We all know that fiction is something that is not real; it is something invented or imagined, made up, conjured out of thin air. If we forget about it, it has no substance of life to keep it going. It disappears from our thinking which is the only place it ever had some semblance of reality.

We think fiction is the novel we read and the movie we watch but what most of us don’t realise is that most of our lives are fiction because the whole of The System that we live under is a fiction made up by other men and women to keep us giving our life energy to them through their fiction.

Reality is life, nature, earth; everything that we experience through our senses (touch, taste, feel, see, hear, smell) is real because it does not need our imagination or energy to exist. We can experience a tree through our senses without anyone telling us about the tree; we can smell it, touch it, taste it, see it, hear it and feel (sense) it. We don’t need to know its name, its species and subspecies because our direct experience tells us everything there is to know about the real life of the tree, if we let it. Everything else that anyone tells us about the tree is all made up. Someone invented its name, someone invented its species and subspecies, someone invented a name for its leaf, flower and seed type and we cannot experience any of it. When we experience the tree, do we experience eucalyptus? Do we experience oak? Or do we just experience life?

If you can comprehend this, then just how much of your life is taken up by fiction? How much of what you accept as being true and real is in fact fiction that someone else has described and defined to you? Mathematics, geometry and sacred geometry; can you find them in nature and experience them directly without explanation and definition or do you need someone who has had it explained to them to explain it to you? Financial systems, commerce, government, law, religion, property ownership, careers, salaries, bank accounts, insurance, tax, cars, computers, mobile phones, Hollywood, music, concerts, holidays; does any of it exist in life as life or has it all been invented, imagined, made up and conjured out of thin air?

How much of your life is taken up by fiction? How much of your life is taken up by The System? How much of your life has been determined by your unique, original dreams and how much by the definitions, concepts and constructs of others? Why were you sent to school if not to learn the definitions of fiction? Why were you not just allowed to have direct, sensory experience with the nature that you are so you could create your unique, original dreams?

How much of your life is spent in reality?



We use the term Mudroom to describe a place where we come together, recognise, and slough off our old, destructive habits before entering our newly created Kindom Village. Kindom, our domain of kin, is a large community of men, women, and children committed to learning to live without harming nature. We withdraw from our harmful habits as we examine, challenge, and change them. In this Kindom Mudroom, we wash off the "mud" of The System, our disrespect for life, as the revival of our respect for life steers us towards lifestyles of Do No Harm.

At the same time, we are creating an abundant food-growing system. We do this by planting food forests and building the sustainable infrastructure necessary to transition the land, and our lives, away from The System, The System being the third-party dictates of men and women who get between us and land, us and nature and each other, and between us and full responsibility for our lives on that land.

To be clear, the land we live on belongs to no one. It is, however, taken care of by everyone in the village. The best spots should be for all to enjoy, and we focus our energy on regenerating the land damaged by logging, agriculture, animal husbandry, and poor management until it is once again a living paradise of abundance, magnificence, and a sanctuary for wildlife and MAN.

Our village serves as an example of how to live freely without commerce and harm. We are open for visitors to experience what life can be like when land, food, water, and shelter are freely available to all and when everyone has the opportunity to nurture, caretake and regenerate life.

Our intention is to inspire men, women, and children across earth to take full responsibility for the land, food, water, and shelter and pass it on to generations to come.

When we are fully responsible for our lives and the lives of those around us, everything we rely on for life is local. We live in a village where we are all intimately involved in the food production for the village. We know those that make the tools we use, that help us build our houses and the families our children play with. There are no strangers involved, and everyone is kept honest and ethical because they are answerable to the whole village if they stray from the core values.


Our fundamental goal is to inspire networks of people to grow and share food, creativity, and other resources, to enable a broad-scale move away from reliance on The System. To achieve this, we understand that our lifestyle choices are paramount. Below is a list of ways we choose to live and co-create to fulfill this dream of far-reaching, inspirational Kindom.

Above all we want our dream to be fun, infectious, and wholesome so that men, women, and children are drawn to our way of life instinctively. This, after all, is our birthright.

We are actively creating a paradise - growing vast food forests and deeply mineralised organic gardens to provide free food for the village and the wider local community.

We willingly and continually assess our attitudes, actions, and emotional blocks to ensure the successful growth of a do no harm village. In other words, we are willing to "grow up", and mature into adults who take responsibility for their actions.

We are engaged in the building of a village community hub followed by dwellings built using both natural methods such as wood, mud, straw, etc, and recycled metals, old building materials, tyres, bottles, glass, plastic, etc.

We buy a large building in our local town to be used as a hub for the distribution of free food and to offer free workshops on growing and preparing food, natural healing, and other aspects of respectful living.

We power our infrastructure firstly with solar, gas, vegetable oils, and fire, gradually learning other methods of food preparation, keeping warm, and working with hand tools to learn traditional crafts.

We utilise natural food preservation and storage of crops built into hillsides or underground, providing all-year-round provisions.

For us, privately, we eat a raw (where possible), mostly vegan diet for optimum health and efficient productivity and are committed to stopping the slaughter of animals for food. We are clean living with no alcohol or recreational drug use taking place on the Kindom Village land.

As our community, infrastructure, and skill sets grow, we offer sanctuary to those suffering under their refugee status, all free of charge.

We have an Art-house Studio creating contemporary music, documentaries, humorous sketches and cartoons and a presence on social media platforms drawing people to our do no harm message.

We offer our services and products for free and accept donations and gifts when offered, whether for talks, workshops, food, gardening, music, healing, etc.

We produce propaganda that inspires the lifestyle including blog posts, social media content, T-shirts with appropriate slogans and healthy, vegan food stalls at markets and festivals designed to promote the culture of Kindom and inspire gifts and participation.


We bring a variety of skills and lived experiences to the village. Diversity of backgrounds and skills plus emotional maturity is the key to our success. Here are some of the things we have achieved so far, to give you a sense of what we are already capable of:

We have previously successfully grown an abundant food forest garden on a small suburban rental property - to be precise, on one-sixteenth (1/16) of an acre, producing around two tons of food every year. To give you an example of the scale of food production we have achieved, two tons of food will easily feed a few families for a whole year.

Over the 13 years that we lived on that suburban block, many different people came to live, talk, share food, play and work with us. This has allowed us to observe the barriers to a successful community and understand what it will take for each member to overcome them.

Over 20 years of living and working with people we have developed a thorough comprehension of the emotional rackets, games, power trips, and self-obsession preventing most men and women from creating their heartfelt dreams.

Many people have supported our work towards this goal over the years, financially, materially, and physically.

We have over 50 years of extensive research with hands-on experience to determine where the problems lie and what to do about them.

We built a diverse research library online on a free website that has had over 440 million unique IP addresses visiting the home page, all without paid advertising.

We have entrepreneurial experience. For twenty years we ran a self-made business in a service industry employing hundreds of staff, giving us the ability to manage finances, forward plan, run marketing campaigns, and the big picture goals that drive the small decisions. We have had experience with marketing, public relations, entertainment, and leisure industries since the late 70s.

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. Music, we recognise, is a fundamental creative expression that binds us together. We have written and composed many original songs ready to be taken to a professional level to spread the do no harm message. We also have previous experience creating bands and events.

Now that we have moved onto a much larger land block, Iron Bark Farm Aust on 27 acres at Temagog, we welcome people who wish to contribute to our vision of the Kindom Village.


To sustain our village as it grows towards true freedom on the land, some of our members continue working within the system to earn money while others create the infrastructure and food forest for them to live in.

We all work for the same vision (whether inside or outside the system) until all community members can exist independently from The System, or until a large financial gift enables everyone to put their energy entirely into working on the land.


The current system is currently on a helter skelter ride to total destruction and devastation; sickness, disease and death rates are soaring, homelessness is now a threat even to those who have full time work as housing availability and affordability become a dream rather than a reality, having food on the table is a luxury as many go hungry, addictions and mental health issues are exploding, families are broken and fighting, earth is being poisoned, hacked apart and trampled, life is dying as we distance ourselves further and further from nature.

Is it not worth the effort to try something different?

We are all sick - physically, emotionally, spiritually - yet why do we persist in harming our lives and all of life around us? Why have we lost our respect for life?

Since 2005, we have spent all these years intensely scrutinising information and observing humanity to discover why we persist in harming our lives and all of life around us. We conclude that most of us are so all-pervasively entwined in The System that we are unable to separate the fiction from reality. While we are all aware of the harm our lifestyles are causing, we cannot imagine a life without that harm and therefore do not even try to create one. The harm, our disrespect for life, has become part of our identity and, as such, we are not willing to give it up, despite the evidence of our harm-doing being unavoidable in the chaos and devastation all across earth.


In The System, much of the harm being caused by the way we live is at arm's length. For example, we want to save money on your electricity bills so we invest in solar panels, blissfully ignorant of the fact that those manufacturing solar panels in China are often forced labour and the toxicity of the materials and manufacturing process results in serious illness sometimes leading to death for many involved.

Because we are not directly confronted by the suffering that our desire for solar panels is causing, we can ignore it and reap the savings on our bills without a thought for those brothers and sisters toiling in horrific conditions for us to have those savings.

The endless turn-around of our materialistic stockpiles of consumer items relies on the suffering of our brothers, sisters and nature but the testament to this goes mostly unseen and unheard by those who consume the most. We know the sweatshops exist and we even know which popular companies have dubious records when it comes to the rights of their workers but we still buy, still consume, still lust after their products to the point where we don’t care enough about the suffering to curb our consumption.


Why not learn to live sustainable lives within the current structure of finance, government, religion, and education?

It is impossible to live within The System and NOT continue to cause catastrophic harm to life. The System is built out of tampering with life and cannot exist without harming life. While we cling to The System, we also cling to our habits of death and destruction.

The System has become the world's biggest garbage dump - an artificial, alien world constructed from destroyed life with inhabitants whose lifestyles of consumerism and materialism create endless waste. They have been assimilated into a one-track, hive-mind collective of consumer drones programmed to keep destroying life and adding yet more lifeless wreckage to the garbage dump that our world has become.

Since we still have free will and focus, we have been working on breaking our ties to these socially engineered, incredibly destructive lifestyles. The goal for the Kindom Mudroom is for it to be a place where we disentangle our deeply compromised lives from the wreckage of endless destruction caused by the loss of our respect for life.

While we still access the System for some of our goods and services, we accept that we are compromised hypocrites (how could anyone not be?). Yet we offer a vision and an opportunity for us all to focus on nurturing life and nothing else. In doing this, we learn how to disentangle our real lives from the hive mind, and how to have real respect for each other, ourselves and for life. Village members are inspired to take action. We cannot do it for them.


We can exchange wreckage for life only by changing the programming of the robotic mindset that keeps us assimilated into the hive.

This is easier said than done. The individualism (in-divide-you-all-ism) that keeps us apart has been marketed as freedom but the reality of an individual life in The System is as a spoon-fed slave bound to the synthetic security supplied by multinational corporations only to those who have the means to pay for it. We have completely lost the ability to survive without the necessities of land, food, water and shelter being provided for us. Thus our lives are spent in the pursuit of the dollar and this has eroded our sense of responsibility to those around us and to all of life so that we no longer live for the village, instead expecting the village to live for us.

System life has become about what we can take rather than what we can give, resulting in a system of scarcity where there is never enough to go round. Never enough money, never enough food, never enough land, never enough shelter, never enough water, so we have to fight and claw to ensure our families receive a bit but, because some are better at fighting than others, some have far more than they need while others have nothing.

When we live for the village, everything we need is taken care of by the village, the creative input of all those in the village, so the burden of individual responsibility for land, food, water and shelter is far less than when each of us is trying to take care of every aspect of land, food, water and shelter for ourselves.

The idea of living for the village sounds like giving up our freedom but shared responsibility for the basics of life for the whole village results in more freedom, more opportunities to follow our interests and passions than when we spend the majority of our waking lives for around forty years working just to maintain the basics of land, food, water and shelter for our families.

The freedom we think we have in The System is actually choice; the choice of lifestyle, of opinion, religion and ideas, of an inexhaustible supply of consumer items. We have mistaken choice for freedom, allowing our thinking to be massaged to the point where our sense of belonging is to an alien world where nothing is local. This programming will always lead us in the opposite direction to the dreams of our hearts.

Our true dreams are of nurturing life all around. Yet we fight over implanted opinions, views, beliefs, faiths and feelings of an imaginary self amidst a glorious, gold-plated wonderland. These mental and spiritual wars keep us in collective doubt, uncertainty, distrust, suspicion and fear. Even as we think we are walking away from this hive mind, we often become more entrapped by it.

It seems that the more the mantras of peace, love, respect, caretaking and mindfulness are chanted, the more we sink to the depths of horror, deprivation, cruelty, destruction and devastation. Most of us are decent people who do not wish harm upon others but we are still caught up in the absolute destruction of all of life here and now, day in, day out and nothing has changed. Despite our best intentions, every move we make in The System is the mark of death to nature and life.

We can watch all the best documentaries and current affairs. We can study under the greatest minds covering all fields of endeavour. We can sit by the side of all the great intellectuals and pore over all the great books of literature and divine inspirations. We can follow messiahs and saviours, dive into occults and esoterics or visit the wisest psychologists and counsellors.

And yet, with all the brilliant collective minds that have brought forth the progress of civilisation with all its inventions, JUST LOOK AT THE MESS WE ARE ALL IN RIGHT NOW ALL ACROSS EARTH.

Despite all the "I love you" romance, all the "I care" poetry, all the feel-good rhetoric, consciousness, God, intervention, Christ, otherworldly channelling and freedom through the law, all of this information has only supported the expansion of the hive mind collective.

None of it has ever stopped the destruction of The System in its tracks.

All the multi-hundreds of generations of parents loving their children have never stopped this one-world garbage heap from growing bigger and bigger. Instead, everything of The System that we turn to, looking for answers, has only supported the evolution of The System.


The common denominator is US, our thoughts, feelings and actions. How each of us in The System is thinking, feeling, and living, instant by instant, is what is causing the ongoing destruction of life. Everything of nature/reality/earth has an original purpose and we are all now paying the price for messing with the natural purpose of all of life.

We have forgotten how to live with respect to life. We have made such a mess of life that the whole of life is weakened, sickened, destroyed and altered. We have all been discombobulated to the point that we have no respect for life anymore and we think it is normal to tamper with the natural purpose of life. We place our good hearts alongside actions that destroy life and we do it with happy smiles on our faces (most of the time).

The whole of "The System" is the result of our interference with the natural purpose of life. We are fully responsible for the continuation of The System day after day, but few amongst us are willing to look at the consequences of our daily actions. We have created civilisation after civilisation after civilisation that tampers with life and each civilisation has become extinct, just as this one will soon become extinct.

When we interfere with the innocence of a child, that child can grow to harm millions of men, women, and children. When we pollute the air, those breathing the air will be deeply affected. When we harm the water innumerable life forms will suffer. When we tamper with a forest vast arrays of living species will die, many becoming extinct. When we damage parts of the earth, we destroy the whole of earth. Any of our actions that support and cause harm, affect all men, women, and children all across the earth.


We are all intrinsically connected with life. And yet our abuse has been so complete and vast, from childhood to adulthood, that we have lost connection with the big picture, our birthright and with the full responsibility for not harming what we are all naturally part of.

All children, right from the womb, should be raised by nature without anyone inside their heads defining them and disconnecting them from their true purpose in/as nature. In The System, children are defined before they are even conceived and then bombarded with system knowledge from the womb to the grave.

Instead of being like puppies that instinctively know how to be a dog and are shown the example of how to be a dog by their mothers, our children's identities are moulded and shaped by a continual avalanche of definitions imposed upon them by others that have nothing to do with the natural purpose of their lives.

We now live in the end times of this massive fall from reality (LIFE). We are already starting to witness a rapid escalation in the number of children dying before the age of six. This is the start of earth wide extinction.

How long will we choose to nestle in the comfort of denial?


Our disconnection from all of life is disconnection from the whole. We have got used to compartmentalising everything. Thus, when we buy a nail or a paperclip, we don't think we are causing harm. 'It's just one nail (or one paperclip, or one cup of coffee), how bad can that be?' we say.

When we explode the background history of that nail, we can see that the production of that one nail impacts multi-thousands of people directly and almost everyone indirectly.

To produce that one nail, whole mountains are surveyed and mined for metal. The mining industry process involves a myriad of other intensive life-destroying processes. The metal is transported, another industry involving thousands of people, from drivers to traffic lights and police monitoring to warehouses to aeroplanes, trucks and trains and the thousands involved in the manufacture, sales, repairs, registrations, refuelling of aeroplanes, trucks and trains and the thousands involved in the oil industry and refineries, transport and sales of petrol and diesel.

Then there are the factories that produce the nails and the thousands involved in supplying materials and building the factories: sand mining for concrete, more metal production, the electrical and plumbing industries, transportation again, and factory workers making the nails and more transport, distribution and all those involved in marketing and wholesale.

Then there are all those in the retail hardware stores as well as the car manufacturing industry. All the white collars, blue collars, bank tellers, bureaucracy, laws and enforcement. Not to mention the building and maintenance of roads through forest and wilderness for us to drive our car to go and buy the nail.

Running through all these processes is administration and finance involving banking, accounting, computer hardware and software, printers, and photocopiers. All are involved in the manufacture, marketing, distribution and sales. Then there are the shops and all the industries involved in building, maintaining and staffing them.

Everyone involved needs to eat, drink, wee, poo, and rest. None of this happens without governments, local councils, lawyers, and lackeys. We all support the government, local councils, and everything in between so we are ALL complicit in the harm done just to be able to buy one nail.

Who are all the people involved for us to buy one nail? Who are their families and what are their living conditions? Do they have enough to eat? Do their children have a safe, comfortable place to sleep at night? Are workers having to live apart from their families just to keep a roof over their heads, and food on the table? Are they persecuted because of their race or religion?

Then multiply this scenario by every consumer item we buy. Are we buying anything that is produced locally? Do we know who produced it? Do they know us? Are we and our families in their thoughts? Are their families in ours?

We know our cheap t-shirts are produced in sweatshops, yet we turn a blind eye to that sordid fact, either because we can't afford locally made clothing or because our desire gets the better of us. We know the appalling conditions in which many items from China are made (appalling for both environment and humans), but we still order them on eBay and delight in our purchases.

We say we love mountains, but drive our cars across the country to visit them. We say we love oceans, but keep using plastic bags that clog them up and kill sea birds and animals. We proclaim we love rivers, but support industries that fill them with poisons. We say we love forests and cut them down to build highways or raise yet more animals for meat production. We say we love our children, yet feed them poisoned food and fill their brains with toxic information, destroying their legacy.

The truth is we don't want to give up our tampering lifestyles, so we look the other way.

But look we must.


"The System" is a Pax Romanus, a fake peace treaty where all of MAN has had to survive life apart from their true nature. All the governments, laws, statutes, rules, regulations, etc, ARE the Pax Romanus - the dictates of the conquerors over the conquered.

The Pax Romanus is a continuation of a war state, where our natural "rights" and autonomy of life have been abolished by the ruling class. Subjugated MAN came from invaded, decimated tribes of MAN on lands all across the earth. Because of this, there will never be a happy ending for anyone trapped in "The System"; we are all the conquered living under the conquerors.

The paradox is that The System is nothing but fantasy, illusion, and delusion. It only exists because we lend our energy to maintain the charade of its existence. What is a bank, if we no longer play the game of money and commerce? Does a government exist when we no longer pay heed to the orations and ministries of those who claim to represent us? How can a law have power if we refuse to subjugate our lives to it?

Every institution and tradition, all the infrastructure and bureaucracy of The System has been designed to coerce and persuade us into giving away our power and continuing to tamper with life.

Our social engineering has come through the alphabet languages, mathematics, geometry, and every aspect and lifestyle of The System, with all its constructs and concepts. This is why we are in such a mess, despite generations of parents loving their children and wanting the best for them.

We are now living among the middlemen of the Pax Romanus. Every day they tamper with the sacred relationships between MAN and land, MAN and Food, MAN and water, MAN and family, MAN and tribe/village/community. They even operate between MAN and MAN'S consciousness, freedom, truth, peace, joy and abundance. In fact, the whole of MAN'S life.

Under this oppressive Pax Romanus, we have become enslaved. Within this system of power and control, we are compelled to use the fruits of our labour to earn fictitious tokens of commercial value. Then, we must trade our repeatedly taxed fruits of labour, always under their corporate governance. This happens in every area of our lives so we can gain access to land, food, water and shelter. Land, food, water and shelter should ALWAYS BE FREE.

This tampering with our commercial values continues to siphon our power so that we never have enough to live beautiful, peaceful lives. Instead of preserving the commons, they have subjected us to lives of scarcity, with the few holding all commercial wealth under administration and fiction, and the many struggling to make ends meet. Scarcity is now so extreme that we all have to use, abuse, rape, pillage, and plunder to survive. The original purpose of life has been all but forgotten.

With this constant trauma of suffering reverberating in the background of our lives, we turn to trinkets of materialism and consumerism to numb our pain. We seek pleasure through coffee shops, restaurants, movies, gaming, sport, alcohol, drugs, sex, debauchery, cruelty and yet more tampering for empty fulfilment. Our desires are insatiable, and all we end up doing is adding to the alien garbage heap, causing more and more destruction to life.

Industries sell us pleasure, and then other industries sell us quick fixes to 'repair' the damage caused by that same pleasure, all of it adding to the mess.


The truth is we can't "own" our last breath, our last drink, or our last meal without dying. Death (and extinction) spreads when we claim and fight over land, food, water, shelter, air, sunshine, nature, race, culture, creed, title, commercial standing and ethnicity. As soon as we claim anything, we are shrinking the abundance for others and creating exclusion.

As beings raised by nature, where the true purpose of nature brings forth the good heart of every MAN, there is no need for a Pax Romanus. Indigenous people see through this sham. This is why they are such a threat to the establishment. Expecting indigenous people to fit into system life and accept the Pax Romanus is like asking them to be beamed up to another planet. Just as it was for the tribes of MAN on land who are the ancestors of the so-called "non-indigenous" people.

The 'progress' of civilisation, that we are all caught up in, is the dying stages of the Pax Romanus. Progress will lead, inevitably, to the annihilation of everyone trapped in The System.

The next stage of the evolution of The System is to turn everyone into a walking smart metre through the Internet of Bodies. Every detail of our system lives will be encoded in a microchip or some other method of digital recognition containing information. We will no longer be separate from our cash and bank accounts, credit, rental contracts, medical information, bills, licences, and registrations.

Our access to shops, housing, travel, and other services will be controlled according to our biometric data and our digital footprint. This is tampering so fatal that the last vestiges of our freedom will be gone. A smart metre can be turned off, by accident or by design, and our access to land, food, water, shelter, fuel, children, etc, will also be cut off. This is the pinnacle of power and control over the "useless eaters", the slaves, and the cogs in the wheels of The System.

The Mudroom of the Kindom Village is for those who want to face the destructive programming that binds us to the 'hive mind' collective. It is this hive mind that is responsible for creating the global garbage dump we now live in. The Kindom Mudroom is for those willing to take responsibility, with eyes wide open.

While we transition (from oppressed to free) we will keep using The System to get out of it. Meanwhile, we pass on to our children the willpower, discipline and focus required by setting the example of breaking away from this alien world.

Are you ready to pull your life out of your toxic mind, discombobulated by this mesmerising heap of garbage?

Are you ready to stop reaching for these scripts of annihilation? and instead radiate the virtues of the good heart, like the sun radiating its warmth for any life form that needs it, without conditions, contracts, or rituals?


We will never break the bonds of our enslavement unless we RECOGNISE and UNDO the programming that keeps us tied to the fake power of the tiny few controlling The System.

These tiny few teach us to tamper with life. This is how they hold on to their power and control. They have no respect for life, and lie, cheat, deceive, maim and murder to keep the status quo.

We all share lifetimes of living as slaves with a slave mindset. Our default is to fall back on, "What are they going to do about it?" instead of asking ourselves, "What am I going to do about it?".

Freedom is taking full responsibility for our lives and the life all around us. To practise freedom we have to practise full responsibility for everything we think, feel and do. This means taking full responsibility for the harm we are causing, both directly and indirectly, and taking steps to minimise that harm until harm is no longer a part of our everyday lives

We have spent the whole of our lives in The System practising being slaves. Learning full responsibility will take PRACTISE as we undo the habits of slavery and replace them with habits of freedom.

Having a good heart is not enough. We are socialised to use our good heart against the backdrop of The System. We don't realise that everything we do within The System, despite our good intentions, only adds to the tampering of life.


What we call security in The System is tenuous at best. Any tweak to the economy, any glitch in oil production, food or power shortages, any draconian law passed under the excuse of economic collapse, terrorism, pandemic, or war, can upend our so-called security in an instant.

True security is a tribe of self-sufficient villagers working for and defending their self-sufficient village.

When there are no more middlemen (between us and land, between us and food, between us and water, between us and shelter) we can take full responsibility for our lives once more. We can then re-learn how to live without tampering with life.

When land, food, water, and shelter are free, so are we.

We have observed ourselves as well as the men and women who have come into our lives. We have learned how to maintain true health, how to simplify food growing practices and how to live unplugged from system infrastructure.

We are now ready to get on with it. We want to stop the harm.

This is a call out to our many brothers and sisters who share our inspiration.

Will you join us?

We now have our start-up land, Ironbark Farm Aust - 27 acres - at Temagog (25 minutes west of Kempsey, NSW, Australia). We are willing and eager to spend the rest of our lives recreating paradise.

Fiona and Arthur Cristian