Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013

Current version for 10 November 2023 to date (accessed 3 June 2024 at 10:00)

Zone RU2 - Rural Landscape

1 Objectives of zone

To encourage sustainable primary industry production by maintaining and enhancing the natural resource base.

To maintain the rural landscape character of the land.

To provide for a range of compatible land uses, including extensive agriculture.

2 Permitted without consent

Environmental protection works; Extensive agriculture; Forestry; Home-based child care; Home occupations

3 Permitted with consent

Agriculture; Air transport facilities; Airstrips; Animal boarding or training establishments; Aquaculture; Boat launching ramps; Boat sheds; Camping grounds; Caravan parks; Cellar door premises; Cemeteries; Charter and tourism boating facilities; Community facilities; Crematoria; Dual occupancies; Dwelling houses; Eco-tourist facilities; Environmental facilities; Extractive industries; Farm buildings; Flood mitigation works; Freight transport facilities; Group homes; Heavy industries; Helipads; Home businesses; Home industries; Hospitals; Industrial training facilities; Information and education facilities; Jetties; Liquid fuel depots; Marinas; Mooring pens; Moorings; Places of public worship; Recreation areas; Recreation facilities (major); Recreation facilities (outdoor); Restaurants or cafes; Roads; Roadside stalls; Rural industries; Rural supplies; Rural workers’ dwellings; Secondary dwellings; Signage; Tourist and visitor accommodation; Transport depots; Truck depots; Veterinary hospitals; Water recreation structures; Water supply systems; Wharf or boating facilities

4 Prohibited

Backpackers accommodation; Hotel or motel accommodation; Serviced apartments; Any other development not specified in item 2 or 3

Link 1: NSW Government Legislation - Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013
Link 2: Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013 Under The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979