By the time we got to 2011, we had already realised for many years that the answer lay in getting away from The System and back to nature, to life, to who we really are. We wanted to get onto land to start growing food but had no money to buy land, especially as we lived in a very expensive area, so we got on with it with what we had, a rental property, rather than waiting around for the "right" time or the "right" situation. Hannah Wood and her then boyfriend Andy Pope had moved up from Melbourne to be with us, primarily to get involved in music, but they were also very keen to start growing food. Arthur had grown food in the 70s and Hannah had some knowledge from her mother who is a keen gardener but we were mostly unskilled and so we went on a huge learning curve, finding out what worked, what didn't and why.

The land around the rental house was roughly 1/16th of an acre and was all clay-based as all the top soil of the East Bowral suburban development had been taken away by the developers in the late 1990's/early 2000's. With little money, the garden was started in free polystyrene boxes sitting on free milk crates because we wanted to create a garden that could be moved easily and quickly, but we soon became disillusioned with polystyrene boxes and began using free tyres, sourcing many from our local Bowral Tyre Power franchise, stacking them, filling them with free or cheap soil, getting free mulch by cleaning the local farmers co-operative, and planting seedlings in them with varying success. We bought bulk seedlings cheaply from a regional supplier distributing hundreds of thousands of seedlings every year to farmers in Australia and overseas.

Then we discovered that we could get hardwood and pine pallets for free and we started bringing them back, stripping them down and building garden beds, especially around the tyres. On the inside, to protect the timber, we stapled builders' grade black plastic sheets, up to 200um in thickness. From a few timber beds on one side of the house, the number grew until the entire back and side yards were filled with beds. We built a hot house to be able to get summer vegetables started early in the temperate/cold/deep frost climate we were living in.

We hunted for slugs and snails at night and put nets over some of the beds to protect the brassicas from being eaten by white cabbage butterfly caterpillars. At various times we had an overgrowth of earwigs that ate and ate, causing us to peel back mulch and soil and sweep the earwigs off the beds into containers. We had rats eating new seedlings but they also ate the snails. We had tiny bush sparrows that perched on leaves and plucked the caterpillars from underneath. The king parrots were beautiful, curious and friendly but they also pecked at our unripe tomatoes. Other birds raided the cane fruit. We wanted to protect our harvests from birds and animals but we also wanted to share.

We stuffed the beds with seedlings, mixing varieties and species and creating an absolute jungle of plants. Many died or grew weakly due to lack of space so we cut back a little on the crowding and did a little less mixing of plant types, growing a few different ones together rather than randomly planting everything everywhere. The plants grew more strongly and produced more to eat.

We brewed compost and fertilising teas to spray them with, chopped and dropped to add nutrients to the soil and made composts. The first ones, in bins, were smelly, too rich in plant material and lacking in carbon. Then around 2016, Adon Bender came into our lives and we learnt to make Berkeley 18-day hot composts and 2 to 3 month Microbiological Inoculation composts full of powerful beneficial microbes, that were regularly turned and aerated, with a higher ratio of carbon to scraps, thus producing aerobic compost instead of the anaerobic ones we had been making.

With a large supply of vegetable and fruit scraps coming from the kitchen and garden, supplemented by many boxes of green scraps from a local vegetable grocer, we constantly kept up our compost making, although it was never enough for all the beds so we sometime bought in some compost too. Adon's wealth of knowledge from having been involved in Permaculture for several years and researching Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Science (Soil Food Web and Regeneration), helped us accelerate in the direction we were heading.

Adon also taught us how to make a microbial brew for the garden and we bought a 200 litre microbe brewing station with a water pump and tap. With the ingredients for the brew including compost and some of the goodies, the mixture was left to brew for 24 hours with the water being constantly aerated by the pump to keep it aerobic. Then, using watering cans, we drenched the garden in the brew and watched the plants respond with vigorous good health.

When the ground between the garden beds became muddy and slippery we sourced piles of woodchip in the area and began bringing it in by the trailer load, spreading it everywhere between the beds. As it broke down, we added more and then, as it began to rise too high up the sides of the beds, we dug it out, discovering a layer of dark, beautifully broken down humus. We started adding this to our garden beds, realising that it is humus, not soil, that the forest saplings grow out of. The leaves and branches fall from the trees, the smaller plants die off and it all breaks down to form a deep layer of humus over the soil. The seeds fall or are dropped by birds and they germinate and grow in the humus.

We began mixing lots of woodchip into our soils to create humus, up to 70% a few inches below the surface and about 50% nearer the top for the seedlings to grow in, adding other materials such as leaves, greens, hay, straw and scraps, along with minerals delivered through zeolite, rock dust, kaolinite, fulvic and humic powders, boron, Epsom salts, seaweed, diatomaceous earth (from America) and soft rock phosphate, as well as re-activated, freeze-dried microbes, all of which we referred to as "goodies". Thanks to Fiona's part time job with an organic fertiliser inventor and manufacturer, we were able to get a lot of products very cheaply or free.

With the back garden full, we moved to the front, leaving some lawn but creating a couple of big garden beds down the sides and building an arbour to grow kiwi fruit. We took down a row of leylandii trees for one of the side beds and filled the bed with mounds of soil mixed with woodchip and other goodies that were left over from digging out the soil in the back garden beds to add woodchip and create humus. With lattice added to the side fences for plants to grow up and to keep everything looking clean and tidy, as befits the suburbs, we always made sure that the front of the property was looking smart.

We created a stunning, 3 to 5 meterwide, native garden at the front of the property, with a few citrus trees thrown in, and some more native plantings in a bed on the nature strip. The native birds arrived, as did the lizards, bees and other insects so we created insect hotels. We made a tiny pond, complete with tiny fish from the ponds down the road. Frogs laid their eggs in it and we grew Lebanese cress and other water loving plants around it. We used the microbial brew heavily in the native garden and the taller plants grew to over two metres in less than two years.

From Bare Dirt To Abundance

We learnt about mycellium fungus that attaches to plant roots and delivers the synergy (the total is greater than the individual parts) of colloidal (liquid) minerals any plant requires, and we learnt to recognise its soft, white presence in our woodchip. Using these methods, we were able to create a deeply mineralised humus layer around two feet deep on top of the clay belt which, in turn, broke down the clay belt to the depth of 2 to 4 feet in around 18-20 months. With regular, deep watering, the addition of microbes, plant roots penetrating into the clay belt, all the goodies added and regular applications of the microbial brew, the minerals kept dormant in the clay were also released. If this was possible, we realised that it is possible to regenerate any land, no matter how run down.

In forests or garden beds, the mycellium fungus is an information/communication and transport highway where the plants talk to each other, and whatever minerals, etc, needed by any plant for optimum growth, are delivered from great or short distances through the mycellium network to the roots of the plant and, from there, into the fibres which are eaten by us. To avoid ever damaging the mycellium network, and to allow the fibers of all plants to absorb and store the colloidal minerals in synergy, we used a no dig, chop and drop approach with our ongoing food production and just kept layering compost and mulch on top 3 to 4 times per year, planting our seedlings amongst it.

Eating a mostly raw vegan diet full of freshly picked greens of all types, particularly the iron-rich, dark brassicas such as kale, all grown in heavily mineralised humus with everything colloidal, for 6 years (2013-2018) we were all very healthy and full of energy that we used to work very hard in the garden. We didn't take iron supplements or B12 supplements, or any type of supplements or superfoods because we couldn't afford them and the garden vegetables we were eating gave us EVERYTHING we needed, even though we still had to buy most of our fruit and some vegetables from the shops, especially in winter when it was too cold to grow much apart from brassicas, Asian greens and other winter veg and we weren't yet skilled in the food preservation of our summer and winter harvests.

It became very clear to us that protecting and nurturing the mycellium network and eating the fibers, leaves and flowers and fruits of all plants raw, whose roots tapped into the mycellium network, provided the optimum health we needed, and have ever experienced. As our bodies are all different, each body takes what it needs from the synergy of colloidal minerals, the uncorrupted forests (and transitional garden beds), and naturally stores it. This is our optimum health.

We realised that just being vegan or vegetarian, etc, or growing organically is not enough; if the synergy of the colloidal minerals are not in the humus, they won't be in the plants. We have to get back to growing in mineralised humus, just like a forest, and, when we do, and with happy bright thoughts--->feelings--->dreams, we don't need to eat meat or dairy to get to the greens that the animals have eaten.

A child eating an apple from a tree in the forest of the child's motherland receives the synergistic information of the whole forest contained in that apple. We don't need to eat animals to have optimal health; we need the mycellium networks and the colloidal minerals in the humus that provide our bodies with what they need.

There is no one-shoe-fits-all when it comes to health but if we just make sure our bodies are receiving the nutrition they need and we are not eating processed food full of unnatural additives and preservatives, our bodies have the ability to heal, provided we sort out what's between the ears. What we are thinking is what we are feeling and what we are dreaming and this is what we create. We can be eating a perfect diet from a pristine motherland but, if we are still dreaming the trauma of our past experiences, this is what we will recreate, no matter how pure our diets, skin and hair care, daily practices, affirmations and fitness habits. If we can't let go of our past trauma, it will continue to manifest in the here and now of our lives.

When we had to leave the property in February 2019 (see below), Arthur experienced a heavy fall from the ramp of a trailer when he fell over a box that had been left on the ramp. He fell off the ramp and landed heavily on the side of the ramp with a large metal protrusion that cracked his ribs and damaged internal organs. As he does not see doctors or go to hospitals, he has let his body heal itself which has taken a long time as our diet has been nothing like it was in the years that we had the garden. Our living conditions have been difficult (see below) and he has put on weight which adds to the constant, severe pain he has been carrying in his body since childhood. He has also had a few more falls. While things have improved a lot since then, it will be interesting to see how his body is able to heal when we are eating straight from a heavily mineralised, humus based garden again.

From Abundance To Bare Dirt

What we were not able to do in a suburban garden was to recycle our pees and poos, either through composting toilets or through reed bed systems. This is also important for the motherland because the life-energy of who we really are is absorbed into the land, which intensifies and expands the domain of the motherland, and the BIG PICTURE of the MOTHERLAND produces what we need to heal. In the same way, our bodies should be buried on the land so that the LIFE-energy of our REAL-lives is still on the land and the generations to come can communicate with their ancestors. Our bodies should never be abandoned through crematoriums or in tombs in cemeteries on land that has no connection with the REAL life that we are, and we are remembered only by the fictions of photos, plaques, memorials, videos, and writings that contain no living substance of eternal life, the eternal here and now.

The dream of Love For Life was never just about growing good food and living on the land; it is a dream of full responsibility for the lives that we have, to get back to village life from before MAN was invaded and hijacked from our true purpose as MAN on land, custodians and caretakers of all of life.

We were conscious of our intention to create a sanctuary, a space of love where bodies could be healed and where we could reconnect with nature, making whole the separation between us and nature caused by our immersion from conception in The System of fragmentation. This proved to be far harder than making the beds and growing the food. With a host of men, women and sometimes children coming and going, whether for a day or a few months, we soon realised that the main hindrance in the creation of a strong community was the difficulty we all had in being able to dampen the ego, remain humble and leave our truckloads of preconceptions, assumptions, reactions, defensiveness, aggressiveness, resentment, comparisons, victim mentalities and a host of other system trauma symptoms at the door.

The ability to hold a dream with purity of intention and to see it through no matter what is almost lost in those who have been subjected to a lifetime of system training in self-obsession, selfishness, narcissism, ego, what's in it for me, me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, I, I, I. The separation from what we really are, which is life, nature, reality, has caused us to turn all our attention inwards on a fictional self, rather than radiating the warmth of our good hearts outwards for the benefit of all of life around us, our real life. We no longer sense our ancestors, shining down on us as the stars above, trying to inspire and guide us. We no longer sense the life around us, which is why we can do so much harm to life.

Real consciousness is all around us, is undefined. Consciousness is not something defined and held between our ears, believing a fictional self within us is our consciousness. This is a GREAT LIE. The rays of the sun is where the consciousness of the real life of the sun, the substance, is being experienced and we are all busy in our inspired creativity nurturing and expanding the dream of life for the greater good of all of life. What ain't there, ain't there. Imagining life is there, within, still does not make it be there. Belief is not proof of fact.

As the garden was growing, so was the body of the Love For Life work as Arthur spent many hours scrutinising and contemplating on these problems and on their causes and cure. How do we heal from the system trauma? How do we live peacefully with those around us? How can we work powerfully as a group, ready to defend our community against attack, committed to standing by our brothers and sisters through good times and bad? How do we take full responsibility for our lives? How do we wean our lives away from The System and create somewhere children can grow up free from invasion so The System is no longer passed down through the generations?

Ironbark Farm is the continuation of what started on a small suburban block. As we let go of the fiction, we are removing the harm from life, the land, our bodies, thinking/feeling/ dreaming, and the real life that is our partners, our children and the village expanding, reclaiming the space that fiction had taken. Letting go of the fiction heals the fragmentation of life in our bodies and brains as we connect and expand the life of our true nature that is all around us, growing real food (life) and sharing it with the wider community (life), holding workshops on all aspects of community living that is all about life, the good heart and its virtues that are life, that nurture life and do no harm to life.

As we nurture life, the synergy of everything we do creates a total much greater than the sum of the parts until we have allowed paradise (the sun shining outwards all-around) to thrive again and affect all those who come to visit, healing those with the intention to allow it. We have let go of all the fiction that was in the way.

Paradise is already all around us; there is no journey or destination to Paradise - we have just been too distracted and entertained by the fiction to notice it and we have forgotten how to care for it. The good heart and its virtues do not interfere with life, they protect the design of the original dream of life which is in all of life, and this consciousness of life does not let us cross the line to do harm to life whereas fiction destroys, desecrates and devastates life.

Learning to recognise the fiction for what it is and let it go from our thinking/feeling/dreaming allows us to heal our bodies with pure, synergistic food, water and happy bright thoughts, naturally inspired and guided by the virtues of the good heart, as we let go of e-motional eating and behaviour. No child needs to go to schools or university to learn this. All we need to do is hold up (LIVE) the virtues of the good heart as that is what we all should be working with.

MAN fell from paradise by moving away from the good heart.

All the e-motions are fiction, the doubt, uncertainty, distrust, fear, complacency, apathy, denial, fantasy, illusion, delusion, greed, selfishness, narcissism/self-obsession/centeredness, power & control trips, misery, pity, pride, enmity, jealousy, envy, confusion, spite, paranoia, anger, rage, loneliness, emptiness, directionlessness, coveting, arrogance, ignorance, righteousness, condemnation, ridicule, abuse, judgement, lying, deceiving, indifference, etc, etc, and they all encourage us to cross the line to cause harm to life, corrupting the natural design of the original dream of life, starting with our lives and expanding to all of life around us.

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part One
A Year In The Life Of The Love For Life Food Forest
February 2013
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
51 Minutes 45 Seconds

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two
November 2014
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
30 Minutes 4 Seconds

Love For Life Food Forest
And Native Garden
March 2016
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
15 Minutes

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Three
March 2016
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
59 Minutes 30 Seconds

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Four
October 2016
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
29 Minutes

Home Is Where The Heart Is
(Where Your Living Dreams Are)
October 2017
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
67 Minutes 8 Seconds

Introduction To Kindom
March 2015
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
63 Minutes 4 Seconds

After 13 years on the property, in 2018, we received a termination notice with three months to vacate. It was a no fault termination as we had been perfect tenants with the rent always paid in advance and the house maintained. We had property inspections every 6 months and both the property manager and the owners knew what we were doing in the garden and at no stage were we ever asked to stop. We were told by the Property Manager that the owners wanted to sell the house we lived in and the house next door, that they also owned, because of extreme financial stress. This turned out to be a lie. The people in the house next door who were also long-term tenants moved out because they bought a property and their house was almost immediately re-rented out at a higher price.

We offered to pay more rent but that was refused and we were not made any counter offer. We were told that we had to return the property to the condition it had been in when we first moved there, a Herculean task in the time given. We eventually moved out 5 months later, having taken down the entire garden and returned it to turf, in the heat of summer. The only addition left in the garden was a beautiful tree that we had planted in a corner of the back garden.

Dismantling The East Bowral
Love For Life Garden Feb-April 2019
Video Shot By Bruno Ferro

We gave away many tonnes of humus and a few of the larger plants. We were helped by many people who came and went, working for hours to pot plants, take down beds, clean the tyres and return them to Tyre Power, move the contents of the house to shipping containers and crates and move what we could of the garden and the remaining humus to the local Seventh Day Adventist Church Community Garden, where it remained until December 2022, looked after by Hannah, Tyson, Fiona and Arthur.

During that time, we kept the garden watered, moved the pots under some large pine trees to protect them from the frost, re-potted some of them, bought some fruit trees to be ready to plant an orchard, weeded, pruned and mulched. Many were lost, particularly the natives which did not respond well to being dug up and put in pots. When the frost season was over, we moved them out from the protection of the trees so that they could get some sun.

Garden Stored At The Bowral
7th Day Adventist Community Garden
The Four Seasons Feb 2019 to Dec 2022
And On Acerage In Buxton NSW May to Dec 2023

Now we have been able to move it to Ironbark Farm to realise the dream of taking everything we had learnt to a much bigger scale, still working on how much we have to change to meet the dream of creating a remedy that takes us back to how villages were before they were invaded by occultists peddling fiction. We have been lied to about everything so we no longer remember who we are.

Now we are on the land, we know what its going to take to return to a true village and just how much letting go has to be done because of what we have been through. What remains of the original garden has been brought here to keep the spirit of the dream alive. As of the 11th March 2024, most plants are still in pots, originally kept in the shade between Dec 2022 and September 2023, to acclimatise to the heat and waiting until we have the overall plan of the property and house gardens sorted out. Since Sept 2023, and still in pots, we now have most plants out in the direct, intense, sun again. The humic material is waiting under tarps and we will be adding more minerals and other goodies to it as we use it. Occasionally we peel back the tarps and water it.

Plants, Pots, Timber And Tons Of Minerally Enriched Humus
Start Arriving At Ironbark Farm Late Nov/Eartly Dec 2022

The rental house was re-rented as soon as we had left and the owner had done some painting and general tidying up. We met the owner and he said to Arthur that he didn't think we would clean up the property the way we had. Arthur asked him where he got that idea from and the owner looked embarrassed. Someone had obviously been whispering in his ear. We had nowhere to go as the rents were so high and all our available money had been spent on the removal of the garden and house contents. Arthur was determined not to rent again and a friend lent us the money to buy a camper trailer. We were homeless for the next 3 years and 8 months, staying in show grounds, caravan parks and various properties and, for the last 10 months, we, Arthur and Fiona, lived in the car because there was no where to put the camper trailer.

During the last few months of 2018, when we received the termination, we were also attacked on many fronts in other areas by Paypal, Scribd, YouTube, Facebook, Various Intelligence Operatives & A Series Of Mobile Phone Companies Used To Commit Fraud. For more details on all of this, Go Here And Scroll Down The Page - It Opens Another Tab In Your Browser

Another Deep Minerally Enriched Series Of Humic Based
Garden Beds We Built At Retford Park NSW During 2022

From Late September 2023 We Started Relocating Hundreds Of Pot Plants
Into Full Sun After 1st Acclimatising Them In The Shade For 10 Months

Sept-Oct 2023, We Started Building The Ironbark Farm Kitchen Garden Beds.
As Of The 11th March 2024, The Kitchen Garden Bed Project Is Still Not Completed.

Continued, Lawn, Garden And Plant Pots Rejuvenation 12th March 2024