etc, etc, is promoting fiction and validating the distorted feelings of fear, doubt, uncertainty, distrust, etc, that are fiction, the e-motion and the e-go.

The unnatural e-motions of system life get confused with the love we have for nature that inspires our natural creativity until there is no clarity, no distinction, only a grey fog of confusion and delusion that keeps us locked in the cycle of destruction to life, your life, our life, everyone's life, even as we wish for something better, for purity, sincerity, peace and calm. In The System, our access to land, food, water and shelter is so deeply compromised that most of us do not have time to think about this chronic, spider-web entanglement, and where it is coming from, let alone create a remedy.

As addicts to fiction, we need a fix after fix after fix........ of fiction to maintain the unnatural highs and lows we get with land, food, water, shelter, relationships, marriage, sport, money, machines, gambling, fashion, pornography, fast-food, consumerism, materialism, technology, controversies, gossip, etc, etc, none of which can satiate what is insatiable, always in search of what we don't have to temporarily fill the fleeting experience fiction offers through its emptiness of life.

Raised in nature undefined, we live true peaceful lives of freedom with land, food, water and shelter, and with certainty, trust and no fear, our bodies eat powerful, healthy food, drink pure water and rest in shelter directly from nature all around us as required. There are no middlemen, middlewomen, authorities, administrators, representatives, governments, councils, courts, banks, etc, we are answerable to, coming in-between us and land, food, water and shelter, and therefore, there is no loaded gun of corporate privatisation at our heads forcing us to labour for fiction to earn money required so we can have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly access to land, food, water, shelter, heating, transport, etc. The stresses and toll of system life devotion causes us to remain locked in these distorted e-motions, unnaturally pulling us this way and that way, where our servitude to fiction, particularly with its debts, has turned us and our children into refugees on our own motherland.

Raised in The System, we all experience many of these distorted e-motions and we are not looking to set up a community lifestyle situation where we persecute each other when the e-motions come up. It is up to each of us to recognise the e-motions as they arise and, once we have been able to identify them, work on allowing them to be there but choosing not to play them out with others. When we re-act to e-motions we feed these chaotic, dark-energies which gives them more power to arise again and again and again in our lives. We each have to directly face the devil of these e-motions and stop fighting them, hiding from them and pretending they are not there as we present a fake front.

When the e-motions come up, we say,"thank you for your offer, but no thank you", and get our focus back to nurturing life so that we are in the creativity of life and no longer giving the e-motions any power and we no longer take them out on those around us. Through acceptance, we find peace with the devil because we calmly face the devil so the devil no longer has any re-active power over us.

There is no one who can do this healing for us; we each have to use our free will to do this.

For example, if we recognise that we have learnt to use anger as a power and control mechanism, we can notice when this situation arises and choose to act differently, such as peacefully walking away from the situation, going for a run or a swim, until we are calmer and able to go back to the situation and work it out without the need to use anger and without the desire for power and control. We may need to practise this again and again until the power the habit has over us lessens and gradually disappears.

It is not a battle over the e-motions, just an awareness and switching focus so we do not act them out and, most importantly, not to make decisions from them but to use only the virtues of the good heart when we are making important decisions. None of us should be sitting in judgment over anyone, but we can all sense when someone is struggling and needs space, or asks for support.

Honesty and sincerity are paramount because we are not trying to form a happy-clappy bunch wearing false smiles and professing fake sentiments just to fit in with each other. Better form a group where we are honest about what is really going on for us, able to argue and have different opinions but still committed and focused upon the good heart of the community. The freedom of each of us to express who we are through our creativity, bound only by the commitment to do no harm, as much as possible in our current, compromised situations.

When we are not driven by the e-motions, we do not need others to make us happy, to give us what we feel we are missing, to organise our days. We are happy in our skin and therefore come together through heartfelt inspiration for the joy of being creative for the benefit of others, not because we need to fulfill the beckoning scripts of e-motional needs we get focused on. We each bring our creative skill sets and, together, we have everything we need to create thriving, village life. This is how we raise each other up, out of The System of chaos.

Life is a domain and the more we expand consciousness, the more we experience life in our domain. Our consciousness is life, the good heart and all its virtues, and when we direct life-energy into fiction, our consciousness is being withdrawn from life, which means that the life of who we are is being withdrawn from the domain of our real life. We don't own our consciousness because we don't own life; it is a gift that we are part of and have access to but our focus on fiction separates us from it.

Our life is like the sun; the energy of our heart is shining outwards over the domain of the whole of life, nurturing every life form across, above and below earth. If we are stuck in the e-motions of the self, which are all about self-obsession and narcissism, the more the life in our domain shrinks because our focus is inwards to the self rather than outwards to life and darkness is creeping in. The rays of the sun are turning inwards, and where the sun once was is now a black hole. It is here in the distorted consciousness of anti-life, the darkness, where The System of men and women, operating without the good heart, control and have power over others with their fear, threats, courts, manipulation, incarceration, fines, penalties, punishment, debt, stress, rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions, terms, contracts, intimidation, condemnation, etc, etc. All of this is a result of "what's in it for me", greed, selfishness, narcissism, being answerable to others, etc.

There is a difference between life and fiction and all e-motions are fiction (anti-life) that has nothing to do with life. When we say, "Focus on the good heart", we are talking about focusing on life, working with the seeds, plants, and trees, the animals, village infrastructure, and those around us so that our focus on creativity is always outwards to benefit village life, not on us. We are working for the benefit of life, of all those in the community, not from "what's in it for me?"

We take care of the follow through of life so that everything of life is taken care of in the here and now, instead of all the e-motions coming from the past and being projected into the future to affect the here and now, in a constant follow through of traumatic darkness. When we get past the doubt, uncertainty, distrust, etc, everything we dream of starts happening here and now because we are living the dream here and now, rather than worrying about what is or isn't happening here and now and searching for it. When we work with the virtues of the good heart, everything we do is inclusive, not exclusive but, when we work with fiction, everything becomes about exclusivity and privilege and this is where scarcity, mediocrity, homelessness, poverty and suffering, and everything else on offer in The System through its fiction, happens

These e-motions do not appear in the here and now of nature.

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narcissism - self centeredness - self obsession - self importance
ego / e-go
back stabbing
psychological / emotional abuse
power and control trips
committing fraud
low self-esteem
low self-worth
lack of confidence
suicide and suicidal
drug and alcohol abuse
passive-aggressive behaviour
lack of compassion, empathy and remorse
unable to distinguish between do no harm (right) and doing harm (wrong)
disregard for safety and responsibility