When we claim ownership, there is no full responsibility because, we need others in The System to protect what we claim we own, to take on some of that responsibility for us. If our house is threatened, we run to the police and the lawyers to help us. If we feel that our food security is going, we expect social services and the government to give us a helping hand. We are now acting under limited responsibility, which means that we do not take full responsibility for our lives on the land where we live. We rely on third party intermeddlers, interlopers and interceders acting as administrators to provide us with everything to do with land, food, water and shelter because we have no idea how to take full responsibility for our lives on the land and, because we rely on them, we are prey to their ever increasing demands for more and more of our hard earned money just to be able to pay the rent or the mortgage, to have heating, water coming out of the tap and food on the table. We cannot exist without them so we need them to provide us with what we think is security because we pay to come home to the same place everyday and buy food and water but, in The System, it can all be taken away from us in an instant.

Even with the money to pay for these basics, there are still the threats of an economic collapse, a depression or recession, of war, of end times plans, running out of oil, fuel, electricity, global warming. We are constantly living in doubt and uncertainty which means that we are working with and nurturing the e-motions of the dark side, the constructs and concepts of fiction, and not with the virtues of the good heart which we can use to create lives of magnificence, freedom, joy, peace, and abundance for everyone, lives without ownership or reliance on third parties to provide us with land, food, water and shelter. We don't realise that we are creating the scarcity, mediocrity and chaos of our system lives because we believe in the fiction of the system constructs and concepts that tell us that working hard, making money and buying a house is how to be a responsible citizen and the only way to have security. Fiction is not reality and all the while we're immersed in fiction, real security is a ghost.

Behind money and commerce is ownership, including the ownership of status, title, commercial value, etc, and we are manipulated by the fiction of the monetary system that keeps us in the ownership of scarcity and mediocrity as we scrabble to get a piece of the ownership pie, a little spot to call our own, even though ownership is usually heavily mortgaged, subject to laws, fees and taxes and only really ours as a tenant, so true security under ownership is not possible for all in the fiction of The System where our affairs over ownership are administered for us and we are not allowed the true freedom to take full responsibility for our lives, something that is almost impossible because all the land is mapped, owned and administered to make sure that we can never have a peaceful, secure life on unencumbered land.

Just about everything to do with land, food, water and shelter is being privatised (administrative rights over ownership of whatever) and run by the tiny few on a global scale with the aim being to bring about a new world order where everyone will be controlled by a one world system of middlemen and women, administrators who will control everyone and to whom we will all be answerable. Without ownership, there would be no need for money, commerce, banking, stock market, business, bartering, buy and sell, government, rule of law, police, military, etc.

We have become so desensitised that we no longer know how to share and take care of each other, lost in the narcissism that system life encourages as we focus on our self obsession and selfishness, losing compassion and empathy for those around us. We experienced this in the Southern Highlands when we were homeless from 2019 to 2022; rural land was everywhere but we could not access it because it was locked up in tens of thousands of ownership titles, private corporation legislation and rulings, and we had to keep moving on, moving on. Land ownership is all about exclusivity and privilege, not inclusivity. Before The System, and with homes here and there, no one owned the land and everyone had the freedom to roam the land. It was available for all, and those who lived on the land took care of it as custodians, not owners.

The belief in ownership causes all the conflicts between man and man that escalate into war, invasion and the current Palestine and Israel situation. It is behind the carving up of all of life into commodities, including each other, to be bought and sold, including mineral rights, airspace rights and water rights. It is all about exclusivity and privilege and the power of the tiny few over the many. It is all about limited responsibility and nothing to do with full responsibility because we fight for what we claim we own and don't want to let go of these ownerships. We need others to protect what we claim we own, which is limited responsibility. Full responsibility comes from living by the virtues of the good heart, not relying on someone else to rescue us, and it takes a strong man or woman to do that.

We are meant to be custodians of the land, not owners. Custodians are responsible for protecting and maintaining the land and making sure that the peace is not being broken, no crime is being committed and no one is being injured, which happens with ownership and a system of haves and have nots where both are grasping for more because of scarcity or because of greed. When all those on the land are peaceful and acting with full responsibility as custodians, which means that everyone is calm and peaceful and has the security of everything they need to live healthy, happy lives, no one is looking over the fence at what someone else has and coveting that. This is true freedom and is paradise, is Kindom, and has nothing to do with ownership. There is a massive difference between full responsibility and ownership.

Without the consciousness of life, the good heart of our true nature, filling our life with its life, we are already unconscious (empty) of life and rapidly dying. If we are unable to sense our way out of the fiction of this deep sleep, we have become the living dead to the good heart, in the eternal here and now, and we remain that way forever lost in the war zones of fiction (hell) when the living body of life has been let go off.

No one owns life, and no one owns land, food, water, shelter, family and community - traditional tribal elders across earth all know this fact to be true, and this is why they live only as custodians, caretakers and wisdom keepers of the good heart of life, and consciously work only with the virtues (intelligence) of its good heart so that no harm comes to life, the magnificence and abundance of life thrives, and no one is left without the true fulfilment of its living freedom, peace, joy, calm, happiness, health and intelligence flowing through all of life, performing as the living consciousness of our true nature, the good heart. This website goes into great detail about ownership and how it actually plays out as The System of our everyday systemised lives.

Arthur Cristian