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Children brought up by nature, with no one inside their heads telling them how to think, feel and act, are able to directly sense (touch, taste, feel, smell, hear, see) all the information coming from each natural life-form they are observing. Being much faster than the speed of light, their uninterrupted speed of thought is accessing the real intentions of life-forms all around them, inanimate or not.

This never-ending expansion of natural information gathering is the BIG PICTURE life of the sun of MAN (men, women, children), and it is an undefined consciousness of the good heart with all its virtues shining over the dream of life they are naturally part of, bonded to and protective of as their motherland, the brilliance of local home life continuing to expand and be vibrant without limitation, with all of life being respected.

If a child eats an apple from a tree in the forest of their motherland, the child is absorbing the BIG PICTURE information of the whole of the forest through the sensory experience of eating the apple*. This naturally works when the child has not been shut down and centralised. *refer to the section From Bare Dirt To Abundance

This is why living locally is so important; a child brought up locally knows and senses the life of everyone in the village and the motherland, and everyone in the village knows the child, the motherland and the child's place in the motherland so they all instinctively sense how to guide the child. The big picture of the child's life is never forgotten and the child's life is never considered as separate from nature and the natural purpose of the child's life. When the whole of creation that is life, is the living body of the child and the child is conscious of this, the child will never want to do harm to the BIG PICTURE body of its real life. Instead, the child will want to nurture life and pass it on, whole and pristine, to the generations to come.

A True Motherland Is The Soul Of MAN

When MAN is on the motherland, there is no separation between MAN and the land. Everything of the life of the land is communicating with MAN and MAN is communicating with everything of life. Just as the fungi network beneath the humus connects every plant and every tree in the forest, the consciousness of MAN connects with the whole of the motherland and, beyond the motherland, to the whole of earth.

The System, however, is the opposite of this built in consciousness that is a whole earth connection. When we are educated into definitions, learning that a life form is yellow and is called a daffodil and placing these scripts of definitions, like a potato sack, completely over the ever-changing life form we are observing, instead of being conscious of the direct sensory information the life form has for us, instant by instant, we become dull, fragmented and disconnected from the sensory information highway of our natural consciousness and are then unable to sense, hold and be the BIG PICTURE of the motherland.

Lost inside the dark hoods of many potato sacks, we are now in the program of an alien, fragmented world of immense darkness, where we no longer know (sense) who we really are and can no longer sense the intentions of others to control and manipulate us. The System is built out of paradise but the fragmentation causes us not to recognise the paradise of our real lives any more. The brilliance of the sun shining is the collective consciousness of all life-forms openly sharing their life-intentions with us, and us experiencing and sharing the elation of this collective intention for our motherland and for the whole of creation. This is the constant ALIVE of our real lives, and is the true freedom of the undefined soul of MAN, the sun that brilliantly shines.

We are suffering from an amnesia of natural consciousness where we have forgotten that we are all of life as we turn more and more to the defined perceptions of alien, artificial personalities and lifestyles. Though we believe we are conscious, we are in fact, unconsciously disconnected with life because we have forgotten the natural sensory connections of life that form our REAL SENSE OF BELONGING with all of life, the soul, and this makes us able to do harm to life without being conscious of the harm we are causing; we do not sense, feel, the suffering that we are creating and, in this state, we can graduate from university as an engineer and go to a forest and put a highway through the middle of it without a twinge of conscience. We can drive our cars and contribute to mountains of rubbish and plastic islands in the oceans without more than an "Isn't it dreadful?" conversation over the dinner table.

We have lost respect for our real life which causes a loss of respect for real life around us. Without having and being the big picture of all of life to live for, we have fallen deeply into the centralised darkness of an imaginary cinema of intelligence, the sarcophagi of the living dead to sense. By constantly reflecting and illuminating thousands of definitions not coming uniquely, directly and naturally from all of life around us, we have allowed various people to shape our unnatural perceptions of reality, becoming the fake consciousness of a life-purpose not bonded to all of life, and be the blueprint of a lifetime of enslavement to The System.

When we give up our REAL connection to the natural information of life, we are spoonfed information we cannot sense by strangers who know nothing of our dreams or circumstances until we become slaves who are addicted to being told what to think, feel and do. Our senses have dulled to the point where we need to be told everything, our lives becoming centralised machines of production, spoon-fed slaves, that get up, go to work, get up, go to work, get up, go to work and fit in family life and a bit of entertainment around it. Most of our lives are spent surrounded by fiction, thinking of fiction, acting for fiction and in the pursuit of fiction, all of it an artificial reality that we have to recall as scripts. Our brains are so full of system scripts and information that we cannot sense in the moment that our speed of thought is very slow and our instincts sluggish and often ignored by our arrogant intellects. See A Day in the Life article in this webpage - link coming.

When children are defined, being told how to think, feel and act about everything they are sensing, the promise of being able to hold a natural big picture dream of life is completely shattered into multi-thousands of tiny pieces of fiction that must be remembered, glued together and communicated as the centralised, robotic e-go, the "person" (name) in law, the phantom "ID", strawman and agent in commerce.

Weighed down by the constant embellishment of an artificial reality that they have to constantly recall, no longer able to sense who they really are and what they are really part of, they are part of a supply line of stolen generations, branded with fictional identities used to mimic everything about life that has been explained, instructed, educated, inculcated, suggested and brainwashed into them.

They pretend they have respect for all of life when they don't because the only way they have learned how to live causes and supports immense harm to all of life, particularly their own.

Raised artificially, adult spoon-fed slaves are mostly unconscious of having to survive in a fake, fictional world of make-believe, the matrix, because they think that it is real and that all the e-motions (actions) that are destructive to their natural dreams of life are also real and natural, not realising that the e-motions keep them locked into The System of centralisation as part of a fake sense of belonging with the mantras of "what's in it for me", "poor me", "it's not fair", consumerism, materialism, narcissism, self obsession/centeredness, etc, etc, constantly playing in their heads, all overseen by 3rd party strangers, intermeddlers, interceders and interlopers, acting as administrators, representatives and agents coming between MAN and MAN (men, women, children), MAN and land, food, water, shelter, children, family, community, etc, none of whom know them intimately or support their heartfelt dream of life.

Fiction can't perform for itself. Life has it's unique, instinctive programme of intentions, that nurtures, expands and optimises the magnificense and abundance of life, but The System of fiction needs people in the program of The System to carry out the unnatural functions of The System and this is destroying life. To step outside the artificial programming to find out who we really are, we have to come back to the senses. System programming is so deep because we have been trained in definitions that tell us that we have a "natural" belonging to The System, and therefore The System education is necessary for us to live, exist and have order. None of the books in the libraries, the concerned documentaries, the rules of the fictional cultures, the leaders for change ever talk about no system as an option. Those going to rallies because they want change are not going beyond the programming so real change is impossible for most people.

If you want one thing of The System, you are asking for all of The System because you need the conveyor belt to programme the children so that they can grow up to become the workers in The System to provide you with what it is of The System that you want and you are destroying the dream of life that makes you fall further away from the dream of life and closer to the annihilation of all of life. We need nature to live but we have been trained to have our wants and desires in The System so that we need The System to fulfill those wants and desires that we believe nature cannot fill.

We go to concerts, to the movies, shopping, sporting events and on holidays as a relief from work and the pressure of paying the bills but none of it gives us the true peace and calm of a life in nature because all the emotions that we get so caught up in are part of the function of the machine and don't belong in nature. Science, religion, law, government, etc, tell us what everything is but nothing they tell us has anything to do with what we sense and only fits into the boxes of The System as the fake order of The System that has nothing to do with life.

The System is all privatisation, rank and file, ticking boxes and forcing others to fit inside preconceived prisons of the mind.

In nature, the good heart is a constant; everything of nature has a purpose that benefits the whole of the dream of life so everything of nature is a ray of sunshine radiating outwards for the good of life. In The System, we have been taught the concepts of self and individualism (in-divide-u-all) and with them come e-motional baggage and survival mechanisms because we are trying to keep our heads above water in a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest society where competition, greed and selfishness are rewarded and where the lack of security about a roof over the head and food on the table induces fear, doubt, uncertainty, confusion, envy, jealousy, bitterness, etc. The good heart is still there in most of us but we place our good hearts with the fragmentation so that we are still destroying life, despite our best intentions.

Because everyone in The System has been taught that these negative, destructive e-motions are normal, they don't realise that they exist only in The System and that, if they want to create a lifestyle away from The System, the negative, destructive e-motions must be left behind in The System otherwise The System will come too. We cannot build communities to break away from The System without addressing the e-motional baggage that keeps us in the recalling and recalling of system scripts, lost in the illusions of fragmentation made up of hundreds of thousands of pixelated system images that we bring as our "personalities", our egos, our system personas, that we have been led to believe is who we are.

There is no journey to intelligence, no journey to consciousness and no journey to community, to sense and conscience; it is all built in to us through our ability to sense the whole of the dream of life that has been gifted to us. When we are brought up by nature, our intelligence is in everything of life and we don't have to look for it or learn anything from books or screens. The intelligence of life is already here; we are just not sensing it because of the fragmentation. A return to nature away from The System is not, therefore, a process of acquiring something we don't already have, but a process of letting go of everything of The System we have been assimilated into so that we can sense the intelligence that is the consciousness of life and practise living from the good heart again.

The whole of creation, paradise, is already here in the eternal here and now as the magnificence of nature. Before MAN fell, a child brought up in paradise was holding the whole of the big picture of life, adding to it through the co-creation of their life and passing it on to the next generation. When we have grown up with the fragmentation of The System, all we have to pass on is the infection of paradise until we have ended up with nuclear warheads, technology that can destroy everything and untold suffering, sickness, disease and despair.

Everything defined to us becomes the lines of fragmentation that we think is truth; much of it is close to the truth but we cannot sense the difference because we have not experienced it and because we have been trained to place the lines of fragmentation over what we do experience and we have learnt not to trust what we experience. Because we don't know that we are fragmented, we keep adding to the fragmentation and passing it on to our children to do the same.

We don't know how to stop the destruction because we blame someone or something else, instead of realising that we are all fully responsible for the destruction and the only way to stop it is to change how we think, feel and behave. The only way to turn the tide is to get back to total peace and calm by undoing the fragmentation and creating a village where the next generations are allowed to be whole and conscious again.

Consciousness is a feeling that is the experience of the substance of life. Imagining the fiction of The System is not the experience of the fiction. A child brought up by nature experiences the whole of life through the substance of life all around without that experience being tainted by the fictional imagination of the experience. Growing up in The System, we have been exposed to all The System information about the forest and that is what we take into the forest and what we use to make decisions about the forest. What we are sensing from the forest is buried beneath the information we have been taught about the forest.

The e-motions of The System are programs of unnatural feelings that are not embodied with the good heart and all its virtues and cannot be unhinged from the centralisation of The System ego, thus stopping us from ever being able to completely unhinge from our centralised cults and be free to return to our motherlands as part of natural village/tribal life again. We live for The System which pampers to our centralised needs of me, mine, own, i, gender, image, race, creed, status, colour, title, 1st, last, win, lose, rich, poor, etc, etc, all of it fiction being upheld by the worship of fiction.

The e-motions are the intention of another MAN for your life inside your head. Trauma is the imprint of another MAN'S intention on the body, the programming of that intention running through the vessel, desensitizing us to the constant barrage of system information and intention, a whole world in our heads that has to be acted out. The intention of third party strangers is fed to us from before we leave the womb with our parents passing on the assimilation they have learnt, rather than guiding us through their actions as men and women who are fully responsible for their lives and are therefore god-like. Nature doesn't spoon feed its young; the young learn through the example of their elders and do not need instruction or education to become what they are.

From parents, we are subjected to a range of family and third-party strangers who teach us through education, suggestion, instruction and inculcation to assimilate even further until we literally live for The System and become totally dependant on it. Being taught to be dependant on The System has us be dependant on those around us, wanting from them what we don't feel we have, wanting them to appease our emotions of emptiness, loneliness, anger, despair, doubt, uncertainty, weakness, etc. When we are needy like this, everything is always about us and what we want because we are always trying to fix ourselves, even if we cover this neediness up with socially acceptable facades of being independent and in control, hiding the seething cauldron of e-motion simmering underneath.

We turn to others to make decisions about our lives but then blame them when, inevitably, we do not like how things are turning out because our nature is to see problems, to have constant complaints, to be judgemental, to find relationships difficult, to keep recreating our past because we refuse to change the script, to desire conflict as a release for the build up of e-motion but then be a victim to the conflict, to set up situations where we need to be rescued, attracting a knight or lady in shining armour to rescue us and then despising ourselves for needing to be rescued and treating our rescuer with disrespect because we have no respect for who we are and therefore cannot have respect for others, and we hate ourselves for needing them. We keep score of what we say we do freely so we can bring it up when confronted about our behaviour.

We are arrogant, ignorant and righteous because this is what keep us from having to examine the mess inside so that we can recognise it and no longer let it control us. When we know our demons of e-motion, we have a choice whether to let them control us or not and, if we keep practising and practising not making decisions from these dark places, we have peace and calm in the here and now and, when we make decisions from the peace and calm, we are making decisions based on the virtues of the good heart. We are no longer vampires of e-motion; we are trusted and relied on, we contribute freely, we take full responsibility for our lives, knowing that we control our lives and we create the outcomes of our lives and have no one else to blame. We are the rays of sun turning outwards for the good of life all around, no longer selfish, self-obsessed, narcissistic parasites of life.

When we want to be part of a community, a village, and we bring this e-motional baggage with us, dragging the sets, scenery, props and lighting of our past experiences behind us and handing out the scripts for everyone to act out, we have the potential to totally destroy that community just by our refusal to take full responsibility for what we are creating as we send out invitations to those around us to join us in a dance of e-motional baggage. No matter how hard we work, as we go about our days as the walking wounded, if we cannot manage our e-motions, we are a drain on the rest of the community. Most communities fail, not because of the physical work, or the land, or the money, or the weather, or the good intentions, but because of the e-motional SHIT that EVERYONE raised in The System carries. If you think you don't have any, you are delusional.

If you think you have done the work because you have identified a few things but you have not had the courage to look at the true ugliness of the emotional demons inside you to the point where you hit the bottom of the barrel and dare to examine your triggers, your defence mechanisms, your reactions, your manipulations, your lies, your fake fronts, your rage, hatred and jealousy, you still have a lot to do. E-motional baggage is like an onion; you need to keep peeling away the layers, having a look at what you find, having a break if what you uncover is too painful to look at for long, being honest with yourself and letting go, letting go, letting go.

The imprint of the e-motional trauma is likely to be with us for the rest of our lives in this life and the letting go is a constant process but we can learn to recognise it when it comes to call, to observe it, welcome it, greet it and say, "Thank you but no thank you," getting back to our creativity in the garden, the kitchen, the workshop, building, making music, doing craft, preserving food, taking care of the animals and children, nurturing our villages and fellow villagers.

When we are fulfilled in the here and now, we don't need anything from anyone. The peace and calm of being present to all of life sustains us and we are not stuck in the aberrations of fictional, system longings, wants and desires. Consciousness has nothing to do with wanting anything from someone else. When we are conscious, we have everything we need and we are no longer needy. Instead, our energy is directed outwards for the village and villagers and, when everyone in the village does this, everyone is cared for and has everything they need.

Consciousness is not a spiritual experience or a glorification of the self as being "spiritual", "wise", "advanced" or superior in any way. Consciousness is AWARENESS, the SENSING of life all around and being fully bonded to and responsible for all of life - the living. Consciousness is the good heart spreading all around, embracing the BIG PICTURE of life it cares for. Consciousness is the rays of the sun spreading warmth freely for all to share. Consciousness has nothing to do with the self. There is no self in consciousness just as there is no self in nature.

The self is a fiction of make-believe, built out of the multi-thousands of defined bits of fragmented information, now glued together to role play imaginary scripts of actions, behaviours and beliefs for the self. Where the living apple in an uncorrupted (not disturbed) forest provides the direct sensory experience of the big picture of life (reality), none of the fragmented pieces can do this; instead, they keep us focused on a, b, c, 1, 2, 3 in a deeply shattered state of reality with no real (living) big picture connection to it.

While an undefined child in a village is raised by nature and already is the whole of the forests, mountains, streams, valleys, creatures and the natural environment of their BIG PICTURE MOTHERLAND, the self is an in-divide-u-all without a motherland, or at best, is a refugee on their motherland, and all centralised e-go's of the defined self, don't know who they really are or what they are really part of. They are all in a fallen state of fantasy, illusion and delusion, "The System".

If all of nature behaved in the centralised way that we do in The System, where everything revolves around us, like the rays of the sun turning inwards to become a black hole, there would be no nature. Nature exists because every life form of nature has a natural purpose that contributes to the big picture of life as a whole. We also have a purpose that contributes to the big picture of life as a whole but, mostly, we choose to ignore it and focus on centralised, system life and wonder why everything is collapsing and nature is being destroyed.

When we have a self, think for self, live for self, feel for self, perform for self, etc, we are already confused, distracted and mostly lost in the darkness of an unconscious deep sleep, that is constructed out of a plethora of alphabet scripts consistently being recalled, focused on and communicated.

To go from one script to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next............... is no different to hypnotised members of an audience brought on stage to perform the many comedy capers of animal farm.

The self is an unnatural simulation of fiction, and almost everyone raised in "The System" is trapped in these imaginary, holographic and collective simulations of fantasy, delusion and illusion, which is what The System is built out of.

To have and live for a self is to reflect on and illuminate everything we've been told to think, feel and act on since first appearing in the womb. Everything defined to us is not our dreams - we never created any of it. All we are doing is copying and mimicking dreams of information created by other men and women, the alphabet scripts, and experiencing ONLY that, which shuts us down. Since our presence in the womb, we have not been allowed to create our real unique dreams of life through direct sensory experience.

Nothing of nature/reality/life has a self or needs a self, because everything of their real life is already happening powerfully and instinctively all around them. There is no self in the portrait of life because they already are everything of the whole portrait of life, the BIG PICTURE. Undefined children raised by nature do not have a self in the background or foreground of a portrait of life to think of and re-present.

The glorious sun shining radiantly all around is the sensory experience of an undefined child creating their unique and original dreams of life, the soul. These children do no harm to the dream of life. The sun whose rays have turned back on self, is what becomes of every soulless child now lost in the darkness of dreams they never created, the black hole that is The System. These children learn to do harm to the dream of life and become adults who do harm to the dream of life.

Our lack of true consciousness means that we do not sense the destruction and harm we are causing directly through our day to day system actions. We don't FEEL (SENSE) the suffering we are causing in our relationships with all of life. We are not conscious of it because we are disconnected from the big picture of life with all our focus being on me, me, me, I, I, I, mine, mine, mine, own, own, own, have to pay the bills and the taxes, get kids through school, pay the mortgage or rent, keep food on the table and a roof over our heads, even as we think we are taking responsibility for and caring for life.

When we are fully conscious, we are AWARE of the harm we are causing because we feel it. We are no longer disconnected from the suffering associated with our actions and, if we have a conscience, we therefore adapt how we live in order to minimise and stop the harm we are responsible for. This means being prepared to examine everything we think, feel and do, and making adjustments to our lifestyles as we learn new ways to create and take care of land, food, water and shelter for our lives and the lives of those around us.

Consciousness is not about who you mix with, what you are involved with or what modalities you work with. None of this makes you conscious or spiritual. You can be involved with alternative, natural, eco-friendly, spirituality, meditation, retreats, etc, for years but still not be conscious because you have still not got past the fragmentation and connected with your senses of life. Consciousness is awareness of what already is; consciousness is not changing life into something it isn't, so you are not conscious when you are living lifestyles that revolve around distorted, damaged and destroyed nature.

The more we fake consciousness, the more we don't have it and the more we blame others. When we have it, there is no one to blame. The "self" is the make-believe fiction of everything we believe we don't have packaged up into an acceptable, presentable persona and this is what we encourage our children to replicate because we believe they don't have it either. The System tells us that we have to desecrate children because we believe that they need scripts to navigate through life but role playing scripts is not real life and no one is happy role playing scripts, even when they are scripts of happiness. They are still slaves in The System with no true peace and calm, no creativity in paradise.

Happiness does not come from a box. There is no journey to intelligence, to consciousness, to joy and contentment because we have already got it. There are no restrictions on expanding intelligence because it is undefined and no restrictions on expanding consciousness because it is undefined but everything of The System is defined, restricted and finite. An apple in an uncorrupted forest provides the infinite information of the whole of life. The System provides us with a minuscule amount of system information that has nothing to do with life.

We cannot provide peace and joy to those around us if we don't already have it. Every definition we have formed an attachment to is something we don't think we have. If we are going to change things, we have to already have it.

Coming out of "The System", this is not easy but, if we want to be fully responsible for our lives and for life, these are the steps we have to take, including letting go of the e-motional patterns that often rule us. Consciousness cannot be taught; it is something that happens naturally when we are allowed to connect with the true nature of who we really are as part of the BIG PICTURE of life, rather than being brainwashed into thinking that we are part of something normal when it is just a fictional system of harm doing we are each participating in as centralised machines of chaos for whole lifetimes.

In The System, there is no freedom, only choice, which is often mistaken for freedom. We can easily get caught up in the search for freedom but there is no journey to freedom; freedom is what we create in our lives here and now, for our life and for those around us so that we can all live in peace and calm. When we have freedom, we are not affected by economics, politics, law, government, etc, because we are fully responsible for our lives and we are not answerable to anyone, unless we have done them harm.

The purpose of a Kindom village is for each of us to get back to what we are sensing so that this becomes the dominant power and we are no longer searching for something to appease our lack of fulfilment. We are life caring for life without doing harm to life. We have to undo what has compromised us for so long and protect the expansion of children's lives so what has been done to us is not passed onto them.

We worry about global warming, climate change, poverty, starvation, homelessness, etc, but it is the lives we are living that are causing the destruction and we don't want to step aside and drop it all, to stop the dependence on others and The System. There have been men and women who have shared their wisdom of reconnecting with life and the peace and calm that results but none of them have been able to create a living example of a way of life of that peace and calm so their wise words have been swallowed up by the machine and no one is able to see the big picture of what they are talking about.

A Kindom village is built in stages as we set up the infrastructure of the village using The System to do so. While this is happening, we have to be able to hold the big picture of what we are creating and not get caught up in the e-motions of what we want but we don't have yet as we use the fiction to get out of the fiction until we no longer need the fiction and can drop it, with the children coming through dropping more and more fiction because they don't need it. The machines we need now are no longer necessary because we have created what we need and have learnt to live without them.

Instead of a civilisation that collapses with no one left because they have all died in fiction, we are creating something where we continue to exist because we have willingly disconnected from the fiction and our lives are still present in life and we are avoiding the calamities of the collapse of a civilisation. Our village is a living Noah's Ark in the seas of fiction and, as long as we work with the good heart, everything gets taken care of because we are no longer empty and coming up with the what ifs, buts, criticism, etc.

Those who want to do this have to be able to hold the good heart at all times, to be able to set aside the problems in the moment for the big picture. We need to create a space for this to happen by being the living embodiment of this, an inspiration for others seeking to live non-system lives as we we let go of our egos and get back to life. We are creating a foundation to begin the unravelling from fiction and letting go of everything of our lives that is compromised. Can we hold the good heart and let go peacefully? Are we strong enough? Can we call out to the whole of the dream of life to support us?

The information in the website is not a script for people to come and act out. It is a calling for those who sense what we are talking about and want to come and live that so the big picture rays of our lives reach out as far as we can reach life. Living in the here and now, the good heart is the inspiration for everything that we do and those who come here don't need our words. They are not coming here because they think they don't have it and want us to provide it for them.

We are looking for hard working team players to become the Ironbark Farm Aust villagers building the whole infrastructure of this village - men, women and children living the whole of their lives for the greater good and strength of their village/home/motherland, which in turn provides everything all the villagers require to have simple, happy, peaceful, calm and fulfilling lives. We have the land; can we be free with it and learn to live as the sun shines, knowing that we already have everything we need to create the good hearted lives we dream of?

As we work each day constructing the village, do we also have the courage and guts to face our system programming and the e-motional patterns we have developed that cause us to destroy that which we say we love and which we need to live? Can we live for the village knowing that as we take care of the village, the village takes care of us? Are we able to build a community that allows all children to be undefined again, to be raised by nature, and be protected and nurtured by all villagers living with full responsibility for everything we think, feel and do?

How deep is each of us willing to delve to face the demons of e-motion that stir below the "nice-guy" surface that most of us cultivate to look good for those we meet? How can we support each other peacefully while also making sure that destructive e-motional patterns do not sabotage the common dream? If we cannot confront and walk away from the e-motional baggage, we will only re-create what we have created elsewhere, inviting others to join us in the dance of our past experiences with chaos again and again.

We will not find the courage to stand together as a community when there is pressure from outside, willingly doing what it takes to protect our village and fellow villagers, and we will be easily conquered through doubt, fear, uncertainty, confusion, jealousy, rage, bitterness, covetousness, suspicion, distrust, etc. When we still doubt that we have everything we need to create the lives we dream of, we will still be looking over the fence at what others have, still feeling powerless and helpless, waiting to be rescued from ourselves, thus putting the responsibility for our lives onto others and becoming a burden to those around us.

This is not a "buy in" situation, where land is divided up for those that can afford it. This is a matter of the heart where everything is done from the good heart and all its virtues.

There will be community infrastructure and there will be space for each family, couple or single to create their space of love with a simple home, gardens, etc. So long as we are all putting energy into the abundance of community gardens and food forests, as well as our own gardens, there will be plenty to eat with leftovers being preserved for winter and distributed to the local, wider community.

We currently have 27 acres, which is a great start, and we can then add to that down the line as the community grows.

We will also be looking at how we can help the wider community around us; what services can we offer them for free? We will have food to share but, once the village infrastructure is fully established, we can also share the skills of the villagers for free, whether through healing, building, establishing gardens and holding workshops, and offering support to others interested in creating a lifestyle away from The System. As we grow an abundance of food, we share it with the wider community, buying a building in Kempsey, providing free food, helping those interested to start growing food at home and connecting with others doing the same, creating a network of men, women and children who are removing their lives from The System, bit by bit.

There is a lot of hard work to be done and there will be blood, sweat and tears shed but, when we achieve the dream of a peaceful, fully sustainable village away from The System, it will have all been worth it.

The purpose of life is to sing the song of life, of companionship, natural joy and communication as we allow the presence of life to expand to bring back all of life in paradise.