- 2003-2007 An unsuccessful attempt by the Australian Taxation Office and government agents to bankrupt the name "Arthur Cristian" in the Federal Magistrates Court, claiming that $250,000 was owing.

- 2005-2007 Macquarie Bank approved a line of credit for renovations to the downstairs of the beach house (the family home) but then supplied us with a principal and interest mortgage with far higher repayments than we could afford. They acknowledged the switching of the contracts, that we had nothing to do with, but refused to fix it and the matter ended up in the Supreme Court of NSW where we lost the house, including almost everything Arthur saved from working hard for 20 years, and we also lost two strong cash flow businesses, an overall amount that would be $6 million in today's values. Our family ended up close to destitution and poverty, despite being a hard working, clean living, non-violent family that does not break the peace, commit crimes, injure anyone, lie or steal.

- 2005-2012 Arthur experienced four assassination attempts, Fiona was kidnapped (arrested), there was intense surveillance, phone tapping, being followed by many cars, late night knocking on windows and doors, honey pots sent our way, intelligence operatives who came close to us acting as if they are "one of us", hundreds of death threats and threats to take our children away from us by internet-email trolls.

- 2009 Amongst other articles posted in the Love For Life website, the CEO of the NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies, Mr Vic Alhadeff, rang Arthur about a mainstream public domain article we reposted regarding 6 media companies controlling 96% of the world media are owned by Jews. Vic threatened to shut down our website. In a recorded telephone interview by journalist Steve Johnson from South East Asia News, who followed up on these threats made by Vic Alhadeff, Vic made it clear to Steve that "Australian's do not have freedom of speech".

- 2009-2018 A debt collection agency representative turned up looking for $300k. Arthur got rid of him within a few minutes as he had no binding contract with us. What service, labour or product did this 3rd party agency provide us; a box of apples or worked in the garden for a few days, painted the house, etc, and we did not pay them??? They provided nothing, no evidence. Behind the scam of Macquarie Bank creating escalating unpaid interest over the years since they switched contracts back in 2005, "there was no meeting of the minds", and as we knew nothing about it, the contract was fraudulent and we refused to validate it. The agency probably bought this lie for 10% of the debt, seeking the other 90% from us. We never heard from them again.

Be it over the telephone, in the mail or a knock on the door, a range of other debt collection agencies came searching for $50k to $150k, all off the back of them buying unpaid interest components from Macquarie Bank. They all came and left very quickly, never to hear from them again.

Between 2015 and 2018, various debt collection agencies wrote to Arthur seeking payment + penalties for unpaid mobile phone bills with Vodafone, Optus, Virgin & Telstra. Arthur has been completely out of The System since 2005, no drivers license, passport, registrations, tax file numbers, employment records, bank accounts, credit cards, etc, and is unable to get the 100 points required to gain a mobile phone contract. Arthur wrote a song about these events and put it up on Youtube How Did They Get The 100 Points? Song Rough Demo Arthur Cristian. Arthur also received a phone call from a Sergeant at the Goulburn Police Station handling Cyber Crime, who knew about Arthur's "name" stance, but he had to ask if Arthur had a mobile phone contract under his name as there was a detained Aboriginal woman in the Redfern Police Station in Sydney using a mobile phone under Arthur's name.

- 2005-2023 Numerous on-line campaigns and local rumourmongering to smear our names and destroy our reputations, both locally and internationally, the website being attacked repeatedly on many fronts. At various times, we were accused of promoting hate-speech/crimes by Scribid, Facebook and YouTube.

Within 2 days, a 2017 video we posted on YouTube went quickly to 850+ views, before it froze for 3 days and then reset to around 130 views and then the click counter moved slower than snails pace. At 1st, and for years, there were no technical issues and then all our Youtube videos would freeze or audio and video went out of synch, or lots of weird noises in the background, or go blank, black or white, or would stop and start, or become hazy or distorted, and all click counters were altered and mostly stopped registering, and our youtube channel would not open for many browsing the net.

Many times we were accused of being a cult. In response we'd say.....

So all our ancestors, pre imperial invasions, who lived in villages or tribes, be they nomadic or not, were all part of cults? That living for freedom is a cult? That living lives of do no harm to life is a cult? That living for the greater good of everyone around us is a cult? That clean living, non violent lifestyles is a cult? That happiness, joy, peace and calm is part of a cult? That to live debt free is a cult? That walking away from living for fiction is a cult? That breaking away from supporting The System that supports haves and have nots, rich and poor, and causes immense suffering, starvation, malnutrition, poverty, homelessness, destitution, chaos, injustice, cruelty, invasion of private lives, war, fascism, etc, etc, is a cult??? That not being answerable to anyone unless we have done harm, injured someone, committed a crime or broken the peace is a cult???

We looked amongst our children, under our beds, in the wardrobes, bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, living areas, in the garage, in and under the cars, all around the yard, down the street, under the trees, etc, etc, to find this claimed cult. Where are all the loose men and women and all the orgies? Where are all the loaded bank accounts? Where is this cult?

We get silence and no evidence is brought forward.

- 2009-2019 We have had over 35,000 followers removed from Arthur's Facebook wall, multi-thousands of Facebook friends removed and we had people asking us why we had removed them when we didn't.

Using different computers and locations, a group of 10 contacted us after each one were clicking on a few of our Youtube videos saying that only 1 or 2 clicks appeared on the counter of each video they were testing over a week.

Heaps of people came onto the 7 Facebook walls/groups we used and tried to stir up controversy and hostility to keep others away, to destroy connections and make it not a good place to be. Well-known "freedom-truthers" contacted us but refused to do live interviews as they did not want to take us on in debate.

There are ongoing problems still occurring with our website, people telling us that when they try to go to our website they get a blank page or "not available" or does not exist (something like that) usually with a sketch of someone using a fishing rod.

- 2014-2017 A defamatory comment was posted in our unmoderated website by Michael Borusiewicz, an Australian, leading to an ACT (Australian Capital Territories) defamation case with a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), David Bottrill, a Canberra resident in the ACT. The same comment posted by the same poster was also posted in many other Australian websites and Facebook groups which quickly started other defamation cases by David Bottrill and possibly other members of the Aleister Crowley OTO. As Arthur could not be pulled into their courts, having given up the commercial name/person, Fiona was ordered to pay the plaintiff $10,150.00.

- 2018 Between June and September 2018,

Paypal closed Fiona's 2009 account saying nothing wrong had happened. They did it for security purposes which stopped all gifts coming in from supporters across Earth caring for the Love For Life Campaign and the Cristian Family.

Scribd closed Fiona's 2009 account, claiming we are promoting hate-speech/crimes. They provided no evidence to back these claims causing multi-hundreds of embedded documents, pdf's, text files, research papers, e-books, etc, being removed from our website. Photobucket issues came aplenty causing many hundreds of embedded photos from appearing in our website (its since been resolved).

Facebook ghosting, blocking, interruptions, and we were regularly told by others that many of our Love For Life links (videos, articles, comments, etc) were not working, but they all worked for us.

Fiona was given a Termination Notice (no fault) on the rental property we had been living in since Nov 2005*** (used as our bunker while in battles with Macquarie Bank, etc), with the real estate agents saying that the owners desperately needed to sell the house, along with the house they owned next door, both investment properties. This turned out to be a lie because they ended up renting both houses out again. We had built a massive garden growing organic food and needed far more time than the three months given to return the property. We offered to pay more rent but were rejected. We finally had to vacate in February 2019, with a huge job to take down the garden and pack everything up which sucked up all our money and left us homeless, living in a camper trailer for the next three years and Arthur and Fiona living in the car for 10 months until we finally moved to Ironbark Farm Aust in October 2022.

*** We wrote to the agents and owners a year prior receiving the termination notice, asking for at least 6 to 12 months notice for us to vacate, remove the garden and clean up and have us move to a larger piece of land suitable for our dreams - rent was always paid well in advance and the property was well looked after. Property managers considered Fiona as an excellent, valuable tenant.

To be updated.........

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Fiona and Arthur Cristian