For most in The System, a ride on the magic carpet doesn't happen very often so, for the rest of the time, they are doing their bit to hold up the magic carpet with the lucky few aboard. With hands held high, every slave is trained to hold aloft the magic carpet and pass it along from slave to slave to slave to slave to slave, the commercially driven values and rates of the fruits of labour of each slave performing as the cogs of the unnatural machine turning and turning the fantasy and illusion of the magical carpet ride.

If those on board dare to take a peek over the edge of the carpet as they are flying along, they will see men, women and children underneath it, all of them squashed together with hands in the air as they propel the magic carpet forward, hand to hand to hand, some of them falling over and being trampled beneath the crowd, some of them weak with exhaustion from the effort of pushing carpet after carpet of those who are higher in the pyramid status than they are, some of them children as young as four reaching as best they can to do their bit, some of them sick and dying from exposure to the toxic substances they are exposed to for us to have our ride, and some of them who have given up sitting at the side of the crowd, no longer trying to take part, doing their best to forget their enslavement as they attempt to numb the pain.

As children, we are never given full disclosure that we are being trained up to enter a slave system where we will work most of our useful, adult lives in jobs we often don't like, with little time to enjoy our families, homes and gardens, and then we train our children to become the next generation of slaves, sending them to school and university for slave training and encouraging them to do their best so they can be productive slaves, toiling away under the magic carpet until it is their turn for another ride.

We send them into a world of dreams that are not their dreams and they choose some of those to shape their lives around, thinking that the vast array of choices on offer is freedom and using those choices to distract themselves from the fact that they are slaves in a system of endless destruction to nature and to their lives and all of life. They are stressed, burnt out, sick, irritable, angry and defeated.

As there are so many different parts that make up the earth-wide beast of this slave machine, men, women and children all across earth are censored and discriminated against as the commercial value and rate of their fruits of labour is deemed higher or lower than that of another.

This commercial value and rate changes throughout their lives from the womb to the grave and those that control the copyright of the intellectual property of commerce manipulate the commercial values and rates of the money supply thus causing extreme stress and insecurity amongst all the slaves whose fruits of labour are the money supply that is their hands holding the magic carpet aloft and passing it along because this is the only way they and their families can survive in The System.

Inflation, recession and depression are intentionally fabricated to shape the outcomes of the mediocre lives of scarcity of the slaves according to the wishes of their slave masters to keep them tightly bonded to the machine of passing along the magic carpet from slave to slave, given temporary relief here and there when it is time for their short turn on the magic carpet ride, if they are lucky.

It's too bad for them if their parents and grandparents were able to save to buy a house on one income, as well as having a beach shack somewhere, but today, even with two adults working two full time jobs, they can barely afford the rent or mortgage and staying at home with the children is out of the question.

The magic carpet ride is so exciting for those riding on the magic carpet that they turn a blind eye to the harm being caused to the families of the multi-millions of slaves holding the magic carpet aloft and even justify it as "acceptable" harm as opposed to "not acceptable" harm, but no one can bring forward all the natural life forms of reality/earth, inanimate or not, tiny or giant, including all the hijacked children across earth, to confirm directly from their tongues that the immense and intense harm being caused to them through commercial means is acceptable and natural, and that all the life forms and all the innocent children have given clear, conscious permission for their real lives to be changed from their natural purpose into something dead that is essential for the slave machine of "The System" to operate.

Everything of The System is dead because it is all fiction made up of predetermined scripts for the slaves to recall machine motions again and again as their predetermined system lives amongst the dead world of fiction, a fantasy of concepts and constructs of intellectual property with physical manifestations of imaginary images manufactured from destroyed life forms.

The multi-millions on the magic carpet ride are NOT sensing the BIG PICTURE REALITY of all the lives of everyone being used, abused, raped, pillaged and plundered for them to have their magic carpet ride. They don't want to look at the big picture of the harm being caused for them to have their magic carpet ride, borne aloft on the hands of the men, women and children passing it along.

We are not holding the bigger picture of that consciousness and we justify the harm through our fantasies of what is acceptable and what is not, all the while thinking we are conscious! We are drawing a line to delineate between "acceptable" harm and "unacceptable" harm, making the "acceptable" harm "normal" and justifiable.

Everyone is making complaints about what is wrong as they sit in their suburban bubbles of denial or their city or country bubbles, watching TV, surfing social media, lost in their hobbies, comfortable in their acceptable harm and pointing the finger of blame at those they hold responsible for the harm they consider unacceptable but still not looking at the slave system they are part of that brings about all the harm because they don't want to see that it is all intrinsically connected to their suburban bubble. They go to rallys, sign petitions, complain to their MPs but nothing ever changes because they are not prepared to change the way they live. They want to continue their lifestyles of harm so the harm continues. What they don't realise is, for them to have just one, tiny part of The System, they have to have the whole of The System.

To fantasise that having a magic carpet ride is not doing harm is to ignore the multi millions of people who are heavy consumers of Big Pharma, counselling, psychology and the medical system as a result of having been kidnapped from so young and turned into soulless cogs in the machine of "The System" so that they can provide carpet rides for those who can afford it. They are all directly or indirectly involved from either far away or from up close for the magic carpet rides to continue.

We are all intrinsically connected but we come together for all the wrong reasons. We should be co-creating together without any of the harm rather than being forced to be the commercial links in the chains of "The System" economy that benefits only the tiny few.

To go on a magic carpet ride is to say that the Tsunami of harm rising towards complete annihilation for all men, women, children across earth is acceptable. So many people who are waking up to "The System" ask us how to get out of "The System" and we always say to them that, unless they can grasp the big picture of the harm and see it for what it really is, they will never get out because it is all the commercially driven consumers of reality, the men and women trapped in the "acceptable" harm who are all, directly or indirectly, causing all the "unacceptable" harm such as bush fires and other "natural" disasters, terrorist attacks, poverty, homelessness, refugee camps, cruelty, unhappiness, emptiness and loneliness. One week to the next we focus on the next environmental, economic or political disaster, all gathering like a rolling stone heading towards the earth-wide, end times obliteration of our creation (dreaming), oblivious to our complicity.

The only way to get out of "The System" is to see it for what it really is and to completely walk away from all of it gradually in this life until we are no longer stuck in the magic carpet rides of "acceptable" harm that include using money as "an exchange of our fruits of labour", going to the bank, continuing to "own" property under the protection of the law of "The System", using mobile phones, going to the supermarket, using computers and TVs, driving cars, filling our homes with cheap, throw-away consumables, eating dead animals and enjoying the entertainment of "The System".

There are tens of thousands sitting inside bubbles of acceptable harm all with differing views about what harm is acceptable but all in refusing to look at the harm we find acceptable.

How many animals have been killed for us to have our magic carpet rides?

How much of earth has been destroyed for the self-obsession of our addiction to magic?

How many more men, women and children have to suffer for us to get relief from our empty, soulless lives?

It is because we don't want to stop the magic carpet rides that "The System", and the harm, never goes away.

How many people would continue wanting the magic carpet rides, if they met and experienced the lives of all those who are the commercial cogs in the machine of their magic carpet ride? And all those who have been put through the grinder of the law and of bureaucracy and raped of everything they worked hard for? How many would continue eating meat, if they experienced the suffering of the animals they are eating?

We like to keep our "acceptable" harm out of sight and out of brain and the magic carpet rides of our desensitisation from reality must continue because we have already bought our tickets and are waiting in line. There are so many different system rides to choose from and our blindness to the harm keeps the magic going. To have a real conscience is to hold the bigger picture of reality so that we do not want to remain stuck inside the fantasy bubbles of "acceptable" harm and continue to support all the good things that come from the magic carpet rides to go against the conscience of a much bigger picture of reality.

Money is also this passing along the hands of down trodden men, women and children; there is no equity, no equal exchange of labour because money is the life blood of "The System" of slavery and to justify the use of money is to justify "The System" where there can never be enough money to go around because "The System" is designed to ensure scarcity for the many and abundance for the very, very few.

We don't see the lives of everyone trapped serving this money machine, holding aloft the magic carpets just for us to use these tokens of our enslavement. This only happens inside the "acceptable" harm. Those who fight for their acceptable bubbles don't want to have them burst because they don't have a dream big enough to walk away to. This is what the Love For Life work is all about and we will never stop bursting bubbles where we find them, not to tell people how to live their lives but to show them the blind spots that are stopping them from realising their good, heart-felt dreams and nurturing the rolling stone of annihilation we are all creating. Much of the vast population across earth will be gone because they are dreaming fantasy and won't look at how much they rely on slavery for them to have their bubbles.

The bubbles are all the lies of the blind spots where we hide from reality in fantasy, getting run down and exhausted from the grind of maintaining a dead dream. When we are holding the big picture of all of reality, there is nowhere for the bubbles of our blind spots to exist. The attachment to the bubble of fantasy is the attachment to the e-go and this is the addiction to pure fantasy that becomes the follow through of harm so nothing changes and we just keep repeating the same old, same old routines of "acceptable harm", wondering why we are so severely stuck.

If we don't see the big picture of true freedom for all, we don't have a destination of true freedom for all because we are bringing everything of "The System" that deprives us of true freedom for all. To create a community without harm, we have to be aware of the big picture of harm so that we can create a community where there is no acceptable harm being brought in and nothing passed on to allow it in ever again.

We have to be aware of the big picture of how the community will look so that we know where we are heading and we can see our compromised state clearly, not to weaken our stance but just to look with clear eyes so we know exactly what we have to give up to get to our big picture dream of community (true freedom for all).

If you don't want the destination of your dream to be true freedom for your brothers and sisters and you want money, law, system entertainment, ownership, etc, you are saying that you hate your brothers and sisters and want them as slaves and this hatred is what leads to "acceptable" harm that we accept while living amongst the homeless on the streets, poverty, injustice, police bashings, rape, torture, malnutrition, famine, displacement from land, the devastation of earth, the rape and abuse of children and, behind it all, the reign of a tiny few who think they have the right to be supreme landlords and masters of us all as they hoard all the wealth and gobble up all the land.

Just what are you dreaming?