Aussie Information On The Banksters, Income Tax, Debt & How To Free Yourself From The "Money Game"

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Hi There,
There is a GREAT AUSSIE website I have found that teaches you everything you need to know about the corrupt banking cartel & how to navigate your way around it plus MUCH MUCH more. They teach you the TRUTH about money, debt and income tax that can set you free from the “Money Game.” They will help you step by step to deal with debt collectors and so much more...

They offer a 10 module information & education program for the very low price of $97. It is extremely informative, up-to-date & has hours of very helpful info that I have not found elsewhere including draft letters, info on how Tax is voluntary etc etc. Go to: or or

You can even request a FREE information kit too.Hope this helps,



WARNING - Regarding - - Mark James Darwin & Stephanie Humble

This is an email we received today 23rd November 2010


Hi folks. I am circulating this email to you, OUT OF CONCERN for, not only you but for others not on this data base. I don't want anyone coming to me to answer as to WHY WE DID NOT FOREWARN YOU in regard to doing your due diligence in dealing with Mark Darwin and Truthology. In fairness, there have been folk assisted by Truthology and Mark Darwin.

However there have been numerous complaints - & I don't wish to enter into details here.

Do your due diligence!

The attachment is an example that was emailed to my friend and in turn she emailed me.

I have had other emails/calls expressing dissatisfaction(to be polite)!

Because several people have approached me with complaints in relation to their personal business with Mark Darwin & others asking me of my opinion in confidence, I have instructed them to do their due diligence and provided my personal experiences.

I have a growing data base containing several complaints in relation to this matter. If anyone wishes to add their own experience whereby they have been damaged or out of pocket without attaining the services you were believed to attain then we can add this to the existing data base & by doing so, we hope to maintain integrity within the industry & ensure anyone that is not totally honest & honourable cannot operate viably in this industry.

Also to add to last weeks message regarding intellectual - copyright technologies, people have come forward that have paid 4 times what Peter Duff asks for, for his Foundation Technology, by Truthology as well as charging $20/m ongoing despite Mark Darwin and Truthology being told to cease and desist. Peter Duff has also been effected (maligned) in various ways - maybe as a result of other folks selling his intellectual property and there is not the support behind the technology that only Peter can provide

I do apologise for this email but feel, as several others feel, we have a duty of care to protect innocent folks who are looking at our industry, don't do sufficient due diligence, to be forewarned and protected. Otherwise the industry's reputation can be tarnished by those that are not acting so honorably and we cannot afford that. Below is my reply to Mark Darwin who approached me because a private email exchange he had received involving a private email from an enquirer asking me what I knew about Truthology

Mark Darwin's email is below that - however the email from the enquirer was removed before I received Mark D's email. In fairness the enquirer may not have sent the email to Mark D. It amazes me that folks send confidential material to 3rd parties.


Hi Mark D
Thanks for your email

Is very interesting that several folks have come to me either with complaints in regards to Truthology, comments about how my material being used by Truthology (which I have never had an objection to because the info is getting out to the people) or for any information that I am personally aware of in regards to truthology or about you personally - all apparently in strict confidence - which now it appears wasn't such strict confidence after all.

It is great to see others take up the reigns and run with the free man material and even more rewarding when others achieve results and take the process to new and higher levels. I am sure Truthology is also part of that process of education the people and helping to protect people's inalienable rights (I rather use 'dominion' these days) and therefore is contributing to the overall good.

My concern, and that isn't directed only at Truthology but anyone or group that is proactive in the industry, is that any process used is appropriate for the job as well as there is support provided for whoever is being assisted, and that if technologies are being used, that the user of the technology has attained permission from the source of that technology.

To address your note

1. I do apologise my so many typos in the text I wrote, it is rather dark at night here, nevertheless a poor excuse as we all have spell check don't we

2. my comments were in strict confidence & I have maintained my end of that arrangement, after all I am not out disseminating information about anyone, there are already enough folks doing that already

3. I have looked again (twice actually) at the contents and I haven't any issue with it as it was made in strict confidence, the information coming from folks who had approached me. It isn't my 1st hand personal knowledge

4. I can only speak about what I have first hand personal knowledge of, but I am quite happy to speak to you anywhere locally at any time with sufficient notice and speak about what I personally know and will substantiate

5.. I will pass this email to those who approached me with their issue and I am sure they would come and tell you themselves their grievance with you, which is between you and them. I cannot speak for them

6. if you do chose to meet, and that you will meet some folks that were less then happy with their dealings with you, I need to forewarn you that any controversies created by you will only likely escalate and be broad caste (broadcast) all around Australia by those attending such a meeting - witness whatever mischief you have created and then go online and broad caste it to their data bases so that you and Truthology will become more known for the mischief rather than what good work it has accomplished. I am not in control of what others do and am only responsible for myself.

Am not sure you would relish that publicity.

I have not gone out of my way to say anything detrimental about you or anyone else Mark. That is not my style

If someone complains about you however or asks whether I know something about you or Truthology, then do I not reserve my right to share what it is that I do know and do I not have a duty of care to my neighbor to notice them to be on their alert and to do their due diligence?

I notice the text is not present below of the person that approached me in regards to you or Trutholgy, which resulted in my reply below to that writer. Do you have a copy of that email? Would you like a copy, I am sure I could locate it on my deleted email list,

Your comment about rather your preference for working together with people, is admiral and aligns with mine too. It is then a matter of doing the due diligence to ensure that all the parties that work together have the integrity to do the right thing by all people at all times.

Thx again for your email. I look forward to your reply




Hi (sanitised),

I received an email recently that was allegedly forwarded from you. I must admit that the contents of your comments about Truthology and myself were quite shocking to Stephanie, myself and the team at Truthology.

Here is the gist of what we received.......

OMG! (this is the private email reply from (sanitised) to an enquirer!) I know (sanitised), he is using my material as well as other folks material he is using my credit card material to handle mortgages & that material is not strong enough to hold off the banksters on top of that there are many folks after him because he has charged for services & not produced he took $50,000 off 1 guy I know his ex girlfriend has also provided lots of insight on him. I attended a meeting to provide information a couple of years ago whereby I was offered consideration but never got it my only words are 'be careful' regards (sanitised)

If you are truly an honourable man, then myself and the entire Truthology Team which now numbers 10 would love to meet with you face to face to have you present your evidence accordingly. Otherwise, we will expect an apology, and that you cease and desist from such defamatory comments from this day forward.

I only ever speak highly of you (sanitised), always.

My belief is that we are to unite in these interesting times, and I’m very open to this......


Mark-James of the Darwin Family

email: info @

The truth is all around you, if only you knew where to find it...


Word Document Attached To The Email We Received

Truth behind TRUTHOLOGY .org and Mark James Darwin

I discovered TRUTHOLOGY .org and Mark James Darwin, through a great mate of mine as part of my journey to discover the truth and get some
answers to my questions... I was encouraged to come along to a workshop, as I heard about how great Mark was and the work he was doing.

I was immediately captivated and inspired to sign to life-time membership, debt settlement and Foundations, yet as time has passed questions have been left unanswered, the constant hidden amounts that need to be paid, the chance meeting of other private communities, men and women living in the local community, lead me and my mate to do some research to find out more about those behind TRUTHOLOGY .org - Mark James Darwin and Stephanie Humble, albeit a little late I might add.

Our search was far beyond what I or we expected to find, people from near and far coming out to speak with us to confirm what we started to
feel..... there is very little truth behind the man Mark James Darwin, this organisation created by ‘Mark and Stef’. What we found was quite simply.... “Fraudsters cashing in on others hard work, exploiting and stealing from others on many levels and grabbing as much as they can from anyone trusting, vulnerable and desperate.

I thank all those who willingly and honestly shared their experiences with me, who willingly offered to put their names forward to help prevent any more private men and women being affected and damaged by this organisation and its founders. Included in my thanks, those who were to afraid to speak up due to their experiences with Mark and his violent backlash they are all too familiar with.

The process documents and Foundation documents promoted by Mark ARE the stolen works of other large Private organisations and individuals
which have not authorised and still do not consent to Mark’s use of them, certainly he did not develop a four stage process, more a matter of stealing a four stage process, though he has been asked to stop using and profiteering from the works of others.. yet fails to act honourably.

The use of an Australian Sporting Hero’s name on his website and the use of a Major Australian Kids organisation has not been endorsed nor authorised to appear on the Truthology site. In fact great lengths have been undertaken by Management bodies to dis-associate from any dealings with Mark, again due to his dishonest dealings.

Mark promotes the use of these process’ for “all of his debts he had at the time” yet when asked how he went with his car loan and home loan, he couldn't speak from firsthand personal knowledge, as he didn’t have his own car nor had a home loan to trial the process on, yet sells this process to others, so what exactly is the founders first hand personal knowledge on this process?????

One devastated chap, from Brisbane shared with me how he appealed to both Stef and Mark to return funds Mark has stolen from him, earned from sweat labour to the tune of $8000, yet to no avail, in fact the response was one of violent and threatening abuse. who were these apparent private peaceful integral people behind this organisation???

Perhaps the most chilling of all the discoveries was the whole abuse of Mark’s Philanthropy beliefs as per Marks quote - “our core team – Mark, his compassionate partner, Rowan and Natasha are very passionate about inspiring our Truthology family give more of themselves for the betterment of humanity... and experiencing the joy of making a difference first hand.” And this “Together, with whatever we feel in our hearts to do, we can make our world a better place”

Interestingly Mark has failed to take into consideration any of his Philanthropic beliefs a little closer to home, his own family.

Several Domestic violence Orders are currently held against Mark to protect one of his four children against him, when this was issued for I cannot confirm but it is current. He has not nor does he emotionally, financially nor spiritually supported three of his four children. Two of his four children have no contact with him due to being subjected his rage and abuse. Another child has been reduced from regular contact to minimal contact.

A minor at the time of abuse has come forward in recent times and filed abuse charges against Mark James Darwin. The abuse went over long period of this young beings life, and finally had the courage to come forward.This matter is currently in the hands of QLD police detectives.

Recently Mark was requested by a highly respected pro-active private group to share his work, to ensure work hasn’t been stolen, promoted and plagiarised, Mark’s aggressive and violent response has caused concern and grave fears for those of us who have handed and been alluded to believing this man is the real deal!

Teddy Bear Project- A fraudulent Pyramid scheme that I was fortunate enough to not throw money into, yet others not so lucky, created by Mark, earning him large amounts of cash, and disappearing as quickly as he set it up, there was only one winner – Mark James Darwin.

“Mark and Stef ’have managed to work their way down the east coast of Australia, from Brisbane, to Gold Coast and are currently residing in Byron Bay and the damage has started down here too.

Be careful, ensure you know who and what you are dealing with and do your research.


Re: Mark Darwin and Truthology

Email received today
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


On 17/11/2012 12:06 AM, Samantha Adams wrote:

HI Arthur,
I was hoping you would be kind enough to post this on your site for me, As you can see I have had enough of the activities and scam these guys are continuing to get away with.

I'm not sure you recall me but I'm Beatrice and I met you at a Mark Pytellek workshop several years ago now, Mark Darwin was there and wasn't a nice experience as he tried to manipulate you guys too, re money

Anyway, After several years of silence, and in light of their posting recently, I'm wanting to be very clear of the damage he is doing and continuing to do, and i know you have huge volumes of site readers. I spend a lot of time correcting his fraudulent errors.

Sending love and truth



I was this week sent a "you-tube" posting from a lovely client regarding comments posted by Founders of Truthology in September 2012, regarding their response to rumours and transcripts posted on the "Love For Life" site several years ago.

Initially I laughed and felt sadden and sorry that these founders felt the need to justify their dishonesty by stating that "embarrassingly enough its my former partner" as the culprit of rumours and transcripts and the justification even more laughable as simply "not true"..

That's it..... all you had to say for a posting over three minutes long via YouTube.. not true????

What exactly isn't true, Mark? and hiding behind the standard Mark smoke screen, "others have wanted us to respond", mmmm getting a bit old now..

Very sad...Mark and Stef very sad, that you need to blame me... someone you haven't seen nor spoken to in almost 4 years! I will leave that with you to respond in your standard backlash, getting personal and nasty, again avoiding answering anything that appears below, Sad you needed and wanted to get personal..I will leave that old line with
you, its your baby , you use it so well, never accountable, but always blaming.

Inevitably, needing to go public was going to warrant a rather Blunt yet honest response, no need to blame, I come with all supporting FACTS!!!

Please note for those reading this, I have never responded to these reptiles until this very moment, enough is enough, I've had enough of cleaning up their mess!

As for the Love for Life comments of several years ago....Happy to send you the guy's name, in Brisbane and in true Mark fashion, I suspect you will do another "you tube" blaming him post.

Seriously though that's not the concern.

As I started to look at further items posted by Truthology Founders, the information provided is so incorrect and mis-leading re foundations, that out there are innocent men and women being ripped off- it set off alarm bells!!! Now I know why so many are being hurt by you..

So here goes...

Not one week goes by where an honorable man or woman hasn't found me and asked for help, who have had a bad experience with Truthology, and have been mislead, ripped off and left in a mess,


How about $1.6 million Bank Statement of Claim, created from the lack of knowledge by Truthology and me having to fix this error, for free while they (truthology) pocketed tens of thousands from this couple, Mark sadly assuring men and women Truthology do handle courts and will be there to support, they do home loans and car loans , in this case
this was a total of 8 home homes and two business and eventually the stress causing the marriage to break down.

How about a Bankruptcy expert reviewing processes for the same clients who had been under the guidance of Truthology for their foundation, I saw the emails they were given and responses you sent them on operating the accounts with running a business, it was insane!!!! Yes note, we needed to bring in a bankruptcy expert to see what we could salvage.

THE RESULT...and I quote.. "the way the foundation is being conducted would have landed you in JAIL mate!!!!! We need to fix it now"

Or the gentleman who asked Mark Darwin to return over $8000 that Mark stole from a foundation that he knew wants his funds, yet Mark refusing to pay, or take ownership or responsibility for his own fraudulent activities. The man who runs a small family business was left devastated.

Or just last week, the gentleman I met from Brisbane who came to me, who had paid $500 for consultation with Truthology to discuss foundations yet, received nothing he was promised and they refuse to return his funds,

Oh hang on.. there's the couple who donated/contributed to Truthology $500 to sit with Mark to discuss their court claim last year, regarding their Home loan, yet never ever heard, saw or caught up with Mark, and never received their funds back...

Or the claim made by Stef in her emails to clients that "the lady doing foundations charges $2700".

Stef, Do you mean the lady who truly has permission by the product owners to do a follow up service to ensure participants know what they are doing????...Do you have permission to do that work,, mmmm and oh where did that figure come from, we are curious to know

How long do you think your going to get away this?????


But wait there's more.. the woman who did a credit process, through Truthology and received a statement of claim, and Founders of Truthology took off overseas, left her in a mess, yet I have the email trail sent to her from Mark that he would guide her as best as he could.....Taking off overseas, not the type of guidance I think she was hoping for,

Yep,, happy to accept your response as "embarrassingly enough it's my former partner", IT IS EMBARRASSING ALRIGHT, ITS HORRENDOUS..

When men and women pay for a service there must be an honorable and reasonable exchange, we are all accountable for our own actions- that I cannot and do not deny, yet its hard to entertain the idea that those who claim to work in the private are nothing less than integral, still cant get my head around the fact that you claim to work in private and this and that, donate overseas, etc ......yet too many people coming forward burnt,, its becoming a nightmare. What part of
that is not true as per your posting claim??????

When and Only when I'm asked about the founders and the Truthology Organisation do I disclose FIRST HAND PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, not interested otherwise,

I have always maintained and continue to maintain that the information and the entertainment value at Workshops of Truthology are valuable, however all the services and products and revenue you claim, are NOT HONORABLE, HAVE NEVER BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE AND THIS IS WHY SO MANY HAVE HAD SERIOUS ISSUES!!!!

THIS FACT STILL REMAINS! I'm tired of seeing these Founders of Truthology damage and hurt good men and women including those who work with them!

I guess you created a public spectacle, I am merely correcting the records.

I most certainly agree with the Founders .. that those in the private could unite and work together, yet this cannot happen with Founders of Truthology, that's why they felt the need to blame using..."embarrassingly enough its my former partner".

We all do work privately together, just not with this so called "philanthropic organisation-Truthology",

Too many people are seeing the founders for who they are.

Proof that Truthology has permission from Intellectual property owners of the foundations to sell, commercialise and plagiarize the Foundations?

Proof that Truthology were asked to Cease and Desist doing Foundations and selling them for ridiculous amounts,

Proof they didn't circulate and get personal regarding foundation owners when they were simply asked "do you have permission to sell this?" Is this your product" and have never answered the questions laid to them, very simply very direct, and yet the back me game Mark loves uses and stands by continues..

Proof that you Mark weren't asked by men and women in Sydney and Melbourne this same thing and proof you didn't then go into "attack and re-act mode" with those, that lead to dreadful slander of those just doing their Due-Diligence,

Don't need to ask to show proof of the other work you, we already know that answer....

The fact, that every few months, there's a new face on the Truthology site, as the old faces have woken up and left...

The fact that it was site everyone initially had to pay to learn about the real world, but never fear suddenly its free to go to the Truthology site... YAY, don't want to rip people too much.

The Fact you must sign pages and pages of Indemnity clauses if and when you sign up with Truthology for Foundations, why??? if truth is truth and you are very clear with what you tell people what risk is there..

The fact the Founders promote a private process as sensitive as Tax reduction on the World Wide Web... and need to hide behind good lawyers, accountants and by their own admission an "ex barrister".. are these people needed if we are meant to be living in the private and the Founders know what they are really doing....

Anytime you wish to have a Public Forum (this appears to be your preferred method of exploitation) to discuss all these facts and others , feel free to invite me as I have nothing to hide, would you mind if I brought a few men and women along, I know there's many interested in coming along and having a word with you guys?

I wish you safe and well you need it,, please find it somewhere in your hearts to find your own intellectual property and stick with that, you certainly have the ability to be awesome at your OWN property, and while your at it, STOP BLAMING OTHERS!!! or if you wish to continue stealing from others............. get it right!

I guess you created a public spectacle, I am merely correcting the records, so in future with any public post regarding "your former partner" lets stick with some facts shall we,..

As the desire will be too strong for you to not be able to react, and to want to hurt me desperately ..... you go for it, I will post it and again allow others to see who you are, you will again shoot yourself in the foot, it will all be blame blame blame, abuse and aggressive fluff based on...NOTHING!

I hope there is no need to further communicate with you again, I will just continue to clean up after you I guess, I wish we were charging the fees you claim, certainly would be as well off as you guys!

Can you get back to working in the private, and let me do the same, and remember unless I'm asked, I discuss nothing about you or your work, and I'm happy to keep it that way, less i know of what you do to others the better off we are -

"embarrassingly enough its my former partner"

For those who have just finished reading this, I sincerely apologise.... Its an essay!!!!! But as you may sense, not speaking up for years about dishonest practices of others, certainly cant be put into three sentences, but I hope it was insightful and helpful, be your own judge rely on the facts and your intuition and I hope we can all some day find some honest and common ground and truly work privately respectfully and honestly together.

"Phew... i'm the former partner, not the current one"

It's Mark Darwin Here - Reply To Beatrice And Others

It's Mark here..............I have received many emails lately from loyal clients letting me know of yet more comments from Beatrice, as above.
We will not be responding to these comments, and will continue with our work.
We all at Truthology wish Beatrice a journey of healing and peace.
In Kindness,
Mark and the Truthology Team

Comment upon Allegation Truthology Plagiarised Material?

Email received today 4th May 2013 11.27am

Cameron Lewis sent a message using the contact form at

Hello Peter.

It seems as though you have somehow been dragged unwillingly and without your knowledge into a dispute between the founder of truthology and the founder's former partner.

Are you able to comment upon the allegation that truthology plagiarised your material?


Cameron Lewis.

Truthology scam is BS

Arthur, with all due respect and as an avid follower and believer of your site and messages., this series of emails is misleading and simply an effort of Marks Ex wife Beatrice, to defame him. (a woman scorned !)

I have personally done all of the Truthology processes, both debt and foundation and they have worked perfectly for me and Mark and Stef are amazing people and spiritual souls. I am now debt FREE and operating outside of the system due soley to them and their help and i am so grateful for them and their teachings.
Mark even helped me (a client not a friend) move house when i couldn't afford a mover and Stef has spent hours on the phone supporting me through all of the processes and is an angel.

If this is truly is un-biased and all about information site, then you will publish this reply on your site as well as the personal attacks above.
I think that this muck raking and school yard slander is disgraceful and a massive detraction from your powerful and informative site.

Please Arthur, be the bigger man and stop this type of rubbish being the focus of peoples attention who desperately need guidance and help through the corruption and maze that is the SYSTEM that we are all fighting....also why are the commentors SANITISED yet he is named ?

This crap is simply yet another distraction from the TRUTH !!!!!!

Anyone who is truly aware will see this rubbish for what it is, and unfortunately you will be unfairly branded as a purveyor of lies and gossip, as opposed to teller of TRUTH and SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE that I know that you are.

Please search your soul on this matter, and let it guide you to the right decision.....this is not who you are.

Peace and love to you and your family

Negative Comments - Reply From Mark Darwin To Arthur & Fiona

G'day Arthur,
Firstly, I really respect that you always post all responses with a view of all parties having the opportunity to reply. This is highly commendable.
Below is my video response mate.
The entire team at Truthology are offended by you stating that we 'rip people off' or words to that affect. I truly hope you post this response below.
We work so hard for our clients, and do a huge amount of free work as well. I hope you also watch my response and I welcome positive and honest communication from here.
In Kindness,

Reply To Mark And Stephanie From Arthur & Fiona Cristian

Hi Mark & Stephanie
Thanks for going to the trouble of making this video to clear lots of things up for us and possibly for everyone involved with all of us since at least the Mark Pytellek workshop at Bundanoon early 2009.

We are watching the video and making comments here as they arise so there will be more added here as we continue watching it.

When we say continue....... it means we will be coming back to add more information to this post/comment today/tomorrow - we have children to care for and heaps of other responsibilities and distractions that absorb the focus of our waking life.

We get it about full-responsibility and handling stressed out people because we have been engaging with thousands of them since we started Love For Life March 2005. The difference with us is that we don't charge people for the help we provide, we do all our Love For Life work for free without a fee, no conditions or contracts attached. There are very important reasons for doing this which are covered in the body of the Love For Life videos, articles, debates/discussions, podcasts, etc, we've been creating. Links and embedded videos are provided in this thread. However, yes we do receive gifts from people inspired to share with us but we don't expect or demand gifts. Out of the multi millions of people who have visited the Love For Life website and or benefited from our work only a tiny few have gifted us over the years. We do what we do regardless of money, etc. Even if we received nothing throughout our lives we would still do what we do.

We live for NO SYSTEM and therefore we walk the talk demonstrating life is a gift only requiring our/MANS Life-energy to co-create how we live driven by clear dreams of serving each other. This means there is NO OWNERSHIP of anything, including "intellectual property" out of which come all beliefs, faiths and associated opinions. This means we don't own land or labour or nature or people or a "God", etc.

To live like this takes FULL-RESPONSIBILITY because anything less than NO OWNERSHIP requires man-made systems to govern land, nature, MAN, etc, causing a gradual escalation from full-liability/responsibility into the present chaotic man-made world of limited liability/responsibility we live in.

We have given up full-responsibility/liability to third party intermeddlers, interceders, interlopers who tell us how to think, feel and act. When we claim ownership over something, we put it onto a higher standing than other men, women and nature and thus elevate our lives over them as well because we believe/think/feel what we own is who we are. It is impossible to have a man-made system without slaves and rulers and without brainwashing men, women and children to become cogs/slaves/labourers/re-presentatives/white-collars/etc in the wheel of "The System" progress (of civilisation).

We have written much more about this, as can be found by the links already provided and we don't want to go on and on but we mention it because everything we do is coming from a very different perspective to you and Stephanie. In service to MAN and nature we don't engage in commerce (apart from Fiona and children being severely compromised keeping a roof over their heads, etc.) through Love For Life, because it is the ownership of commerce that is the curse of "The System" that we keep processing and we will NEVER break away from its demonic power and grip over us while we use it (re-presenting "Intellectual Property"/Non-Sense/Non-Sensory Images). Belief in ownership is our fallen "State".

From early 2006 to mid 2009 Arthur weeded off all contracts with "The System". The "Name" no longer is enjoindered to medicare, credit cards, bank accounts, drivers license, car registration, tenancy agreement, mortgage, passport, electricity, gas, telephone, internet, etc. To truly live with Full Liability/Responsibility Arthur gave up all privileges and benefits of "The System". We cannot act with full responsibility when we accept the benefits of "The System" that other men and women slave for us to have. Now everyone gifting Arthur is the wind under his wings elevating him and as we all start doing this for each other we can all raise each other up and out of "The System" of hell.


Thursday, 9th May 2013, 9.17pm

About 37 minutes ago (8.40pm ish) we received a phone call from Beatrice on Fiona's private home line, a number she says was given to her by Mark and Karen Pytellek, even though we always ask those we give this number to not to pass it on to anybody without our permission. Beatrice was terribly distressed and worried for her/your son, saying that you have threatened her (possibly by blackmail - not sure about this) with consequences if she does not get us to take down the comments she has made about you in this thread. This is the indication she is giving. Obviously we do not know whether this is true or not but we have asked for a copy of the private video she says you posted to both her and Mark and Karen, and possibly others, making these threats. We said that we would not take anything down because it is only the lies that do harm, not the truth and the only way for the truth to come out is for everything to be exposed, out in the open for all to see. If we take things down, we are allowing the liars to keep hiding behind their lies, using them as shields. By putting everything up, the shields are being removed and the liars are being exposed. If Beatrice is being privately threatened/blackmailed, then the quickest way to stop that is to sing it far and wide. If this is not the case and Beatrice is telling the lies, that will become clear too. Stephanie said she wanted the healing to begin; the only way for any healing to be done is for EVERYTHING to be laid on the table. Secrets and lies will never bring about healing.

Remember: in this matter between you, Beatrice, Mark Pytellek and many others, we do not know what the truth is, we were not there, and it feels a bit as though we are being hauled into something that has nothing to do with us just because we have allowed people (from all sides) to air their grievances, etc, on the Love For Life website. However, if this is to be the place where the facts are made bare, so be it. We will support the process by continuing to post anything anybody has to say. Our intention through the Love For Life work is to pave the way for people to learn to discern the lies from truth, the liars from those who sincerely want remedy, so that they can see clearly what the remedy is, which is NO SYSTEM, a do no harm way of life. Perhaps this episode will help in that intention.


Friday, 10th May 2013 11.24am

Apologies, we may not be able to get back to this video today as Fiona is very busy out and about. We will get back as soon as we can, worst case scenario, middle of next week. We have plenty more to say.

Updated Response To Arthur & Fiona Cristian - From Mark Darwin

Hi Arthur and Fiona,
I fully appreciate that you guys must feel like you're been hauled into this.
Please see video response below.
Stef and I would love to connect with you both over video Skype sometime. Our address is comingback2harmony

Negative Comments

Hi Arthur and Family,
For some reason the link I sent isn't the one in the picture link?
The visual link is an old one Stef and I did quite some time ago, not the one I did to you Arthur?
You know what mate, it might be nice if you (and Fiona perhaps) had a Skype call with Stef and I some time? It seems that a lot of gossip is resulting in unnecessary energy mate. Just a suggestion.......
We share a lot of similar values Arthur, and we would dearly love to just be at peace with all this carry on.
In Kindness,
Mark and Stef

Reply To Mark Darwin - Apologies - Was A Mistake Made At Our End

Apologies Mark, it was a mistake made at our end.
We included your latest video. It's now embedded in this thread.
We will watch the video when we can do it together ASAP.

Re: Truthology scam is BS - Reply To Kiran

Hi Kiran.
Too many people have written to us, some who shared the evidence, of being misled and terribly ripped off by Mark Darwin. Most of these people are unrelated to each other. We also had a personal experience of what Mark Darwin was like when he came to the Mark Pytellek workshop in Bundanoon back in 2009. He left a very sour taste in our mouths back then. We don't trust Mark. We provide full disclosure and support freedom of speech and all are welcome to post their version of factual events here. There is no discrimination. If Mark ain't doing anything wrong then he has nothing to worry about and he is more than welcome to post his views in this website too as has always been the case since this matter was raised in this website. We have full-responsibility to share all sides of everything posted in this website. If we don't do this then people can easily be misled and harmed down-the-line AND we will have let them down.

If Mark has changed his ways then it will show up with many people like you coming out to share their life-experiences of Mark Darwin down-the-line. We can assure you that in the past and even during recent times, there are many many people terribly damaged by Mark Darwin. He knows that we know, we've seen the hard-core evidence, and it's up to Mark to clean up his act.

We are not into commerce so there is no commercial gain by presenting ALL sides of a story/circumstance in this website. We have no private agendas or vendettas against Mark Darwin. Freedom of speech is PARAMOUNT. Our credibility, honesty and FULL-DISCLOSURE is intact. Even posts from all those who hate us or have written us off or who don't agree with us, and there are many over the years, have been left up untampered for all to see. The only posts we remove or reject are those with links to advertisements or terrible foul language or are attacks on someones character without focusing on the discussion at hand. Out of the many many thousands of comments posted since December 2006 and bar links to adds, we would have have deleted/rejected less than ten posts/comments.

Below are mostly recent links to Love For Life, videos, articles, songs, debates/discussions and podcasts.

All videos are embedded below, just scroll down to find them.

They contain a vast amount of insights for you to contemplate on.

It's best you do not believe in anything we say and instead use your brain/senses to scrutinise all information and go where the logic of truth takes you.

Links to all other videos, etc, can be found here:

Background information about us, can be found by scrolling down the Love For Life website Quick User Guide:

All the best to you and your family Kiran
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life


Check out the Food Forest we created in a very short period of time.
We demonstrate how to grow lots of organic food in small spaces quickly.

"From Bare Dirt To Abundance"
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

A Spell Master At Work
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
21st April 2013

Turning Away From The Reflection
Of MANS Looking Glass

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013

Frank O'Collins, His Ucadia
Worships "The System"
That Is The Beast And Is Hell

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013

Ben Lowrey Interviews Arthur Cristian
Love For Life - 8th February 2012
95 Minutes 28 Seconds

The Dream Of Life Part 6 - Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property
Arthur Cristian - 51 Minutes 52 Seconds

The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman
Identifying Your Slave Status In "The System"

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
5th February 2012 - 56 Minutes 25 Seconds

OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
27th February 2013 onwards...
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:
Part Four: coming
Part Five: coming

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

"The Steps Of Kindom"
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
2006 to 2007 - Updated/Revised 2011

Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 8th February 2013
Part One: - 70 Minutes 5 Seconds
Part Two: - 81 Minutes 13 Seconds
Part Three: - 70 Minutes 18 Seconds
Part Four: coming

Also check out
The Dream Of Life Video Series Part 5A, 5B & 5C - System Science Is Fraud And The Timeline Of Chaos
All links provided below in the video section.

More videos coming shortly:


Link To Find A List Of All
Articles, Debates, Discussions, Videos & Podcasts
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Macquarie Bank
To learn what happened with Macquarie Bank from 2005 onwards go here:

The Cristian Family
To explore what happened since March 2005 to change our lives and fill us with so many inspiring insights
can be found by scrolling down through this webpage:
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Extensive Research Library
Over 11,000 individual articles, research documents, podcasts, videos, discussions/debates, etc,
are contained within the Extensive Research Library:
Well over 100 million browsers have visited the website since December 2006.

Examples Of Many:

Astronomy - Geocentricity - Heliocentricity - Does The Earth Go Around The Sun Or Does The Sun Go Around The Earth?

Dinosaurs - Are They Still Amongst Us? Evidence Says They Are
Dinosaurs: Science Or Science Fiction by David Wozney
Dinosaur DECEPTION! Dinosaurs Never Existed! Dinosaur Fossils Are A Hoax

Raw Food - Living Food - Vegetarian Websites - Recipes - Lots Of Information On Why A Living Food Diet
This link provides embedded videos created by Gary Yourofsky
and a documentary "A Delicate Balance - The Truth" created by Aaron Schiebner.
He is the grandson of Dr Vera Scheibner, a very well-known anti-vaccine campaigner.


We also post lots of information including Love For Life debates/discussions on Facebook.
As examples of many, links to some of these debates/discussions, like Julian Assange, are provided in this email/post.
Links to Arthur's Facebook wall and other Love For Life group pages are also provided below.


Song - Save Our Lives - Rough Demo - With Lyrics
Written By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
August 2007 - 5 Minutes 38 Seconds

Song - Celebrate Death To The Living - Rough Demo - With Lyrics
Written By Hannah Wood & Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
July 2012 - 6 Minutes 30 Seconds

More professionally made Love For Life videos & songs will be posted in the coming months.
We've been on a massive learning curve in almost all areas of the Love For Life work we do.
We basically started as amateurs/novices.


Turning Away From The Reflection
Of MANS Looking Glass

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013

Frank O'Collins And His Ucadia
Worships "The System"
That Is The Beast And Is Hell

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013

A Spell Master At Work
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
21st April 2013

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Incarceration of Dean Clifford
Email Sent To Wayne Swan
Govern(men)t Of Canada
Just(us) Department
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
9th February 2013

Difference Between Limited Liability/Responsibility
And Full Liability/Responsibility

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Facebook - 13th July 2012

Alloidal Rights/Natural Rights Is "Intellectual Property"
The Basis Of "Ownership"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Facebook - 19th July 2012

The Deception Of Alphabet Languages
Causing MANS Spiritual Suicide
The True Purpose Behind The Invention
Of Phonetics & Etymology

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 20th July 2012

The Dual In Duality
Trapped In The Reflection Of 'i" Projection

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 3rd August 2012

We Are Saying That "Going Within" Or "Going Without"
Is Non-Sense, Is "Intellectual Property",
Is Part Of The "System Science" "Spells"

A Facebook Discussion & Debate
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 8th to 11th August 2012

Yellow Never Told Us It Was Yellow
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
12th September 2012

The Non-Sense Obstacles
Of The "Sustainability Movement"
How The "Haves" (Rulers)
Still Want The "Have Nots" (Slaves)

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Facebook - 5th May to 2nd June 2011

Vortex Of Deactivation And Inactivity
Possible Facebook Espionage
Or Almost Undetectable Hacking

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
24th August 2012

Julian Assange - Wikileaks
Another Of The Many "Good Guys" Coming Out
Of The Freemasonic/Satanic Production Line
With The Intention To Lead The Duped Sheeple
Into Entering The New World Order

A Facebook Discussion
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
Starting 27th August 2012

Example: A4 page/Fax Sent To Gatton Court House Qld
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
15th December 2012


Links to "The Steps Of Kindom"

Link to "The Steps Of Kindom Background"


OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
27th February 2013 onwards.....
Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four: coming
Part Five: coming

"From Bare Dirt To Abundance"
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

Love For Life Kindom Garden Bowral
Created By 18 Year Old Aidan

5th December 2012
4 Minutes 27 Seconds

Ben Lowrey Interviews Arthur Cristian
Love For Life - 8th February 2012

95 Minutes 28 Seconds

The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman
Identifying Your Slave Status In "The System"

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
5th February 2012 - 56 Minutes 25 Seconds

The Dream Of Life Part 6 - Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property
Arthur Cristian - 51 Minutes 52 Seconds

Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 8th February 2013
Part One: - 70 Minutes 5 Seconds

Part Two: - 81 Minutes 13 Seconds

Part Three : - 70 Minutes 18 Seconds
Part Four: coming

The Dream Of Life - Part 5A - System Science Is Fraud And The Timeline Of Chaos
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 57 Minutes 35 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part 5B - System Science Is Fraud And The Timeline Of Chaos
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 67 Minutes 26 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part 5C - System Science Is Fraud And The Timeline Of Chaos
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 67 Minutes 25 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part 5D - Images Of Deception
The Intelligence Agents Amongst Us
"We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - 44 Minutes 53 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part One
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
62 Minutes 47 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part Two
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
83 Minutes 47 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part Three
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
91 Minutes 10 Seconds

The Dream Of Life - Part Four
Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
57 Minutes 30 Seconds

Key To Kindom - Co-Creation Of Do No Harm Communities
Causing A Mass Exodus From "The System"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - February 2011
24 Minutes 48 Seconds

Dream Of Life - Kindom Garden Update
4th February 2012 - Love For Life
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
17 Minutes 16 Seconds

Once Upon A Time by Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
Short Stories Recorded Mid 2009
8 Minutes 38 Seconds

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The Cristian Family November 2006

We Stand For NO SYSTEM

Kindom (Do No Harm Communities) is the dream for freedom, but it is the dream for the freedom of those around us who also live the dream of freedom, because it is in living for the freedom of others that we get our freedom. When we live for the dreams of Kindom of those around us, we live life as a gift because we live for (dedicate our lives to) their dream of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance, etc, just as they live for our Kindom dreams too. This is true co-creation (cooperation) with no attack on the uniqueness of each of us. When we live this way, we have no need for any man-made system - everything/everyone has already been taken care of by our love for life.

Just as we do not have to jump 10 feet across the room to grab our next breath, neither do we have to worry about food, water and shelter because it has all been taken care of as we each co-create Kindoms/Kin-Domains for everyone. Now everybody and everything of the dream of life that is Kindom/Paradise is free (has been set free once again). The issue is greed and selfishness, power and control trips, arrogance, ignorance, being fed many many lies and being traumatised. The issue is not overpopulation - there is more than enough land available for every family to have a hectare (2.5 acres Kin-Domain) to care for. The land of Australia can provide a Kin-Domain for every family across Earth, each with a food forest, clean fresh drinking water and plenty of space for building natural do no harm habitats and with plenty of land left over.

Everyone must have the freedom to take full-responsibility for their lives, for the water they drink, the food they eat and for their shelter. Currently, "The System" forces everyone to give up taking full-responsibility so that we become grown up children accustomed to sucking on the nipples of "The System" corporations for everything, having to use money to get by and to follow the rules of money because we are not co-creating freedom, peace, truth, joy and abundance for each other. Money only leads to haves and have nots and all the abuse, manipulation and distractions that we are subjected to as slaves to money.

When we give up living for other's Kindom dreams, we start creating hell ("The System") all around us because we become self-centred - now it's all about "my freedom","my money", "my land", "my belief", "my saviour", "mine", "mine","mine", "i","i", "i", "own", "own", "own", etc. To protect what we claim we own requires a man-made system with FORCE to protect those self-centred claims. This is ALL trauma based and all story-telling (brainwashing/braindirtying).

Our true freedom comes when we set our thoughts of freedom into motion so that we live freedom rather than just talking and thinking about it while we still slave for "The System". Kindom will not happen while we meditate for hours in the bush or do yoga retreats or wait for Jesus or follow the processes of the OPPT (One People's Public Trust now called One People). This is not freedom because we are not living freedom because we are living the story-telling of Jesus or Zeitgeist or The Secret or Thrive or One Earth/Consciousness/People.

Living Kindom is very, very hard work as we set about repairing the damage to MAN/Earth/Nature that we are ALL responsible for but the burden becomes lighter the more of us put our life-energy into the dream of returning Earth to Paradise. Day-after-day, we all have to work our arses off until Kindom is all around us (MAN) once again. This is the price we pay to set each other free on a piece of land (Kin-Domain), so that no one is under the image-power (education/brainwashing/story-telling) of another MAN anymore and so that everyone can have their space of love to create and live their unique, do no harm dreams. This only happens once we have the Kindoms set up so that everyone is provided for.

Once we re-create the food forests, whether on land or in the suburbs, we can re-claim our freedom, breaking the strangle-hold of "The System" because we are no longer reliant on its services and benefits and no longer turning each other into slaves of "The System", cogs in the wheels of "The System" machine. If we don't put the effort in to set everyone and everything free all around us then we still live in HELL ("The System"). The key is to live for everyone else's freedom so that we can have it too.

From Bare Dirt To Abundance
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

We live for NO SYSTEM. We do not lose anything by not having a man-made system and, in fact, we gain. We gain our freedom and we gain abundance. Let go of the fear.

The Cristian Family November 2006

A Collection Of Various Love For Life Posts
Providing The Big Picture We See

Sequential Order

The Dream Of Life Part 6
Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property

Arthur Cristian - 51 Minutes 52 Seconds
The Dream Of Life Part 6 - Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property - Arthur Cristian

The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast
The Strawman Identifying
Your Slave Status In "The System"

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
5th February 2012 - 56 Minutes 25 Seconds
The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman Identifying Your Slave Status In "The System"

The Nefarious Tactics Used
To Disguise Truth And Distract Us
From Remedy

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
24th January 2014
This post contains many recent Facebook comments
and email replies which collectively provides a big picture
into exposing the deception behind IMAGE POWER.

The Pull Of E-Motion
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
8th February 2014

Superb Diamond Range Interviewing
Arthur & Fiona Cristian 4th February 2014

Trauma Induced Fantasy
July 2013 Interview With
Jeanice Barcelo And Arthur & Fiona Cristian

Processing Curses
A Lie Is A Curse
Liars Process Curses

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th February 2014

How The System Is Really Constructed
Bouncing Back Curses Upon Curse Makers
To Stop Harm Forevermore

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
27th February 2014

Slave To A Name
Parts One, Two, Three, Four,
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd to 6th March 2014

Educated Slaves
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
20th March 2014

The Only Path To Freedom
Beware The False Steps

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 2nd April 2014

Free-Dumb For All
Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 5th April 2014

Revoking The Ego
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 7th April 2014

How To Detect Intel Operatives Working
For The New World Order Agenda

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 10th April 2014

How The Psyop Program & Intel Networks
Are Messing With Your Head +

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - April 2014

How MAN Commits Spiritual Suicide
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 3rd April 2014

Crop Circles Are A Massive Hoax
Facebook Discussion On Simon Kawai's Wall
Involving Arthur & Fiona Cristian
31st August 2013

OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
27th February 2013 onwards...
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:

Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 8th February 2013
Part One: - 70 Minutes 5 Seconds
Part Two: - 81 Minutes 13 Seconds
Part Three: - 70 Minutes 18 Seconds

What Do You Believe On Origins?
Who Said There Was A Beginning?
Who's Truth Do You Accept?
Belief Is A Strange Idea.

Discussion Lyndell, Scott and Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Between March and April 2013
Posted 29th October 2013

So You Want The Good Bits Of "The System"
But Not The Bad Bits?

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 12th August 2013

Turning Away From The Reflection
Of MANS Looking Glass

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013


From Bare Dirt To Abundance
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Divine Spark
Facebook Discussion With Raymond Karczewski
Arthur & Fiona Cristian & Others
2nd October 2013

Capturing Another MANS Uniqueness
A Facebook Debate With
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
And Raymond Karczewski
Starting 13th May 2013

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

The Steps Of Kindom
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life 2006/2007

To explore these themes in greater detail go here where you can find links to all our Love For Life comments, articles, debates, discussions, videos, podcasts, etc:

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

Peaceful Transition Through Sacrifice And Service

We feel there is an essential peaceful do no harm transition required to get all of MAN back to standing on MANS feet without reliance upon another MAN for water, food, shelter. As it stands everyone in "The System" are highly dependent and reliant on the "group mind-set" that forms "The System" of slaves providing services and benefits for the emotionally addicted slaves to "The System" (and you can put us in the same basket too). The transition is to get MAN back to relying ONLY on nature without 3rd party interlopers, intermeddlers, interceders getting in the way. The transition is a team effort with the foresight for setting all of MAN free down-the-line so that MAN is no longer dependent on slaves and masters providing services, benefits, privileges and exclusivity while being bound to contracts, rituals, procedures, conditions, rules & regulations which compromises MAN severely.

This transition is all about shifting from limited liability/responsibility to full liability/responsibility. This full responsibility is all about caring for our health, nature all around us, clean uncorrupted (pure) water and food, partner/co-creator, children, shelter, animal-friends in partnership, etc. In "The System", we are already together destroying each other - we have to come together to create peace together so that we can all have peace. We cannot live peacefully when we are islands, not taking full responsibility for the lives of those around us until EVERYONE can take full responsibility for their life, which means that EVERYONE is healed of system trauma. In "The System", we all come together to make slaves of each other - now is the moment to come together to set each other free, to live for each other's freedom, peace, joy and abundance. Once we have set each other free, we are free.

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

"The Steps Of Kindom"


Once we fix these issues, we or our children or our descendants to come, can start focusing on the even bigger picture of getting back to where our ancestors were, as breatharyan's, before they fell into non-sense images to be enslaved by them.

All the best to you and your family
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

The Cristian Family November 2006

The Cristian Family Declaration

The Cristian family and The Love for Life Campaign are apolitical, non-religious, non-violent, anti weapons, anti drugs (both pharmaceutical and recreational) and anti any ideology that denies the existence of Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) and suppresses the uniqueness and freedom of all men, women and children.

The Cristian family and our Love For Life work is unaligned to any big business corporation, intelligence agency, government body, "system" law, "system" think tanks, "system" green or environmental movements, religion, cult, sect, society (fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, order, club, etc,) secret or not, hidden agenda, law or sovereignty group, occult, esoteric, New Age or Old Age.

The Cristian family supports and promotes the remedy that brings an everlasting peace, freedom, truth, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life without causing loss of uniqueness or the need for having slaves and rulers. We are not into following the one in front or being shepherds for sheeple. Most importantly, we take full-responsibility for everything we think, feel and do.

The Cristian family are not Christians.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

December 2006

The Cristian Family November 2006


Being of clear brain, heart and intention, we each declare the following to be true:

• We have no intention of ending our own lives.

• We will not tolerate suppression of truth, ideas, freedom, or our work. We stand for freedom of speech.

• We stand together to support others in the expression of truths and freedom to speak out no matter how radical those ideas may seem.

• Standing for freedom takes courage; together we shall be strong in the face of all odds.

• If it is ever claimed that we have committed suicide, encountered an unfortunate accident, died of sickness/disease, disappeared, been institutionalized, or sold out financially or in any other way to self-interested factions, we declare those claims false and fabricated.

• We testify, assert and affirm without reservation, on behalf of all those who have dedicated their lives to the ending of secrecy and the promotion of freedom of thought, ideas and expression that we shall prevail.

• We Do Not Have Multiple Personality Disorders

Arthur Cristian
Fiona Cristian
Jasmin Lily Cristian
Emma Rose Cristian
Frances Hannah Cristian
Xanthe Jane Cristian

15th December 2006 (Edited/Updated 18th September 2011)

The Cristian Family November 2006

Update Regarding The Love For Life
Home Page And Quick User Guide

We are turning the Love for Life Quick User Guide into a blog of all the main insights of our work since March 2005, whether through articles, videos, podcasts or discussions/debates.

As we do not have the time to compile everything we have written into a book, as many have suggested we do, compiling all our most important work into one area of the website is a way of providing easy access to this work so those interested are able to fully comprehend the big picture.

Instead of having to find our different articles, videos, etc, in various parts of the website, it will all be accessible here: and here:

Love For Life Videos

As amateurs and posted in the Quick User Guide below the Facebook links, we're currently creating and posting a series of videos called "The Dream Of Life" which covers the ground of all the Love For Life insights. We plan to have the videos completed by December 31st 2012. Once this is behind us, our intention is to create a 2 hour or so video covering the body of this work. All videos are embedded in the quick user guide and uploaded in Arthur's YouTube channel:

Love For Life Music

We have started recording songs, with others, that express the themes of Love For Life. They are now being posted on Arthur's YouTube channel: and are embedded in the quick user guide We have over 100 songs to record. A few rough demos have already been used as the soundtrack on the first "Dream of Life" video.

About Us - Love For Life & The Cristian Family

Also, everything we, the Cristian family, have gone through, from bank fraud and the theft of the family home to death threats and attempts on Arthur's life, is documented in the Quick User Guide too. If you, the reader, are prepared to put the effort in, you will comprehend the extent to which we have all been tricked into becoming slaves, giving up our uniqueness and our full-responsibility for life and destroying everything of life to the point where life is in danger of dying out completely. You will also comprehend the remedy to all this chaos; a remedy that requires only love for life and the determination to do what needs to be done. Though our focus is very strongly on the remedy that creates a world of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance and Do No Harm for all of life without loss of uniqueness or the need for slaves and rulers, we realise that it is vital to comprehend how to get there and what stops us from getting there. This is why there is so much information on the hows and whys of everything going wrong in the world today. We are not into peddling conspiracy theories, we are into routing out all forms of organised crime.

Saturday 26th November 2011

Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

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1. For The Body Of The Love For Life Work by Arthur and Fiona Cristian

Which Unravels The Reasons For The Chaos, Mayhem and Confusion Being Experienced In The World Today, Explains The Need For "Community Immunity" and Responsibility, and Focuses On The Creation Of Kindoms - Do No Harm, Life-Sustainable Communities (As The Remedy That Heals All Mans Woes) - And How We Can Co-Create Them. For Comments, Articles And Discussions, Go Here: - Also Go Here To See Podcasts And Videos Posted by Arthur & Fiona Cristian: - The Information Shared Comes From Inspiration, Intuition, Heartfelt-Logic And Information Gathered From Nature And Many Amazing Men And Women Along The Way. It Is Not Found In Any Books Or Channellings, Or Talked About By "Experts". Go Here To Read A Brief Synopsis Of Why We Started Love For Life:

2. For Information About The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series

go here: and for more on Eco Homes, Villages, Organic and Permaculture Gardening and Life-Sustainability, etc, go here: and here: and Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin - Kin's School - Lycee School at Tekos:

3. For How To Eat A Raw, Living Food Diet,

go here: - LIFE is information. When we distort LIFE and then eat, drink, absorb, think, feel, hear, see, touch, taste, smell and perform these distortions, the information of LIFE, your LIFE, our LIFE, our children's lives, everyone's LIFE, is distorted.

4. To Find A Menu For The Extensive Research Library (over 8,000 items posted embodying over 11,000 documents, pdf's, videos, podcasts, etc)

Which Covers Topics From Health to Chemtrails/Haarp to Brain Control to Archaeology to Astronomy Geocentricity Heliocentricity to Pandemics Bird Flu Swine Flu to Fluoride to Cancer to Free Energy to Global Warming, 9/11, Bali Bombings, Aspartame, MSG, Vaccinations, Aids/HIV, Mercury, New World Order, Satanism, Religions, Cults, Sects, Symbolism, etc, etc, go here:

5. If You Would Like To Read About The Cristian Family NSW Supreme Court Case

(Macquarie Bank/Perpetual Limited Bank Fraud Condoned By Judges, Registrars, Barristers, Lawyers, Politicians, Public Servants, Bureaucrats, Big Business and Media Representatives - A Crime Syndicate/Terrorist Organisation) Which Prompted The Creation Of This Love For Life Website December 2006, And The Shooting And Torture Of Supporters Who Assisted Us In Reclaiming The Family Home, Joe Bryant And His Wife, Both In Their Late 70's, go here: And Read Some Of Our Email Correspondence With Lawyer Paul Kean - Macedone Christie Willis Solari Partners - Miranda Sydney May 17th-June 27th 2006:

6. For The Stories Of Other Victims Of The System,

go here: (If you have a story you would like us to put up, we would love to here from you:
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7. For Documentation Of Harm Done By The Powers-That-Be And Their Representatives,

Evidence Revealing How Victims Did Not Break The Peace, Caused No Crime or Harm, There Were No Injured Parties. Documenting Incontrovertible Evidence Demonstrating How The Powers That Be (PTB) And Their Lackeys Will Break All The Laws They Are Supposed To Uphold. They Will Kidnap, Intimidate, Terrorise, Rape, Pillage, Plunder And Lie And Take Responsibility For None Of It. All Part Of Their Tactics Of Using Fear And Trauma To Keep Us In Our Place. Relatives Of Those Under Their Radar Are Also Not Safe From Attack And Intimidation. All Starting From A $25 Fine For Not Voting And A $65 Fine For Not Changing A Dog Registration. We Do Not Have Freedom And Can Only Appear To Have Freedom If We Comply. Regardless How Small The Matter The PTB Throw Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Away To Enforce Their Will.... Go Here:
Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office - Part One to Part Ten - From 17th October 2008 And Still Continuing: or
Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office
Part One: - From 17th October 2008
Part Two: - From 18th December 2008
Part Three: - From 9th January 2009
Part Four: - From 14th January 2009
Part Five: - The Sick Puppy - From 20th February 2009
Part Six: - Police Officers, Sheriff’s Officers, Tow Truck Driver and State Debt Recovery Office Blatantly Ignore the Law To Rape, Pillage and Plunder The Private Property Of Fiona Cristian - From 11th March 2009
Part Seven: - Affidavit Of Truth - Letter To The Queen + Australia: Fascism is Corporatism - From 30th March 2009
Part Eight: - The Pirates Auction And The Ghost Of VSL386 - From 4th April 2009
Part Nine: - Arthur Cristian's Letter To Pru Goward MP - From 15th December 2009
Part Ten: - Should We Be In Fear Of Those Who Claim To Protect Us? "Roman Cult" Canon Law - Ecclesiastical Deed Poll - The Work Of Frank O'Collins - From 13th October 2010

8. If You Are Interested In Information On Freedom From Statutes, Rule-Of-Law, Free Man/Free Woman, Strawman, "Person" and Admiralty Law (The Law Of Commerce),

go here: - For Common Law, Democracy, Constitution, Trial By Jury, Fee Simple, etc, go here:

9. If You Are Interested In Banking and Money Created (Fiat/Credit/Debt/Mortgage/Loan/Overdraft etc) Out-Of-Thin-Air, How Banks Counterfeit Money,

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10. For A List Of All The Latest Posts In The Love For Life Website,

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11. For Links To Many Hundreds Of Videos, DVDs And Podcasts

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12. To See The Cristian Family Pledge, Legal and other Disclaimers

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13. To Read About How A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies Had Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website

go here: Part One: Part Two: THE STEVE JOHNSON REPORT AND VIDEO: and Part Three: Latest Update On James Von Brunn:

Conscious Love Always
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
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Arthur Cristian

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Love For Life does not support harm doing in any shape or form. However, we are supporters of free speech and post articles, documentaries, etc, that represent a wide cross section of ideas. See the Love For Life extensive research library where over 11,000 individual documents, articles, videos, podcasts and debates/discussions are posted: We clearly see the evidence of the destruction to MAN and Earth that has been caused by ALL religions over the centuries and are therefore not supporters of religions, cults, sects or any group that demands conformity of thought, speech or action, or has rules, regulations or rituals that must be followed. Religions, nationalities and cultural "identities" are formed as a result of the brainwashing we receive from childhood. They are part of the tactics the Establishment uses to keep us all divided from one another and fighting one another.

All religions promote discrimination and division, leading to hatred and even violence and murder. None of them have yet to produce a remedy to all the suffering, poverty, unhappiness and discrimination in the world. If any religion truly had the remedy to all the suffering on earth, there would no longer be any suffering. What have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, atheism and the New Age done to end the suffering in the world?

The Love For Life website has information from all sides on many subjects, whether about Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Law, health, psychology, mind control, vaccination, aspartame, MSG, Chemtrails etc. There are over 11,000 individual articles, documentaries, etc on the website and they are so diverse that we are sure that everyone would be able to find something they loved and something they hated, if they took the time to search. If we removed all the articles hated by everyone, there would probably be nothing left! We are not anti anyone but freedom of speech is freedom of speech and no one should condemn the work of another without taking the time to research the subject themselves. Yes, there are articles by those who have a less-than-rosy-viewpoint of Judaism, but there are also articles on the dark side of Tibetan Buddhism (and it is very dark) for those who are interested in the truth: Tibet - Buddhism - Dalai Lama: Should the authors of these articles be abused and imprisoned for daring to challenge the widely conceived reputation of Buddhism as being the religion of peace and love and that of the Dalai Lama as a saint, or should those interested be allowed to study the work and come to their own conclusions? The same applies to all the articles, documentaries, etc, about Christianity, Islam, Freemasonry, New World Order, etc.

The Love for Life website also shows how the Rule of Law, the Bar, the Government, the Monarchy, the system of commerce, the local, national and multi/trans-national private corporations, all the courses and careers on offer from our universities, all the educators, scientists, academics and experts, the aristocrats and the Establishment bloodlines have also done NOTHING to end the suffering in the world. The website maps the insanity of a world where there is no help for those in need, just as there was no help available for us when we were victims of terrible bank fraud: orchestrated, condoned and protected by an international crime syndicate/terrorist organisation of judges, barristers, registrars, lawyers, politicians, banksters, big business representatives, media moguls and other lackeys who, all together, put up a wall of silence despite our trying many, many avenues. After the family home was stolen and business destroyed we were left close to poverty and destitution caring for 4 young daughters. Three years later not much has changed regardless of all our efforts. Where were all the followers of all the religions to help us? Or do we have to be members of those religions to receive help from others involved in them?

We have been accused of being anti - Jewish because we had posted an excerpt from James von Brun's book: Kill the Best Gentiles! in which he blames Jews for the problems of the world. Obviously this is not our view because of what we have stated above. We do not hate anyone, whatever religion they follow. We are always open to talk to any religious leader or politician and meet with any judge, member of the Bar, experts, academics, educators etc to share the remedy we offer that heals all the divisions between MAN and MAN, and MAN and EARTH.

Today, a representative of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies is threatening to close the website down, because they have decided it is anti - Jewish and that we promote racism. What has the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies done to end the suffering in the world? Can they show that they are concerned with the suffering of ALL men, women and children AND ARE SEEN TO BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT or are they only concerned with Jewish affairs? If so, they, along with all the other religions that only care for their own, are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The man who rang Arthur today was only concerned with Jewish affairs; he was not interested in our intentions or in anybody else, just as most Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, etc, are only interested in their own. While we separate our lives into groups, dividing our lives from others with rules, regulations, rituals, procedures, conditions and contracts, we will never solve our problems.

No matter what we in the Western World Civilisation of Commerce have been promised by our politicians, religious leaders, scientists, educators, philosophers, etc, for the past two hundred years, all we have seen is ever-increasing destruction of men, women and children and Earth. None of the so-called experts and leaders we have been taught to rely on are coming up with a solution and none of them are taking full-responsibility for the fact that they can't handle the problem. All religious books talk about end times full of destruction and suffering but why do we have to follow this program when there is an alternative to hatred, mayhem and death? Why are our leaders following the program of destruction and death rather than exploring the do no harm alternatives? It seems that any mainstream politician, priest or academic are only interested in supporting the RULES OF THE DIVIDE, that maintain the haves and the have nots. For 200+ years, 99% of the world population have been so trained to pass on their responsibility for their lives, others and Earth, that the 1% of the population that make up the leaders of the rest of us are making all the decisions leading to the destruction of all of us and Earth. Let's not forget the education system that brainwashes the 99% of the population that we are free and have equal rights while, in fact, we are feathering the nests of those at the top.

At the root of all our problems is self-centredness, an unwillingness nurtured by the Establishment that keeps us concerned only with our own needs rather than the needs of others around us and Earth. Instead of creating and releasing acts of love for those around us as gifts to benefit them and Earth, we take, take and take, until there is nothing left. The whole point of the Love for Life website is to show people the root of all our problems and to share the remedy. The extensive research library is there to attract browsers and to provide access to information not available through mainstream channels. If the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies can, after careful examination of our work, prove that anything we are saying is wrong, we will be happy to accept their proof. If they cannot, and they are still insistent on closing the website down, they will be showing themselves to be traitors to MAN because they are not interested in pursuing any avenue that can end the suffering in the world.

All religions, corporations and organisations that support and maintain the Western World Civilisation of Commerce are part of the problem because our civilisation is a world of haves and have nots, exclusivity, privilege, racism, violence, hatred, poverty, sickness, discrimination, abuse, starvation, homelessness, corruption, collusion, vindictiveness, social unrest, arrogance, ignorance, fear, war and chaos. While we support civilisation, we support death and destruction.

If we truly want peace and freedom for all, we have to let go of all that which keeps us divided, and come together as MAN, conscious living co-creators of creation/life. The Love For Life website offers a remedy to the problems we all face in the form of DO NO HARM COMMUNITIES (KINDOMS): - For more details see here: and here: - We also highly recommend that everyone read the brilliant Russian books called The Ringing Cedars: - The Love For Life homepage/front-page also provides lots of inspiring remedy based information: - If you want to be kept up to date with our work please register to the Love For Life mailing list here: We usually send two postings per month. Presently (September 2011) there are over 7000 registrations reaching over 500,000 readers across Earth. The website now (September 2011) receives up to 12 million hits per month. Since December 2006, over 100 million people have visited the Love For Life website.

Conscious Love Always
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