How Jewish Is Hollywood? by Joel Stein Los Angeles Times 19th December 2008

How Jewish Is Hollywood?
By Joel Stein
Los Angeles Times -
19th December 2008

A poll finds more Americans disagree with the statement that 'Jews control Hollywood.' But here's one Jew who doesn't.

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.

The person they were yelling at in that ad was SAG President Alan Rosenberg (take a guess). The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel (Jew with Israeli parents) on the Huffington Post, which is owned by Arianna Huffington (not Jewish and has never worked in Hollywood.)

The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you'd be flipping between "The 700 Club" and "Davey and Goliath" on TV all day.

So I've taken it upon myself to re-convince America that Jews run Hollywood by launching a public relations campaign, because that's what we do best. I'm weighing several slogans, including: "Hollywood: More Jewish than ever!"; "Hollywood: From the people who brought you the Bible"; and "Hollywood: If you enjoy TV and movies, then you probably like Jews after all."

I called ADL Chairman Abe Foxman, who was in Santiago, Chile, where, he told me to my dismay, he was not hunting Nazis. He dismissed my whole proposition, saying that the number of people who think Jews run Hollywood is still too high. The ADL poll, he pointed out, showed that 59% of Americans think Hollywood execs "do not share the religious and moral values of most Americans," and 43% think the entertainment industry is waging an organized campaign to "weaken the influence of religious values in this country."

That's a sinister canard, Foxman said. "It means they think Jews

meet at Canter's Deli on Friday mornings to decide what's best for the Jews." Foxman's argument made me rethink: I have to eat at Canter's more often.

"That's a very dangerous phrase, 'Jews control Hollywood.' What is true is that there are a lot of Jews in Hollywood," he said. Instead of "control," Foxman would prefer people say that many executives in the industry "happen to be Jewish," as in "all eight major film studios are run by men who happen to be Jewish."

But Foxman said he is proud of the accomplishments of American Jews. "I think Jews are disproportionately represented in the creative industry. They're disproportionate as lawyers and probably medicine here as well," he said. He argues that this does not mean that Jews make pro-Jewish movies any more than they do pro-Jewish surgery. Though other countries, I've noticed, aren't so big on circumcision.

I appreciate Foxman's concerns. And maybe my life spent in a New Jersey-New York/Bay Area-L.A. pro-Semitic cocoon has left me naive. But I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.

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1. To further prove my point. "As a Jew living on London, while no-one would know I am Jewish unless I told them, I do hesitate sharing my religious beliefs with anyone but close friends. I was raised in the States, and while there is hate everywhere - I never felt the fear of revealing my religion before as I do now in London. - London Jew, London, UK, 01/2/2007 17:3 "
Submitted by: nobodysfool
4:19 AM PST, Dec 20, 2008

2. DON'T BLAME/FEAR JEWS. It is the zionist we need to fear/curtail. Global elitism is rampant. Lets hope this movement in Greece increases in scope and consumes all evil!
Submitted by: gErm
4:04 AM PST, Dec 20, 2008

3. When the K word can be used on Nikki Finke ‘s website, then I guess we get this sick sense of humor . When headstones are turned over. Synagogues burned in the 21 century. I Am, would say enough of the exposure. When babies parents are killed in a Chabad. David wouldn't find this funny. The dead don't have a sense of humor and this article will only spur the haters onward until they once again try to dispose of the ten million. Movies are movies, they don’t reflect reality or those who appear, finance, or distribute them. What difference does it make who made them? God made all of us. Shalom
Submitted by: nobodysfool
3:49 AM PST, Dec 20, 2008

4. And what if every goyim on the planet decided that they will no longer watch anymore hollywood movies buy anymore hollywood produced DVDs and decided not to watch the news. could this possibly happen? Just like that. You see you can also be the air that they breath
Submitted by: reaper
3:45 AM PST, December 20, 2008

5. When country singer Dolly Parton told Vogue magazine a couple of months ago that her idea for a TV series about a country singer who becomes a gospel singer was turned down by Hollywood, she said that "everyone's afraid to touch anything that religious because most of the people out here are Jewish, and it's a frightening thing for them to promote Christianity." Truer words were never spoken.
Submitted by: Michael Santomauro
2:34 AM PST, December 20, 2008

6. I am so sick of the Jews playing the victim card. By controling Hollywood and the media, they control what people see and what conclusions people come up based on the partial info they are given.Every year we get 5 holocaust films to keep the guilt trip fresh in everyone's mind, so we can justify what the zionist regime is doing to the Palestinians on a daily basis. The arabs are always painted as terrosists that do bodily harm; I say the Jews are financial and moral terrorists. Robbing this country blind of its wealth and morals. Just look at this financial mess we're in: Greenspan, Bernanke, Fuld, Sandler, Madoff,... and the list goes on.
Submitted by: John
1:31 AM PST, December 20, 2008

7. I wish Jews did make pro-Jewish movies. In reality, they make pro-Satan movies.
Submitted by: Briard
1:28 AM PST, December 20, 2008

8. Jews may disagree among themselves about many things but they do have something in common: the Talmud. They mock and laugh and insult Christianity in their movies, jokes, sitcoms, etc., and yet if you criticize them you are called antisemite which includes Arabs, too. Why don't they call it AntiJewish instead?
Submitted by: clavel21
1:19 AM PST, December 20, 2008

9. The Elders of Zion is a forgery...sure it is.
Submitted by: beijingyank
1:12 AM PST, December 20, 2008

10. They also control the POTUS.
Submitted by: smc341
1:09 AM PST, December 20, 2008

11. don't they run the banks and the gov't also?
Submitted by: smc341
1:06 AM PST, December 20, 2008

12. Mazel tov, Joel. I think you've proved that your "cocoon" is not as free of bigotry as you may have imagined. The blatant rancor of many postings astounded me. And based on the number of people here who feel that films and television are not worth watching, I can't help but wonder who exactly it is that turns on the TV or sits in the cinemas.
Submitted by: David
1:02 AM PST, December 20, 2008

13. I think Hollywood is very pro Jewish concerns. There aren't many big blockbuster films about the plight of Palestinians for instance. A film about Israel's real beginnings would be an eye opener as well.
Submitted by: shaun
12:53 AM PST, December 20, 2008

14. Jews as Jews have all the rights to own whatever they want to own anywhere and everywhere they aspire and work hard to get what they want EXCEPT in Palestine and PROVIDED they get it LEGALLY and FAIRLY! This of course, discounts the Zionists, the Likudists, the nepotists and those who have dual nationalities but one loyalty, LOYALTY to Israel!
Submitted by: syed salamah ali mahdi
12:51 AM PST, December 20, 2008

15. Wow. Joel. That was so funny...about as funny as a Palestians home getting bulldozed on the Sabbath. Hey, like the earlier comment Jews have been running Hollywod and making great movies like Harold and Kumar and Don't mess with the Zohan while WASPS like Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and Scooter Libby have been running the country. Maybe jews should run the government too. Jews are good peeps, from a proud Latino
Submitted by: Rabbi Wiener
12:41 AM PST, December 20, 2008

16. Well, Joel, maybe having spent your life in Jewish and Judeophillic blue-state enclaves (blueish 'cause they're Jewish?), you are surprised by the cretinous antisemitism found in the responses to your column. Sad to say, but those responses are indicative of a larger swath of America than you probably realize.
Submitted by: Eric in Santa Monica
12:34 AM PST, December 20, 2008

17. Someone should write a book about how Hollywood's great Jewish directors, studio execs and writers represent the American dream.
Submitted by: Jaz
12:33 AM PST, December 20, 2008

18. Ahhh no wonder we get such negative portrayal of the Church, Muslims, blacks and Latinoes in film thats because, you wont let creative ideas in your little fraternity, the hell with Hollywood, it's time to wake up, Hollywood produces garbage with the same one sided plots.
Submitted by: Rob
12:30 AM PST, December 20, 2008

19. Chernin is not Jewish. Next time get your facts straight before you post such an aggressive article. Who knows what other lies you've included to support you claims.
Submitted by: dosomeresearch
12:28 AM PST, December 20, 2008

20. So is this the reason why The Passion of Christ was deemed anti semitic and too violent? So those men "who happened to be Jews" feel that 300, Rambo, Kill Bill, or any other gory and violent film are suitable and ok for America? Thinking about it, Easter for example is a christian holiday but all the networks show is the Ten Commandments and not movies about Jesus.
Submitted by: gentile naTE
12:11 AM PST, December 20, 2008

21. It is a shame that there is little ethnic diversity at the top of the food chain which may lead others to think there is a "Jew-only-club" for Hollywood Elites. I think that if Hollywood wants to thrive in the 21st Century, in the Global Economy, they will have to diversify the racial make-up of the leadership. If anything, the article is refreshing and honest, because Jews are always afraid of backlash for their success - and they have just cause, but the truth is the truth - hiding it is pointless these days with instant communication.
Submitted by: Unsuccessful Jew
11:35 PM PST, December 19, 2008

22. Looking at such websites as Jewwatch might help you understand the "belly of the beast" which is where, whether your article will resonate most, whether you want it or not. Maybe watching Marc Levin's recent film called "Protocols of Zion" would help you in that task: In my view, to be blunt, there is a level of irresponsibility in the general tone of your L.A.Times article. You are not writing a college column anymore and the impact and weight of your "inquiries"(or humor as you would like it to be) might be beyond your present grasp.
Submitted by: My name is of no importance (part 3)
10:53 PM PST, December 19, 2008

23. Many years ago, when the farming crisis was going on, I remember one of the major TV channels running a poll asking whether the farming crisis had been created by the Jews... To me just to raise that possibility, that connection, was outrageous, and criminal. Similarly Oprah once interviewed on the air this young woman who, she did not know at the time, was delusional and "confessed" that yes indeed her parents had used blood for the matzah every Pessah! How to bring the Middle-Ages right into contemporary TV land in just a few seconds.
Submitted by: My name is of no importance (part 2)
10:50 PM PST, December 19, 2008

24. How to write as if history did not exist or another immature writer at work. In my view, yes your New Jersey background is VERY different than mine, growing up in France, a child of Holocaust survivors and yet it is that difference that needs to be acknowledged here to allow the bird's eye view of history, not just the "snapshot of Hollywood today". I have read too many Holocaust stories of Berlin Jews who could not believe that they, of all people, would be singled out and rounded up, not to try to see beyond that surface of so-called civility - and your "good humor".
Submitted by: My name is of no importance (part 1)
10:47 PM PST, December 19, 2008

25. When I moved to LA, everybody told me to change my last name to Cohen so I would could get a job in the movie industry. Sometimes I wonder if I should.
Submitted by: Not Jewish
10:40 PM PST, December 19, 2008

26. no, i'm not jewish. i am american indian or native american or indigenous to north america. i think jews have the gall (origin of that word?) to get out there and be foolish or to be silly or just to do what most of us are just to shy to do or to be. hence, they work well in entertainment. they are more american than apple pie and in fact i think they invented that idea. now if only the mexican americans would set the pace for all of us...they are cooler or according to some folks warmer!
Submitted by: notjewish
10:35 PM PST, December 19, 2008

27. Great column Joel, I am so glad to hear you are jewish or you might have been out of your job. Would you please write another column and question Holocaust. It might be interesting to watch if you still get to keep your job and/or get thrown in jail.
Submitted by: Dennis
10:23 PM PST, December 19, 2008

28. I love you
Submitted by: Maasanova
10:22 PM PST, December 19, 2008

29. For those who think that there are too many Jews in executive positions in Hollywood and the news media--although those commentators offered not a single piece of evidence that those positions were undeserved--I am sure that plenty of Hollywood/news execs would jump at the opportunity to trade places (with a big jump in compensation) with executives at Big Oil. Oil companies do their best to appease their Arab cronies by denying positions to Jews.
Submitted by: Marinaguy
10:14 PM PST, December 19, 2008

30. I guess this just about sums it up!
Submitted by: Joseph
10:14 PM PST, December 19, 2008

31. Careful, Joel-boy. You don't want to incite William Donahue and his cronies at the Catholic League, now do you? After all, he was the one who claimed that Hollywood is ran by "secular Jews."
Submitted by: Lawrence
10:09 PM PST, December 19, 2008

32. And your point is? The only one I can discern is if someone has less than a modicum of writing ability, they can opine for the Los Angeles Times without a care in the world as to relevancy or import. It's been a while since I read Los Angeles Times content, and now I'm reminded why. Thank you.
Submitted by: Another Jew
9:59 PM PST, December 19, 2008

33. We track Jewish control of the movie industry with all the Holocaust related movies (3 this week). I give them credit, although Germany has accepted what they did. Being Armenian and son of parents who survived the Armenian Genocide of 1915 by the Turkish government, and denied so far that it took place, I feel mournful that we do not have any clout in the movie studios to tell our story.
Submitted by: gregory ketabgian
9:53 PM PST, December 19, 2008

34. Thank you for the very interesting and eye opening article.
Submitted by: Billbatt
9:52 PM PST, December 19, 2008

35. Actually, I do like Jews. In the valley town where I spent a great deal of my life, I did not know what a Jew was. We had very few. Then, I went to a Dental School in San Francisco and found out. I found there were many there and they lived in certain areas. I like them. They were intelligent and had a good sense of humour. Next, I found that they helped each other. Other races certainly did not do much of that. Movies are great entertainment
Submitted by: Janet Downing
9:45 PM PST, December 19, 2008

36. Any time a single ethnic group controls an industry, it is inherently racist and whether they have a choice or not, they serve and forward the interests of their own kind (i.e. endless anti-Nazi movies, dumb Jewish comedies that would not otherwise get financed in a trillion years, and endless sequels/book adaptions/tentpole blockbusters whose sole point is to make the CEO's/dominant industry owners the most money possible. The only solution for this is to financially support/enlist/fraternize a true diversity of ownership/means of production/American movie art.
Submitted by: Tom
9:42 PM PST, December 19, 2008

37. The Jews have deep and abiding faith in the value of learning ("Hebrew" -- "Children of the Book," remember?) But with all of their accomplishments, they rank flat out last when it comes to the number of tattoos or body-piercing dingles on their bodies. They have a lot of catching up to do! I shall pray for them because their Jewish god might reward me... and I am not too sure about mine.
Submitted by: Lorenzo Q. Squarf
9:17 PM PST, December 19, 2008

38. Well, I'm part Jewish myself in the sense my grandmother is Jewish. The value of what is being produced by Hollywood today is very low I think, as is the value of dollars being produced by the Fed (Greenspan, Bernanke, Kohn, Warsh, Krozner, Mishkin). Modern stuff is funny but it's also shocking. "Charlie's ex-girlfriend gets a sex change into a man and then inadvertantly sleeps with Charlie's sixty year old mother." That episode makes you laugh sure, it made me laugh, but there has to be a breaking point where people begin to just sort of wince at it.
Submitted by: Winter
9:12 PM PST, December 19, 2008

39. Scratch the surface and find the anti-Semitism. It doesn't take much, does it? Jeff (7:45 p.m.), if Jews have low moral values (which you call "gentile" values -- which come from the Bible and are therefore originally Jewish), why is that prisons are full of Christian prisoners, with fewer Jews than their representation in the general population? Sorry, but I'll take the moral values of Jews over Christians any day. Quiet ethical monotheism always trumps pious, smug, self-satisfied religiosity. But the anti-Jewish views and conspiracy theories continue to abound (see Pan, 7:14 p.m.), facts be damned. What a world.
Submitted by: Bill
9:09 PM PST, December 19, 2008

40. What does it matter! If we would just see each as a person and not a nationality. As a friend told me once, "I only want to talk to a person." The division within this world is in total paranoia. As long as man has been on this earth, he feels threaten by the other person. A house divided will not stand. If we would be more tolerate toward each other, we could do great things.
Submitted by: daniel Meng
9:07 PM PST, December 19, 2008

41. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for your honest reporting on Hollywood's religous status or is it ethnicity? Do you guys take converts, I could use the dough.
Submitted by: Alf
8:52 PM PST, December 19, 2008

42. Of course hollywood is all Jews. So is the Federal Reserve Board but we are not allowed to mention it. Jew is an antisemitic slur that good people never say unless the Jews themselves choose to say it.
Submitted by: Whitey
8:33 PM PST, December 19, 2008

43. dear pan and joe as a jew i am willing to kick in some of my ill gotten gain for your ticket. please send a post card and joe we are smart enough to play to level of our audience....people like you perhaps. could you please post a list of the damage i have done to the country...i want to show it to my friends and family to make sure we are on track thanks steve
Submitted by: steven silver
8:17 PM PST, December 19, 2008

44. I brought up the point that Jews control Hollywood in one of my film classes. Boy did I get a lot of flack for that. It's something that any aspiring film maker needs to know and accept and those that don't are kidding themselves. I didn't mean it in a derogatory or prejudicial way... it's just the plain and simple truth.
Submitted by: Patrick
7:59 PM PST, December 19, 2008

45. With the state of Hollywood today, you're actually PROUD to proclaim to be from the same tribe? That would be like me bragging that my people, the Mexicans, are at the forefront of immigration reform! That would be like the Texans bragging about their ability to lead this country! That would be like the African Americans bragging about how much they have progressed the art of Hip Hop!
Submitted by: JC in AZ
7:57 PM PST, December 19, 2008

46. Joel, unless you are a Jew in Hollywood you don't even get a meeting. Even than, the studios discriminate against their own. I have had first hand experience in NOT getting a deal because (i was blatantly told) I was not Jewish enough.
Submitted by: Jeff Wagner
7:51 PM PST, December 19, 2008

47. Secular Jews are less beholden to the values of gentiles and are more likely to climb to the top in cut-throat, quick profit, or taboo industries. Not only is Hollywood dominated by secular Jews but so is gambling, money lending, and pornography. Gentiles - even secular ones - by and large do not gravitate to run these industries because of a cultural "christian" value system instilled since childhod.
Submitted by: Jeff
7:45 PM PST, December 19, 2008

48. "Without us, you'd be flipping between "The 700 Club" and "Davey and Goliath" on TV all day." Instead we get such wonderful films as Borat, Knocked-up, Harold&Kumar. TV programs? I don't even bother to watch anymore it is so filled with smut, violence, and terrible humor. I'm afraid medicre accomplishment (at best) by Jewish in this field have hurt our country in many ways. I believe Americans are awaking up.....the end result may not be pretty.
Submitted by: Joe
7:42 PM PST, December 19, 2008

49. But I don't want to live in a country where the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the government is run by Jews.
Submitted by: Pan
7:14 PM PST, December 19, 2008

50. I assume these Jewish people are Americans. If so, why was the question asked in the first place?
Submitted by: ashlea
7:00 PM PST, December 19, 2008

51. Joel, Great stuff! I'm a still photographer now but if I ever switch to film I'll change my name to 'Berke'. Happy holidays. Ed Burke
Submitted by: Ed Burke
7:00 PM PST, December 19, 2008

52. Then I guess y'all won't mind when I just borrow and copy movie DVDs - I'm kinda Jewish - I'm super cheap and never pick up a tab.
Submitted by: jack thomas
6:56 PM PST, December 19, 2008

53. see the truth correctly,value the capabilities of those jews and their achievements to Hollywood!
Submitted by: fangshan
6:51 PM PST, December 19, 2008

54. Information and news run by than 8% of the population.
Submitted by: Wow
6:40 PM PST, December 19, 2008

55. Somewhat amused by the writer’s take on the subject, I expressed my take on it - Eric Southern. In response, ‘Michael’ took exception. Since ‘Michael’ is a liberal of the’ first water’ he objected to my opinion. Having done so, he proved my point: liberals are intolerant. My humble attempt to suggest that the media does not reflect a balanced view also offended him. Apparently ‘Michael’ and Mr Stein are reading off the same hymn sheet (excuse the non-pc cliché). Since liberals well know: you can fool most the people most of the time, ‘Michael’ must at least reassured by the election results – if nothing else.
Submitted by: Eric Southern
6:39 PM PST, December 19, 2008

56. Now THAT was funny! -Gentile Steve
Submitted by: Steve
6:38 PM PST, December 19, 2008

57. As the gentile father of a Jew I really love this column. SAY IT LOUD! I'M JEWISH AND PROUD! It's that education thing and respect for intelligence. We goyim are just jealous. Our standards as gentiles tend to run more to our genitals and the lowest common denominator of our spawn rather than setting a higher standard. You go get'em Jews! Hopefully the example will serve as inspiration rather than fodder for a campaign to hide our low standards.
Submitted by: Larry S.B.
6:37 PM PST, December 19, 2008

58. Hold on a minute, has the writer of this article seen 'television programming' lately? In a word; it SUCKS.
Submitted by: therockofages
6:36 PM PST, December 19, 2008

59. Not only is Hollywood Jewish... so is the Porn industry.
Submitted by: Richie
6:33 PM PST, December 19, 2008

60. Very humorous. Can the ADL just stop TALKING about whether Jews control Hollywood now?
Submitted by: Malby
6:23 PM PST, December 19, 2008

61. Perhaps this is why we see many more holocaust movies than movies about the oppression of Palestinians?
Submitted by: Tom
6:18 PM PST, December 19, 2008

62. What were you thinking writing this?All the racist nut jobs are going to come out from under their rocks now. You were "trying" to be funny. Didn't accomplish it. Jewish in BH
Submitted by: beverly hills
6:15 PM PST, December 19, 2008

63. It is very true what Marlon Brando said about Holliwood. Stupid movies made just for the money. As Karl Marx said, himself a jew, money is the main religion of the jews. If God gives this way, he takes back other way. We are ugly and stupid. Look at Dershowicz. How about Madoff?
Submitted by: Shmuck Goldstein
6:11 PM PST, December 19, 2008

64. everyone should just get over it - jew, non-jew, whatever. as long as negative stereotypes are not building; but to be elitist and hope 'that we [jews] get to keep running them.' doesn't help break those down. and i'm jewish.
Submitted by: mel
6:10 PM PST, December 19, 2008

65. Yes,the most powerfull weapon on earth is to control all communications and the money.Yes,we control hollywood,newspapers,news media,book publishers,education have the strongest lobbies that control all goy politians who might step out of line. You might as well face it there will be no andy or opie.We decide the culture not you. As sharon once said don't worry about the u.s we control the u.s. and the americans know it. I'm tired of hiding our power.We are your masters. Who is the federal reserve? its us morons,and we loan all countries money with interest with only the cost of ink and paper.No use in fighting us that time is long gone!
Submitted by: Paul Cohen
6:04 PM PST, December 19, 2008

66. As a Jew it's amusing... Claim the ugliness dude! But it is ugliness you are claiming because anyone who has lived in West LA (and grown up there as I did) knows that "Hollywood" is a truly disgusting social universe characterized by wealth and the absence of normal values. So we win! We RULE!!!! ...over a cesspool. Am I happy or sad? Mostly glad I moved off to Oregon and live in a crunchy granola neighborhood with lots of other refugees from LA. But too bad there aren't more Jews around here.... the kind that run stores instead of movie studios.
Submitted by: mikey
6:00 PM PST, December 19, 2008

67. Joel, Movies are mostly slime, an the morals on film are hardly those projected by Torah or nearly all Jews. If most studios are run by people who are some how 'Jewish" maybe they should spend more time in Torah study.
Submitted by: Pat Bell
5:52 PM PST, December 19, 2008

68. well i thought i would see my comment, but my friend told me i sounded racist
Submitted by: joey64
5:51 PM PST, December 19, 2008

69. We all know Jews run Hollywood and control the media. That's why we have heard anything about Israel. Jews are racist. They discriminates against everyone. So, while this article trying to lighten the fact and make it funny. To me, it is not funny at all.
Submitted by: John
5:51 PM PST, December 19, 2008

70. I don't agree with you Kasren. I live in a area where they own and or run just about everything and it is a mess. The crack that if they weren't running tv it would be nothing but 700 Club and David and Goliath is a lie. What programming they are putting on tv today stinks and plays to the lowest common denominator. To the person who thinks this article is hilarious of course you would.
Submitted by: hbl
5:48 PM PST, December 19, 2008

71. It does bother me that "they" may actually be running much of Hollywood. It's not bias as much as fear that when too many of them get together at Cantor's, we can get damaging results. Illustration in point: Berard Madoff and His Loyal Followers. Two months ago, Joel Stein would have been likely to write a column praising Madoff - "journalist" that Stein is.
Submitted by: Kip Dellinger
5:45 PM PST, December 19, 2008

72. Hang in there Joel! I understand that Foxman is now complaining about all the anti-semitism floating around the electrons after Bernie Made-off with a fortune. Notably, so much of what was lost at the hands of Madoff, were charitable funds that had been put aside for the less fortunate. Thanks to the tribe (many who have thrived as doctors, media players and lawyers) for its generous nature. Keep the type coming, Joel!
Submitted by: Warren O'Reilly
5:34 PM PST, December 19, 2008

73. There is no doubt in my mind that being Jewish is an advantage to anyone wanting to break into the entertainment industry in LA. There is a tribe mentality that puts Gentiles at a decided disadvantage. That isn't to say the a talented goyim will not be exploited...just not treated as an equal.
Submitted by: brisa
5:32 PM PST, December 19, 2008

74. There's a simple reason why so many top-level entertainment executives happen to be Jewish. Centuries ago, many Jews found work as traveling entertainers because they were prohibited by law from owning property and faced discrimination in most other fields. This tradition carried on as Jews played an important role in vaudeville, theater and, later, film. The same applies in the financial sector, since most Christians were prohibited from lending money at interest.
Submitted by: Ben
5:27 PM PST, December 19, 2008

75. If add a "berg" to the end of my last name, can I get a job at a studio?
Submitted by: El Dorado
5:23 PM PST, December 19, 2008

76. Jew Pride!
Submitted by: Alex Schwartz
5:21 PM PST, December 19, 2008

77. honestly the trick is, and i dont think you see it, is to stay under the radar. run hollywood all you want, as long people are none the wiser, you will probably continue to run it. whatever agenda, if you there is one, will prevail. people who have to grasp on to characteristics that one is born with (or into) probably do so because they have no true self-identifying qualities. you probably have a Filipino friend, and refer to him/her as such.
Submitted by: sebastian
5:18 PM PST, December 19, 2008

78. i am not really sure what to say, i am totally disgusted with this article - borderline offended. we keep partitioning ourselves - man, woman, gay, straight, jew, whatever.... i mean, you could have also titled that article "MEN run Hollywood", or how about "People over 40 run Hollywood" or "Descendants of people from the Middle East run Hollywood"
Submitted by: sebastian
5:17 PM PST, December 19, 2008

79. I have always thought of jews in american society in military terms -- as an officer class, small in number, but heavy in power and prestige. Frankly I'd rather have them there than many other groups. And generally, I think the power is earned through hardwork, focus and smarts and wisdom. But the total dominance of one industry suggested by this article seems out of step with modern American values. Even the real officer class, i.e. the military brass, long a bastion of white Christians, can point to leaders who broke the mold like Colin Powell, Eric Shinseki, Ricardo Shanchez.
Submitted by: samscott
5:05 PM PST, December 19, 2008

80. I don't know how you got the job. Is it because you're Jewish?
Submitted by: Paul
5:02 PM PST, December 19, 2008

81. A good tongue-in-cheek look at Hollywood's domination by Jewish CEOs. The origins of Jewish control were created in 1896 when Charles Frohman, Al Hayman, Abe Erlanger, Mark Klaw, Samuel F. Nixon and Fred Zimmerman, most of whom were Jewish, formed the monopolistic Theatrical Syndicate, which had a lock on the booking business. When the focus of the entertainment business shifted to screen and TV, the stage had already been set, no pun intended. But Gentiles can take heart in knowing Jeff Zucker has to report to Geoff Immelt of GE and Amy Pascal has to report to Howard Stringer of Sony. Hey, this is the age of the mega-corporation!
Submitted by: Ken S.
4:49 PM PST, December 19, 2008

82. ADL: Define "run" for me, please. What percentage of high level positions being dominated by a specific ethnic would determine a majority - 40%? 60%? 80%? Then lets look at percentage of the population that specific ethnic group holds. I believe at last look it was 6%. Even if it were as low as 40%, being only 6% of the population speaks volumes. Come on Abe, what do you think? Oh we know what you think (dishonest) Abe.
Submitted by: sharpinchitown
4:47 PM PST, December 19, 2008

83. brilliant and very funny. nice job joel
Submitted by: polomoche
4:27 PM PST, December 19, 2008

84. There's nothing wrong with Jews doing well in certain fields but when the situation is so disproportionate (i.e., a group that is 2% of the population controlling pretty much all of entertainment media), then people begin to wonder their interests are not being heard. I guarantee you that if a major studio head was Asian, we'd be seeing more Asian males in romantic lead roles rather than people like Adam Sandler, Mark "Murder of a thousand sitcoms" Feuerstein, Breckin Meyer, Emile Hirsch, and other mediocre talents
Submitted by: Mama
4:26 PM PST, December 19, 2008

85. Yeah, well the Tribe has done a lousy business running Wall Street, and I'm not even talking about the $50 billion man.
Submitted by: Gerry
4:10 PM PST, December 19, 2008

86. After WWI the National Sociialist party recognized the near monopoly of Jews in German Media. ...When the bullshoi hit the fan, many German Jews suffered. When or if america suffers horribly, do you think american Jews will suffer? Just asking.
Submitted by: profnasty
4:08 PM PST, December 19, 2008

87. Jews have controlled the USA for 50 years....what's new?
Submitted by: Jerry
4:03 PM PST, December 19, 2008

88. Eric Southern is not only a fool.... he's a fool with no sense of humor (definitely a Goyisha Cup). I'd say that would make him a slam dunk Republican, but I know lots of Republican Jews (an oxiMORON if ever I've seen one). The thought that the 'media' are liberal holds no water... basically, they are sharks, just looking for an audience and will play to whatever side feeds their coffers. Hence, they reflect our society fairly well. The fact that people tend not to listen to conservatives these days is simply a reflection of the condition in which modern Conservatism has left us. - Buy a sense of humor and lighten up!
Submitted by: Michael
4:02 PM PST, December 19, 2008

89. sure the jews control hollywood, the media, the US cogress and our foreign policy..all for the service of wonder America is hated all over..god help us
Submitted by: Adam
3:57 PM PST, December 19, 2008

90. If all the Chinese ran Hollywood believed in the Talmud and spreading the moral decay of a Christian society would people scream foul????
Submitted by: Wideawake
3:52 PM PST, December 19, 2008

91. I had no idea American entertainment was such a closed shop. I wonder what pledges of loyalty any non-Jews would have to sign up to in order to work in Hollywood. It sounds as bad as the Pentagon.
Submitted by: Paul
3:25 PM PST, December 19, 2008

92. So, the Jews run what? What's wrong with that? I think as a whole the Jewish people are incredibly resilient and resourceful and thus have been disproportionately successful in practically all aspects of American society. They deserve it because they work hard. I'm not Jewish, btw...
Submitted by: Abe
3:23 PM PST, December 19, 2008

93. A fine piece indeed! Hey, you could say sililar things for many other walks of life... e.g. physics professors. But Stein makes the key point: there´s no need to be shy about it. Most of us have moved on from silly stereotypes.
Submitted by: a muslim, incidentally
3:14 PM PST, December 19, 2008

94. I'm Mexican but I gotta say; Jews: Good peeps. Shalom y'all.
Submitted by: Fred
3:07 PM PST, December 19, 2008

95. This makes me laugh when my friend who works in Hollywood and is Jewish acts like she's never seen another Jew in So. Cal. every Christmas.
Submitted by: Linda Schwartz
3:07 PM PST, December 19, 2008

96. why do people care about people who call themselves jews who are not jews? THEY ARE EDOMITES WHICH ARE GENTILE, FAKE JEWS! Hollywood is NOT JEWISH IT IS GENTILE!
Submitted by: eugenics
3:05 PM PST, December 19, 2008

97. Pay attention to the content of what Abe Foxman is saying: He wants fewer people to believe something that is true. He wants more people to believe something that is not true. And when he gets called on it, his reaction is to project his own (real or fictional) belief that the average American holds grotesque and bigoted views. Therefore, since Americans are all anti-Semites under the skin, the safest thing is to keep them believing in falsehoods. This is Abe Foxman's idea of fighting anti-Semitism.
Submitted by: Anti-Foxman
3:01 PM PST, December 19, 2008

98. Anyone who thinks they are above others, the ultimate racism, is bound to be chastized. We should not support such behaviour.
Submitted by: Kyle Bates
3:01 PM PST, December 19, 2008

99. Great article Joel. First I would like to say that I'm not Jewish. But would like to say that Jewish don't need to be scared of another holocaust because of these kind of facts. One of the reason why they are so successful is because they are really well educated. Straight up.
Submitted by: Michael
2:43 PM PST, December 19, 2008

100. With all of those high salaries given to the jewish studio executives, does this mean we can stop financial aid to Israel and concentrate on our own citizens? Let the execs foot the bill!
Submitted by: Mike
2:40 PM PST, December 19, 2008

101. Fantastic clever article. Obviously Eric Southern does not know any Jews or he would never assume that a "paucity of diversity in thinking" results from Jews heading up entertainment companies. Doesn't he know the old adage: ten Jews 20 opinions? It's wrong to assume that Jews agree on everything or have similar viewpoints. They don't!
Submitted by: andrea
2:37 PM PST, December 19, 2008

102. DUH!
Submitted by: Isaac
2:33 PM PST, December 19, 2008

103. This isnt funny, because it's actually true. And yet people think hahaha, Joel Stein is funny. George Orwell calling. "The Truth is a Lie/Fodder for Comedy."
Submitted by: Sophie
2:28 PM PST, December 19, 2008

104. I personally know of two producers, trying to either get their projects approved/distributed or work a deal with a major studio, and both were told (by people mentioned in this article) that there is no way it was going to happen because they were not Jews... NO JOKE!!!
Submitted by: Juan
2:28 PM PST, December 19, 2008

105. Not true - they're just a front for the Canadians
Submitted by: goldielox
2:16 PM PST, December 19, 2008

106. This is absolutely brilliant. It's nice to see someone has a sense of humor about this issue since most Jewish people are so uptight about it.
Submitted by: Karen
2:13 PM PST, December 19, 2008

107. Now that the columnist in question has more or less confirmed a lingering suspicion, a follow-on article covering the ramifications of this factor in films and the media would be of greater interest. If the situation is as suggested, this explains the basis for the predominantly ‘liberal’ media bias, which excludes other viewpoints. This means that true freedom of speech, fairness and respect for other opinions is anathema to the contemporary media ethic. This paucity of diversity in thinking confirms why the term ‘liberal’ is pure hypocrisy and references to democracy are only lip service.
Submitted by: Eric Southern
2:10 PM PST, December 19, 2008

108. why is it that when any ethnic group comments on their own accomplishments, non-ethnics (yes, you white gentiles) feel like it is a personal attack. Goodness people, there is so much in the world to complain about, maybe we can just appreciate something for it sole comedic value. Joel, this article was hilarious! Thanks!
Submitted by: a jew
2:02 PM PST, December 19, 2008

109. who cares? The better question is: are they making good movies/television shows and when are they getting rid of soap operas? Oh, and why did they screw up Heroes? I blame Jews for screwing up Heroes. Their punishment should be they have to sit through a 48 hour Hogan's Heroes marathon.
Submitted by: huh?
2:01 PM PST, December 19, 2008

110. You forget Joe Roth, runs Revolution, Jewish, check, and the woman who runs Sony and yells at everyone, can't remember her name, but. . .ta da! Jewish, check. What kind of people founded all the studios in Hollywood? Every single one of them were Jewish, check and check. Then Jerry Seinfeld and Jeffery Katzenberg make a Jewish bee movie where all the Jewish bees keep saying they hope their kids marry a bee that is bee-ish, or Jewish.
Submitted by: Not Jewish, but curious,
1:58 PM PST, December 19, 2008

111. This article is hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh and the great read, Joel.
Submitted by: Steve
1:53 PM PST, December 19, 2008

112. As someone who has had dealings with Several of the Studios in Hollywood and not being Jewish I can tell you not being Jewish feels like a disadvantage. Now I do not know this for a fact since I have not felt what it is like to be Jewish and try to talk to the studio's. However it seems like a few of my Jewish friends ideas get taken considerably further then those of my non-Jewish friends. It may be something as simple as a cultural mesh and 'getting' each other. I actually have been shocked at how many people of Jewish origin are in Hollywood. Not to mention how many are non-practicing.
Submitted by: Sandy Baker
1:50 PM PST, December 19, 2008

113. Great article. Just goes to show that facts are facts, and can't be pro or anti-Semitic. Whether you're a bigot or not really depends on how you think this situation came to pass and what it implies.
Submitted by: Sean K
1:43 PM PST, December 19, 2008

114. @DJ: Good grief. The fact that there is a solitary iota of religious intolerance in government or TV is just a shame. If you don't like certain words, don't use them. If you don't like certain shows, don't view them. If you don't believe in choice, don't make a decision. Religion is intended as a personal road map to introspective enlightenment and salvation. It is not intended as an excuse to force your beliefs on everyone else. Don't sweat it. You'll always have Ziggy.
Submitted by: Bowser
1:32 PM PST, December 19, 2008

115. It looks like they're doing to Hollywood what they've done to Wall Street. I wonder when the 'entertainment industry' will be nationalized.
Submitted by: Seattle
1:29 PM PST, December 19, 2008

116. I believe that less Jews will rule Hollywood and that more people of mixed race, Black, Asian and Hispanic descent are taking over. Just look at some of the biggest stars that people support! Also, look at our new President-elect! It's inevitable that as people retire, others can take over or start more new companies. Jews, your days are numbered!
Submitted by: Jenna in L.A.
1:25 PM PST, December 19, 2008

117. So its the Jews fault that all these terrible remakes of TV/Movies are coming out? OMG can no one be creative anyone? I doubt anyone of those executives go to synagogue on the Shabbat but once a year. So why call them Jews? They should be called Seasonal Jews as the Catholics are Seasonal so-called Christians.
Submitted by: Ma Shug A Nah
1:23 PM PST, December 19, 2008

118. Love the Jewish community but when are they going to open up the film/entertainment industry to non-judios? Read Neal Gabler's book the Jews who made Hollywood.
Submitted by: Mijudia
1:14 PM PST, December 19, 2008

119. A bit of the jabbing to the anti-semetics, Mr Stein? As an employee in Hollywood, the concentration of power that the Jewish people have is staggering, but this business is still open enough where creative people rise up. That being said, I expect to read about a law suit from a gentile about discrimination within a studio at some point. Valid or not, that's how it goes these days.
Submitted by: EMPTY
1:11 PM PST, December 19, 2008

120. Awesome article! As a gentile living in the pro-Semitic cocoon, I laugh at your semitic sense of humor. A question, not directed to Joel, how come the gentiles do not achieve as much success as our Jewish friends in Hollywood?
Submitted by: Asim
1:11 PM PST, December 19, 2008

121. Why are we still posing these kind of questions? They raise the issues of race and religion baiting. Hopefully people are appreciated for the good work they do whatever their race or religion. Anti-semetic types just love this kind of stuff and file it away in their nasty little minds to trot out when they wish. This becomes fodder for hate mail etc.
Submitted by: R.F.
1:06 PM PST, December 19, 2008

122. Thanks for writing this just before Christmas!!! Your gentile friends always enjoy some humor before our big holiday. (What gift are you going to give me this year?)
Submitted by: Pecos 45
12:55 PM PST, December 19, 2008

123. The Jews do run Hollywood, & have a big hand in the Govt. Ari Emmanuel and Obamas chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel: Brothers. Also who was the driving force behind Iraq War? The Neocons, who happen to all be Jewish. Head of homeland security Michael Chertoff has dual American and Israeli citizenship along with high level Govt. officials. The article didn't mention Redstone Owner of Viacom, MTV, Showtime etc. I am not trying to sterotype Jews, I don't believe they try to "keep it all in the tribe" the ent. industry is a business. If they can make more money working with non Jews they will. Oops that's another Jewish stereotype. Never mind.
Submitted by: Issac
12:52 PM PST, December 19, 2008

124. Great story! (and I'm not Jewish).
Submitted by: H.S.
12:50 PM PST, December 19, 2008

125. HAHAHA. Awesome article. As a very secularized jew I find this hilariously on target. Need more puncturing on the PC conventional wisdom chabal. The thing that most people ignore or don't really fully appreciate is just how thoroughly american nearly all jews are now. Jews running hollywood just exemplifies how nepotistic hollywood is and, hey, we got there first.
Submitted by: PK
12:47 PM PST, December 19, 2008

126. I guess I don't understand why the ADL is loath to admit the obvious. Does the ADL think that that Hollywood is a negative influence and as such associating Jews with Hollywood reflects negatively on Jews? If so, where is the condemnation of Hollywood. If the ADL believes that Hollywood is not a negative influence, then why are they not lauding the fact that this laudible sector of society and economy is run by Jews? I don't get it.
Submitted by: Migwell
12:39 PM PST, December 19, 2008

127. I am not jewish but if I was, I would be very proud of what they have accomplished in Hollywood. Our entertainment industry is the envy of the world. HOWEVER, I would be ashamed of the glaring fact that every financial scandal in wall street (Enron, Worldcomm, Madoff, etc) in the past several years has a Jewish person front and center. I think you need to call out your race to be more ethically responsible.
Submitted by: good article
12:38 PM PST, December 19, 2008

128. Great article. The movie industry, along with radio and television were largely developed by Jewish businessmen. What is there to be embarrassed about?
Submitted by: Rocky
12:36 PM PST, December 19, 2008

129. I just read a comment on another website complaining that Jews run the government and financial industry and that's why we're all being screwed. I said to myself that bad times are coming if this homophobic trend continues. And then, ta da, I read this! So, do Jews run the news departments of television stations, too? If they do, can we get some truth to the people here? Humor has its place. So does informing the people, but apparently one takes precedence over the other. Not that many sponsors or advertisers interested in stopping the bad guys instead of showing us how inane Britney is?
Submitted by: Teddi
12:04 PM PST, December 19, 2008

130. good article!!
Submitted by: Oriol
12:02 PM PST, December 19, 2008

131. What a wonderful Chanukah present! Thank you for the laughs, Joel Stein. As it is with ethnic humor, it made all the difference that this story was written by a member of the group of which the joke is the object. Indeed, had a non-Jew written it, it would have been taken wrongly, although from some comments submitted here, some still did--or just felt like stirring the pot. Ehh! As for how Jewish are those Hollywood suits? Who knows, but as long as their mothers are Jewish, they are Jewish. They may be practicing or not, but ethnically, they're Jews and that's the point. Shalom!
Submitted by: Serval
11:50 AM PST, December 19, 2008

132. America has much to thank the Jewish people for. My only concern is that Jews will consider Americans like me to be anti-semitic if we are against Israel's unfair treatment of Palestinians. There must be a clear line between anti-semitic and anti-Israeli policy.
Submitted by: El Papa
11:48 AM PST, December 19, 2008

133. Anyone who reads Joel Stein is looking for quality humor. I'm not worried that by reading this anyone is going to take this seriously, or use this column as a reference for their anti-Semetic rants. The rare person who might do that probably isn't taken seriously by anyone, anyway. Thanks again for the laugh, Joel.
Submitted by: Honu Girl
11:35 AM PST, December 19, 2008

134. So the Hollywood industry is run by Jews. If all the studios will do some good, than they will start produce movies which are LES violence,WILL NOT use foul language and cut on smoking in the movies! Than I can say I will respect what they are doing. So far the Jewish 'management' is not doing too well.
Submitted by: DJ
11:33 AM PST, December 19, 2008

135. Hey, you're a funny guy. But unfortunately, when Gentiles talk about us Jews as in, e.g. Jews running Hollywoood, it's not meant to be a favorable comment. It's kinda like my Gentile anti-semitic brother-in-law who told me that the Holocaust is greatly overexaggerated to generate sympathy for Jews, especially around X-Mas time. I understand the origin of the former type of idiocity but the latter baffles me since we Jews don't celebrate X-Mas. Oh well, it's his house. But I appreciate him sharing that insight with me.
Submitted by: Gary Behun
11:31 AM PST, December 19, 2008

136. Sam Zell owner of this paper also a jew.
Submitted by: me
11:23 AM PST, December 19, 2008

137. I don't care who it is that is turning Hollywood, a place of Every Freak unimanginable, into a Sewer. (Sorry Sewers for hurting your feelings) Most of what they produce, isn't fit for watching, regardless the hype they put behind it.
Submitted by: David Molinero
11:17 AM PST, December 19, 2008

138. I never watch TV shows and seldom see a movie. Therefore I don't much care what Hollywood produces. What bothers me more is that certain Zionist organizations are forcing the American government to support policies by the current Israeli government that are even opposed by many thoughtful Israelis.
Submitted by: RHSchumann
11:12 AM PST, December 19, 2008

139. Pointless article
Submitted by: ?
11:02 AM PST, December 19, 2008

140. As a British Jew I was astonished by this article and then I thought is this man trying to be ironic or is he simply a self hating Jew. Yes, there are a lot of creative Jewish people and they have done well in an industry ideally suited to their talents, but this is reverse racism. Jews don't control the entertainment industry, a number of Jewish executives are in senior positions. Jews in these positions do not act in a concerted fashion on behalf of other Jews in this role so the statement and article are entirely misleading and dangerous.
Submitted by: Tony Klinger
10:46 AM PST, December 19, 2008

141. The Jews run Hollywood and the WASPs run the government. Based on the results of the last eight years, maybe the Jews should also run the government!
Submitted by: Dan
10:44 AM PST, December 19, 2008

142. Clearly this decline in perception is the work of the gay mafia.
Submitted by: Paul
10:41 AM PST, December 19, 2008

143. A great article and a good example of pithy humor. As often happens with pithy humor, many won't get it.
Submitted by: ed
10:39 AM PST, December 19, 2008

144. Joel Stein is Jewish? I thought Stein was a German name. How Jewish is he? Didn't his attempt at a sitcom fail?
Submitted by: Tom Teicholz
10:37 AM PST, December 19, 2008

145. I'm not Jewish, but I used to do marketing for -- does this count? Oh, and my sister-in-law and her kids are Jewish (my brother doesn't know what he is). Oy vey!
Submitted by: A pilgrim making progress
10:36 AM PST, December 19, 2008

146. So what? A bunch of Americans of Jewish origins are prominent in Hollywood. Big deal. If the studio heads were all of Christian origin, would we be saying "the Christians" run Hollywood? No. This is silly.
Submitted by: captain america
10:25 AM PST, December 19, 2008

147. Most interesting to me was the aside that the Gentile studio heads refused to talk to him "apparently out of fear of insulting Jews." Although meant as a joke, I think a lot of Gentiles in Hollywood walk on egg shells so as not to offend the pathologically over-sensitive wing (e.g. Ari Immanuel) of the dominent culture.
Submitted by: DR. Gonzo
10:22 AM PST, December 19, 2008

148. satans best trick was to make people think that satan did not exist, so to those that dont know, wake the hell up, the jews got this movie/tv thing on lock down!
Submitted by: joey64
10:22 AM PST, December 19, 2008

149. Does this mean that we "Gentiles" can now say "Jews run Hollywood" without fear of retribution from the media--which I am not saying is run by Jews?
Submitted by: whitechristianguy
10:12 AM PST, December 19, 2008

150. "Hollywood: From the people who brought you the Bible" This slogan would be better suited for Catholics, since it was the Catholic Church which put the Bible together in the 4th century.
Submitted by: Kyle
10:08 AM PST, December 19, 2008

151. When Stein came on as an op-ed writer in place of Robert Scheer, I was GREATLY dissapointed in the Times. Today's column is definitely funny and worthwhile, so it's not right to fault Stein for the absence of Scheer anymore.
Submitted by: EssentialEmmes
10:03 AM PST, December 19, 2008

152. I must have missed something. I thought this column was laughing-out-loud funny! Was it meant to be taken seriously? I worked in the movie industry a long time ago (the forties). It was run by Jews then; it's run by Jews now. What's the problem?
Submitted by: Nonnie
10:03 AM PST, December 19, 2008

153. I just read your article in the morning times and felt compelled to write. As a Jew, I take great pride on the many accomplishments of my fellow Jews. It is widely known that there is a disproportionate percentage of Jews involved in Hollywood, big business, medicine, etc. However, an article pointing out the involvement of Jews in important positions becomes fodder to the close minded, backward thinking, unintelligent, anti-semites of the world. I would prefer that as Jewish individuals, we speak softly of our many accomplishments.
Submitted by: sheldon pitluk
9:55 AM PST, December 19, 2008

154. I am not Jewish, but I admire the contributions that the Jewish people have made to this country and to the world. I see no problem with their numbers being out of proportion in any industry as long as it is not used as a platform for any political or religious persuasion.
Submitted by: John
9:43 AM PST, December 19, 2008

155. What a stupid article..AND, I'm also Jewish.
Submitted by: Stan Silvers
9:17 AM PST, December 19, 2008

156. It may be true that the majority of important people in Hollywood were born of Jewish parents and identify themselves as Jewish..That MAY be technicaly correct. However! Do most of these folks actually practice Judaism? Based on the quality of movie & television these days I would say that many of these folks have moved far away from the Judaic principles of ethics & morality .
Submitted by: Sel
8:57 AM PST, December 19, 2008

157. Hi, I'm not Jewish, but my family has Jewish, Christian and now a Muslim branch. As long as they continue making good TV shows and movies, I am happy!
Submitted by: Pam Blome
8:55 AM PST, December 19, 2008

158. Leave it to a liberal "journalist" to misdirect the public and make who "runs" Hollywood a question of religion. Hollywood is run by a group of LIBERAL LEFT WING DEMOCRATS. They want to impose their political beliefs on the rest of world. Through propagandist films. Get the story right!
Submitted by: The One
8:14 AM PST, December 19, 2008

159. Let's not forget Mel Gibson
Submitted by: Eric Smith
8:07 AM PST, December 19, 2008

160. No surprise to me, a gentile. They are all Americans and America has much to thank the Jewish people for our culture, our education, our sciences, our ethics, our tolerance, etc. My only fear, make that fears are 1. that Americans will take this the wrong way and turn against our Jewish citizens (and thereby against to our advancements noted above) and 2. that Jewish Americans will all somehow consider people like me to be anti-semitic if we are against Israel's treatment of Palestinians. There must be a clear line between anti-semitic and anti-Israeli policy.
Submitted by: Panicalep
7:58 AM PST, December 19, 2008

161. Oy vey!
Submitted by: bern
7:39 AM PST, December 19, 2008

162. Jews in Hollywood? Valkayrie for Christmas? I know of no person even remotely interested in going to see this movie during it's Christmas release. Cruise is laughing all the way to the bank!
Submitted by: Observer
6:09 AM PST, December 19, 2008

163. Isn't it great that some people can still laugh about themselves? If this were written by a non-Jew it would be politically insensitive and some group would be picketing the Times.
Submitted by: Old Editor
4:47 AM PST, December 19, 2008

164. You are not doing the Jewish people any favors with your article. You really should be ashamed that you have to stoop that low to gain browny points with your bosses.
Submitted by: stef
4:34 AM PST, December 19, 2008

165. As a proud Jew I cannot describe how much I enjoy your article. And you have not even mentioned all the actors and screenwriters! ;-)
Submitted by: Alexandra
3:53 AM PST, December 19, 2008

166. Very refreshing. I'm reminded of journalist Dorothy Thompson's remark about growing up in a "multi-ethnic" neighborhood: "This country was a happier place when a little good-natured racism was taken for granted."
Submitted by: Peter Kurth
2:15 AM PST, December 19, 2008

167. And one more thing - what does being Jewish really mean. The Google ads at the bottom of this page popping up because of the article's (Jewish) subject matter hint at the range of Jewish idea(l)s: The group against the Wiesenthal Tolerance Museum in Jerusalem, a group seeking more Orthodox Torah study and a group of Jewish vegetarians!
Submitted by: Alan Abbey
1:13 AM PST, December 19, 2008

168. The Jews who run - and invented Hollywood 100 years ago - have done more to promote "American" values of cowboy individualism, fair play and "the good guy gets the girl" should be thanked by the non-Jews in America. Without them, they would not have the America they know and love.
Submitted by: Alan Abbey
1:11 AM PST, December 19, 2008


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Jews? A misnomer! Ashcans!! Not Jewish!! Derived from Kazachs who are converts to 'Judism' in the 7th Century and are the descendants of Edomites, descendants of Esau, who exchanged hi inheritance for a mess of potage from his brother, Jacob, who was a Satanist.

Jews today are simply low level dupes of the ruling elite called Orthodox, a depraved bestiality.

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Kindom (Do No Harm Communities) is the dream for freedom, but it is the dream for the freedom of those around us who also live the dream of freedom, because it is in living for the freedom of others that we get our freedom. When we live for the dreams of Kindom of those around us, we live life as a gift because we live for (dedicate our lives to) their dream of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance, etc, just as they live for our Kindom dreams too. This is true co-creation (cooperation) with no attack on the uniqueness of each of us. When we live this way, we have no need for any man-made system - everything/everyone has already been taken care of by our love for life.

Just as we do not have to jump 10 feet across the room to grab our next breath, neither do we have to worry about food, water and shelter because it has all been taken care of as we each co-create Kindoms/Kin-Domains for everyone. Now everybody and everything of the dream of life that is Kindom/Paradise is free (has been set free once again). The issue is greed and selfishness, power and control trips, arrogance, ignorance, being fed many many lies and being traumatised. The issue is not overpopulation - there is more than enough land available for every family to have a hectare (2.5 acres Kin-Domain) to care for. The land of Australia can provide a Kin-Domain for every family across Earth, each with a food forest, clean fresh drinking water and plenty of space for building natural do no harm habitats and with plenty of land left over.

Everyone must have the freedom to take full-responsibility for their lives, for the water they drink, the food they eat and for their shelter. Currently, "The System" forces everyone to give up taking full-responsibility so that we become grown up children accustomed to sucking on the nipples of "The System" corporations for everything, having to use money to get by and to follow the rules of money because we are not co-creating freedom, peace, truth, joy and abundance for each other. Money only leads to haves and have nots and all the abuse, manipulation and distractions that we are subjected to as slaves to money.

When we give up living for other's Kindom dreams, we start creating hell ("The System") all around us because we become self-centred - now it's all about "my freedom","my money", "my land", "my belief", "my saviour", "mine", "mine","mine", "i","i", "i", "own", "own", "own", etc. To protect what we claim we own requires a man-made system with FORCE to protect those self-centred claims. This is ALL trauma based and all story-telling (brainwashing/braindirtying).

NO SYSTEM = KINDOM/DO NO HARM COMMUNITIES photo Kindom_zpsa6d24e8a.jpg

Our true freedom comes when we set our thoughts of freedom into motion so that we live freedom rather than just talking and thinking about it while we still slave for "The System". Kindom will not happen while we meditate for hours in the bush or do yoga retreats or wait for Jesus or follow the processes of the OPPT (One People's Public Trust now called One People). This is not freedom because we are not living freedom because we are living the story-telling of Jesus or Zeitgeist or The Secret or Thrive or One Earth/Consciousness/People.

Living Kindom is very, very hard work as we set about repairing the damage to MAN/Earth/Nature that we are ALL responsible for but the burden becomes lighter the more of us put our life-energy into the dream of returning Earth to Paradise. Day-after-day, we all have to work our arses off until Kindom is all around us (MAN) once again. This is the price we pay to set each other free on a piece of land (Kin-Domain), so that no one is under the image-power (education/brainwashing/story-telling) of another MAN anymore and so that everyone can have their space of love to create and live their unique, do no harm dreams. This only happens once we have the Kindoms set up so that everyone is provided for.

Once we re-create the food forests, whether on land or in the suburbs, we can re-claim our freedom, breaking the strangle-hold of "The System" because we are no longer reliant on its services and benefits and no longer turning each other into slaves of "The System", cogs in the wheels of "The System" machine. If we don't put the effort in to set everyone and everything free all around us then we still live in HELL ("The System"). The key is to live for everyone else's freedom so that we can have it too.

From Bare Dirt To Abundance
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two A
5th November 2014

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two B
Coming Shortly

We live for NO SYSTEM. We do not lose anything by not having a man-made system and, in fact, we gain. We gain our freedom and we gain abundance. Let go of the fear.

The Cristian Family November 2006

A Collection Of Various Love For Life Posts
Providing The Big Picture We See

Sequential Order

We ask you to NOT believe anything we say/share and instead use scrutiny like an intense blow torch and go where the logic of truth/sense takes you. This is very, very important. Put everything you believe up to the test of scrutiny to see how it stacks up. If you are true to your heart/senses and go where the logic of truth/sense takes you will find that NO belief, etc, will stand up to the test of scrutiny. They just do not stack up because they are lies/fraud.

After you have watched and read all the material and any questions are left unanswered, send us your landline number and we will use the internet phone as a free unlimited call. We are on Sydney NSW Australia time. Best times for us to chat are between 11.00am and 6.00pm.

It is critical that you fully comprehend Image Power, "Spelling", Trauma, Reaction To Trauma, Curses, Processing Curses, Full-Responsibility/Liability, Limited Liability/Responsibility (passing-the-back), Slavery, Senses/Sense vs Non-Sense/Senses, Re-Presenting Intellectual Property such as but not limited to "Name", Storytelling/Storytellers, Duality, Black-Magic, Belief, Lies, "i", All Seeing "i" (eye), etc..... These themes and others are covered over and over and over again.

If you do not comprehend these insights and are unable to use your senses to sense your way through all the non-sense/non-sensory-images that enslave MAN under their image power (darkness = "The System" = Hell), men and women will remain deeply trapped under a terrible state of trauma. Our intention is to inspire you to remedy by showing you how to move away from reacting to trauma in all its nefarious and devious forms.

Superb Diamond Range Interviewing
Arthur & Fiona Cristian 4th February 2014

His-Story/Her-Story (History)
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
2005-2007 - Re-posted July 2014

The Dream Of Life Part 6
Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property

Arthur Cristian - 51 Minutes 52 Seconds

Trauma Induced Fantasy
July 2013 Interview With
Jeanice Barcelo And Arthur & Fiona Cristian

The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Background To "The System"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Interviewed By
Jahnick Leaunier, The Tru-Mon Show
24th August 2016
Love For Life - 142 Minutes

Eric Dubay's Flat Earth Is A Cult
The Background To The System Part Two

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 31st August 2016
154 Minutes

Eclipse Of The Sun - Video (Arthur swears in this video)
The Background To The System Part Three
Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 25th October 2016

The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast
The Strawman Identifying
Your Slave Status In "The System"

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
5th February 2012 - 56 Minutes 25 Seconds

The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practice
Fiona's ACT Supreme Court Affidavit Explaining Inculcation & Illumination
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
4th March 2016

The Spinning Top
Full Bloom Inculcation

Arthur And Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
Facebook Discussions Between The
8th December 2016
26th January 2017

The Shit Of Death
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
28th January 2017

The Selfie Of Freakenstein
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
17th March 2017

Three Sets Of Fiona Cristian Documents Filed With ACAT
Merged Into One Document For Downloading

Fiona Cristian Affidavit
ACT Supreme Court / Court Of Appeal

Dancing With Magic (Lies)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Videos, Articles, Comments
And Pending E-Book
Love Fort Life
September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part One
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
5th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Two
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
12th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Three
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
13th September 2015

Dancing With Magic (Lies) Part Four:
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
16th September 2015

Introduction To Kindom Video
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
6th March 2015

To Be Educated Is To Have No Soul
The System Is Soul Destroying

Frederick Malouf & Michael Tellinger's
Contrived Gifting
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
1st September 2016

Illumination IS Definition
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th to 29th January 2016

The Nefarious Tactics Used
To Disguise Truth And Distract Us
From Remedy

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
24th January 2014
This post contains many recent Facebook comments
and email replies which collectively provides a big picture
into exposing the deception behind IMAGE POWER.

The Pull Of E-Motion
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
8th February 2014

Processing Curses
A Lie Is A Curse
Liars Process Curses

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th February 2014

How The System Is Really Constructed
Bouncing Back Curses Upon Curse Makers
To Stop Harm Forevermore

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
27th February 2014

Slave To A Name
Parts One, Two, Three, Four,
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd to 6th March 2014

Educated Slaves
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
20th March 2014

The Only Path To Freedom
Beware The False Steps

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 2nd April 2014

Free-Dumb For All
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 5th April 2014

Revoking The Ego
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 8th April 2014

How MAN Commits Spiritual Suicide
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life - 3rd April 2014

How To Detect Intel Operatives Working
For The New World Order Agenda
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 10th April 2014

How The Psyop Program & Intel Networks
Are Messing With Your Head +

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - April 2014

Godzilla Through The Looking Glass
Destroyed By Name"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 20th April 2014

What It's Going To Take
To Co-Create Freedom Forevermore

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 22nd April 2014

Falling For Fairy Stories
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 24th April 2014

A Disassociation From The Work
Of Kate of Gaia

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 17th May 2014

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 22nd May 2014

Revolution Or Revolution
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 25th May 2014

Routing Out Psyop Programs
Routs Out Intel Operatives
Exposing Max Igan's Psyop Program

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 31st May 2014

The Psyop Program Scam
Behind Religion Belief Faith
& Associated Opinion

Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
11th June 2014

Another Delusion
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
11th June 2014

A World Of Words Is A World Of Lies
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
13th June 2014

The Name Of The Beast Is MAN

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 9th May 2014
Includes Mountain MAN Arrested
Facebook Discussion About "Name"
Uploaded 25th June 2014

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 13th August 2014

Discussion With Brother Gregory
Clearly Demonstrating Christianity
Is Part Of The Problem
And Not The Solution

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
Between the 12th May 2014 and 30th August 2014

The Psyop Program Behind Free Food
And Permaculture

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
29th October 2014
Facebook Discussion With Unconditional Love Moon

Head So Strong
Music and Vocals Arthur Cristian
Backing Vocals and Vocal Effects Arthur Cristian & Hannah Wood
Lyrics Fiona and Arthur Cristian
Written during our spare time between Aug & Oct 2014

The Time Of Trauma That Destroys Us
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
9th November 2014

The Most Powerful Video On Spirituality
And Happiness FOR SLAVES
How To Accept Slavery And Be Happy About It

Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
6th August 2014
Facebook Discussion About The Work Of Eckhart Tolle

What Can We Do What Can We See
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
A series of Arthur Cristian Facebook
posts and discussions
between 17th and 21st November 2014

The Misuse Of Love By Intel Networks
To Create Doubt And Uncertainty
With The Intention To Destroy Love
And Therefore Destroy MAN
(True Freedom, Peace, Joy, Abundance And Truth
For Everyone)

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
26th November 2014

The Void Of E-GO That Is Spiritual Suicide
The Justification Of Laziness
That Perpetuates System Creature Comforts
Ensuring Our Fall

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
13th December 2014
Massive Update Occurred 14th Dec 2014 3.10pm Sydney Aust time

Darkness Visible Part One A, B, C, D
The Freemasonic World In Plain Sight
Decoding George Washington Lithographs

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
14th December 2014
Part One A
Part One B
Part One C
Part One D

Darkness Visible Part Two
Yin And Yang, Duality, Spiritual Suicide
And Frank O'Collins UCADIA / One Heaven

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
14th December 2014

Darkness Visible Part Three
How The Word Sausage
Re-Presents The New World Order
Boiling Point & Out To Get Us

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
27th December 2014

Darkness Visible Part Four
Aleister Crowley - Thelema - OTO
And The Black Magic Psychedelia Of The Intellect

Facebook Discussion
4th to 10th January 2015

Darkness Visible Part Five
Living MAN Fiona Cristian's Standing
+ Decoding Judeo/Judaism

Fiona Cristian & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
24th January 2015

Darkness Visible Part Six
The Many Fingers Of The Hidden Hand Appearing
YouTube Community Flagged A Video
Posted To The ArthurLoveForLife YouTube Channel
As Being "Hate Speech"

Fiona Cristian & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
4th February 2015

Darkness Visible Part Seven
The Full Responsibility For Setting
True Freedom For All Into Motion
In Present-Sense Forevermore

Fiona Cristian & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
10th February 2015

Who We Really Are Does Not End
At The Surface Of Our Skin

Arthur Cristian & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 22nd February 2015

Introduction To Kindom Video
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
6th March 2015

The Rot Parts One, Two, Three
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
5th June 2015

"The Good Guys" And The "Bad Guys"
Working Together To Bring In
The New World Order

Arthur Cristian - 18th July 2015

Can You Spot The Ego?
Where's Wally? Part One

Compilation of Facebook & Youtube
Insight Posts During Aug/Sept 2015
By Arthur Cristian

Can You Spot The Ego?
Where's Wally? Part Two

Compilation of Facebook & Youtube
Insight Posts During Aug/Sept 2015
By Arthur Cristian

Dancing With Magic (Lies)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Videos, Articles, Comments
And Pending E-Book
Love Fort Life
September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part One
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
5th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Two
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
12th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Three
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
13th September 2015

Dancing With Magic (Lies) Part Four:
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
16th September 2015

Illumination IS Definition
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th to 29th January 2016

The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practice
Fiona's ACT Supreme Court Affidavit Explaining Inculcation & Illumination
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
4th March 2016

The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Background To "The System" Part One

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 24th August 2016

Eric Dubay's Flat Earth Is A Cult
The Background To The System Part Two

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 31st August 2016

To Be Educated Is To Have No Soul
The System Is Soul Destroying
Frederick Malouf & Michael Tellinger's
Contrived Gifting

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
1st September 2016

New Love For Life Kindom Facebook Group
Started March 2015
Includes 63 Minute
Introduction To Kindom Video
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Facebook Kindom Group Guidelines
The Love For Life website home-page provides
the bigger-picture background to the themes
touched on in this video:

Crop Circles Are A Massive Hoax
Facebook Discussion On Simon Kawai's Wall
Involving Arthur & Fiona Cristian
31st August 2013

OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
27th February 2013 onwards...
Part One:
Part Two:
Part Three:

Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 8th February 2013
Part One: - 70 Minutes 5 Seconds
Part Two: - 81 Minutes 13 Seconds
Part Three: - 70 Minutes 18 Seconds

What Do You Believe On Origins?
Who Said There Was A Beginning?
Who's Truth Do You Accept?
Belief Is A Strange Idea.

Discussion Lyndell, Scott and Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Between March and April 2013
Posted 29th October 2013

So You Want The Good Bits Of "The System"
But Not The Bad Bits?

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 12th August 2013

Turning Away From The Reflection
Of MANS Looking Glass

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013


From Bare Dirt To Abundance
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two
5th November 2014

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Three
7th March 2016
60 Minutes

Love For Life Food Forest & Native Garden March 2016
Extension Of The Love For Life Food Forest And Establishment
Of A New Native Garden At The Front Of The Rental Property
In East Bowral - 24th October 2015 to Mid February 2016.
15 Minutes

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Divine Spark
Facebook Discussion With Raymond Karczewski
Arthur & Fiona Cristian & Others
2nd October 2013

Capturing Another MANS Uniqueness
A Facebook Debate With
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
And Raymond Karczewski
Starting 13th May 2013

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

The Steps Of Kindom
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life 2006/2007

To explore these themes in greater detail go here where you can find links to all our Love For Life comments, articles, debates, discussions, videos, podcasts, etc:

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
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Peaceful Transition Through Sacrifice And Service

We feel there is an essential peaceful do no harm transition required to get all of MAN back to standing on MANS feet without reliance upon another MAN for water, food, shelter. As it stands everyone in "The System" are highly dependent and reliant on the "group mind-set" that forms "The System" of slaves providing services and benefits for the emotionally addicted slaves to "The System" (and you can put us in the same basket too). The transition is to get MAN back to relying ONLY on nature without 3rd party interlopers, intermeddlers, interceders getting in the way. The transition is a team effort with the foresight for setting all of MAN free down-the-line so that MAN is no longer dependent on slaves and masters providing services, benefits, privileges and exclusivity while being bound to contracts, rituals, procedures, conditions, rules & regulations which compromises MAN severely.

This transition is all about shifting from limited liability/responsibility to full liability/responsibility. This full responsibility is all about caring for our health, nature all around us, clean uncorrupted (pure) water and food, partner/co-creator, children, shelter, animal-friends in partnership, etc. In "The System", we are already together destroying each other - we have to come together to create peace together so that we can all have peace. We cannot live peacefully when we are islands, not taking full responsibility for the lives of those around us until EVERYONE can take full responsibility for their life, which means that EVERYONE is healed of system trauma. In "The System", we all come together to make slaves of each other - now is the moment to come together to set each other free, to live for each other's freedom, peace, joy and abundance. Once we have set each other free, we are free.

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

"The Steps Of Kindom"


Once we fix these issues, we or our children or our descendants to come, can start focusing on the even bigger picture of getting back to where our ancestors were, as breatharyan's, before they fell into non-sense images to be enslaved by them.

All the best to you and your family
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

The Cristian Family November 2006

The Cristian Family Declaration

The Cristian family and The Love for Life Campaign are apolitical, non-religious, non-violent, anti weapons, anti drugs (both pharmaceutical and recreational) and anti any ideology that denies the existence of Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) and suppresses the uniqueness and freedom of all men, women and children.

The Cristian family and our Love For Life work is unaligned to any big business corporation, intelligence agency, government body, "system" law, "system" think tanks, "system" green or environmental movements, religion, cult, sect, society (fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, order, club, etc,) secret or not, hidden agenda, law or sovereignty group, occult, esoteric, New Age or Old Age.

The Cristian family supports and promotes the remedy that brings an everlasting peace, freedom, truth, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life without causing loss of uniqueness or the need for having slaves and rulers. We are not into following the one in front or being shepherds for sheeple. Most importantly, we take full-responsibility for everything we think, feel and do.

The Cristian family are not Christians.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

December 2006

The Cristian Family November 2006


Being of clear brain, heart and intention, we each declare the following to be true:

• We have no intention of ending our own lives.

• We will not tolerate suppression of truth, ideas, freedom, or our work. We stand for freedom of speech.

• We stand together to support others in the expression of truths and freedom to speak out no matter how radical those ideas may seem.

• Standing for freedom takes courage; together we shall be strong in the face of all odds.

• If it is ever claimed that we have committed suicide, encountered an unfortunate accident, died of sickness/disease, disappeared, been institutionalized, or sold out financially or in any other way to self-interested factions, we declare those claims false and fabricated.

• We testify, assert and affirm without reservation, on behalf of all those who have dedicated their lives to the ending of secrecy and the promotion of freedom of thought, ideas and expression that we shall prevail.

• We Do Not Have Multiple Personality Disorders

Arthur Cristian
Fiona Cristian
Jasmin Lily Cristian
Emma Rose Cristian
Frances Hannah Cristian
Xanthe Jane Cristian

15th December 2006 (Edited/Updated 18th September 2011)

The Cristian Family November 2006

Update Regarding The Love For Life
Home Page And Quick User Guide

We are turning the Love for Life Quick User Guide into a blog of all the main insights of our work since March 2005, whether through articles, videos, podcasts or discussions/debates.

As we do not have the time to compile everything we have written into a book, as many have suggested we do, compiling all our most important work into one area of the website is a way of providing easy access to this work so those interested are able to fully comprehend the big picture.

Instead of having to find our different articles, videos, etc, in various parts of the website, it will all be accessible here: and here:

Love For Life Videos

As amateurs and posted in the Quick User Guide below the Facebook links, we're currently creating and posting a series of videos called "The Dream Of Life" which covers the ground of all the Love For Life insights. We plan to have the videos completed by December 31st 2012. Once this is behind us, our intention is to create a 2 hour or so video covering the body of this work. All videos are embedded in the quick user guide and uploaded in Arthur's YouTube channel:

Love For Life Music

We have started recording songs, with others, that express the themes of Love For Life. They are now being posted on Arthur's YouTube channel: and are embedded in the quick user guide We have over 100 songs to record. A few rough demos have already been used as the soundtrack on the first "Dream of Life" video.

About Us - Love For Life & The Cristian Family

Also, everything we, the Cristian family, have gone through, from bank fraud and the theft of the family home to death threats and attempts on Arthur's life, is documented in the Quick User Guide too. If you, the reader, are prepared to put the effort in, you will comprehend the extent to which we have all been tricked into becoming slaves, giving up our uniqueness and our full-responsibility for life and destroying everything of life to the point where life is in danger of dying out completely. You will also comprehend the remedy to all this chaos; a remedy that requires only love for life and the determination to do what needs to be done. Though our focus is very strongly on the remedy that creates a world of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance and Do No Harm for all of life without loss of uniqueness or the need for slaves and rulers, we realise that it is vital to comprehend how to get there and what stops us from getting there. This is why there is so much information on the hows and whys of everything going wrong in the world today. We are not into peddling conspiracy theories, we are into routing out all forms of organised crime.

Saturday 26th November 2011

Arthur and Fiona Cristian
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1. For The Body Of The Love For Life Work by Arthur and Fiona Cristian

Which Unravels The Reasons For The Chaos, Mayhem and Confusion Being Experienced In The World Today, Explains The Need For "Community Immunity" and Responsibility, and Focuses On The Creation Of Kindoms - Do No Harm, Life-Sustainable Communities (As The Remedy That Heals All Mans Woes) - And How We Can Co-Create Them. For Comments, Articles And Discussions, Go Here: - Also Go Here To See Podcasts And Videos Posted by Arthur & Fiona Cristian: - The Information Shared Comes From Inspiration, Intuition, Heartfelt-Logic And Information Gathered From Nature And Many Amazing Men And Women Along The Way. It Is Not Found In Any Books Or Channellings, Or Talked About By "Experts". Go Here To Read A Brief Synopsis Of Why We Started Love For Life:

2. For Information About The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series

go here: and for more on Eco Homes, Villages, Organic and Permaculture Gardening and Life-Sustainability, etc, go here: and here: and Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin - Kin's School - Lycee School at Tekos:

3. For How To Eat A Raw, Living Food Diet,

go here: - LIFE is information. When we distort LIFE and then eat, drink, absorb, think, feel, hear, see, touch, taste, smell and perform these distortions, the information of LIFE, your LIFE, our LIFE, our children's lives, everyone's LIFE, is distorted.

4. To Find A Menu For The Extensive Research Library (over 8,000 items posted embodying over 11,000 documents, pdf's, videos, podcasts, etc)

Which Covers Topics From Health to Chemtrails/Haarp to Brain Control to Archaeology to Astronomy Geocentricity Heliocentricity to Pandemics Bird Flu Swine Flu to Fluoride to Cancer to Free Energy to Global Warming, 9/11, Bali Bombings, Aspartame, MSG, Vaccinations, Aids/HIV, Mercury, New World Order, Satanism, Religions, Cults, Sects, Symbolism, etc, etc, go here:

5. If You Would Like To Read About The Cristian Family NSW Supreme Court Case

(Macquarie Bank/Perpetual Limited Bank Fraud Condoned By Judges, Registrars, Barristers, Lawyers, Politicians, Public Servants, Bureaucrats, Big Business and Media Representatives - A Crime Syndicate/Terrorist Organisation) Which Prompted The Creation Of This Love For Life Website December 2006, And The Shooting And Torture Of Supporters Who Assisted Us In Reclaiming The Family Home, Joe Bryant And His Wife, Both In Their Late 70's, go here: And Read Some Of Our Email Correspondence With Lawyer Paul Kean - Macedone Christie Willis Solari Partners - Miranda Sydney May 17th-June 27th 2006:

6. For The Stories Of Other Victims Of The System,

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7. For Documentation Of Harm Done By The Powers-That-Be And Their Representatives,

Evidence Revealing How Victims Did Not Break The Peace, Caused No Crime or Harm, There Were No Injured Parties. Documenting Incontrovertible Evidence Demonstrating How The Powers That Be (PTB) And Their Lackeys Will Break All The Laws They Are Supposed To Uphold. They Will Kidnap, Intimidate, Terrorise, Rape, Pillage, Plunder And Lie And Take Responsibility For None Of It. All Part Of Their Tactics Of Using Fear And Trauma To Keep Us In Our Place. Relatives Of Those Under Their Radar Are Also Not Safe From Attack And Intimidation. All Starting From A $25 Fine For Not Voting And A $65 Fine For Not Changing A Dog Registration. We Do Not Have Freedom And Can Only Appear To Have Freedom If We Comply. Regardless How Small The Matter The PTB Throw Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Away To Enforce Their Will.... Go Here:
Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office - Part One to Part Ten - From 17th October 2008 And Still Continuing: or
Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office
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Part Eight: - The Pirates Auction And The Ghost Of VSL386 - From 4th April 2009
Part Nine: - Arthur Cristian's Letter To Pru Goward MP - From 15th December 2009
Part Ten: - Should We Be In Fear Of Those Who Claim To Protect Us? "Roman Cult" Canon Law - Ecclesiastical Deed Poll - The Work Of Frank O'Collins - From 13th October 2010

8. If You Are Interested In Information On Freedom From Statutes, Rule-Of-Law, Free Man/Free Woman, Strawman, "Person" and Admiralty Law (The Law Of Commerce),

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13. To Read About How A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies Had Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website

go here: Part One: Part Two: THE STEVE JOHNSON REPORT AND VIDEO: and Part Three: Latest Update On James Von Brunn:

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The Cristian Family November 2006

Posted Wednesday 17th June 2009
Updated September 2011

NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies
Has Threatened To Shut Down
The Love For Life Website

No Freedom Of Speech - No Freedom Of Thought

Love For Life does not support harm doing in any shape or form. However, we are supporters of free speech and post articles, documentaries, etc, that represent a wide cross section of ideas. See the Love For Life extensive research library where over 6000 documents, articles and videos are posted: We clearly see the evidence of the destruction to MAN and the earth that has been caused by ALL religions over the centuries and are therefore not supporters of religions, cults, sects or any group that demands conformity of thought, speech or action, or has rules, regulations or rituals that must be followed. Religions, nationalities and cultural "identities" are formed as a result of the brainwashing we receive from childhood. They are part of the tactics the Establishment uses to keep us all divided from one another and fighting one another.

All religions promote discrimination and division, leading to hatred and even violence and murder. None of them have yet to produce a remedy to all the suffering, poverty, unhappiness and discrimination in the world. If any religion truly had the remedy to all the suffering on earth, there would no longer be any suffering. What have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, atheism and the New Age done to end the suffering in the world?

Since December 2006, there have been many attempts to take down the Love For Life website. Any attempts have been thwarted by Love For Life supporters inundating the harm-doers with emails, etc, objecting to them taking down the website for a variety of reasons. The trouble makers usually back off when they realise that they can post all their views, arguments, beliefs, etc, in the Love For Life website without censorship or restriction imposed. They get to see that even the Queen, Pope, Prime Minister, President of America, etc, can post all their views without hindrance or sabotage and that we support freedom of speech/thought which means we support the right of all sides to express their views.

Of note, there is a vast amount of information posted in the Love For Life website which we do not agree with but we leave it all up because we refuse to be biased, opinionated or self-centered/self-serving. Of the many thousands of comments posted over the years we have only removed posts containing secret links to commercial advertisements, terrible foul language, threats of violence and death, etc, and attacks on other people's characters that avoid the subject/debate at hand. Besides links to advertisements, we have taken down less than six comments due to the above. We usually leave everything up, all warts and all, even those posts threatening to do terrible things to Fiona, our children, our dogs, our friends, family & supporters, etc.

The Love For Life website has information from all sides on many subjects, whether about Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Law, health, psychology, mind control, vaccination, aspartame, MSG, Chemtrails etc. There are over 11,000 articles, documentaries etc on the website and they are so diverse that we are sure that everyone would be able to find something they loved and something they hated, if they took the time to search. If we removed all the articles hated by everyone, there would probably be nothing left! We are not anti anyone but freedom of speech is freedom of speech and no one should condemn the work of another without taking the time to research the subject themselves. Yes, there are articles by those who have a less-than-rosy-viewpoint of Judaism, but there are also articles on the dark side of Tibetan Buddhism (and it is very dark) for those who are interested in the truth: Tibet - Buddhism - Dalai Lama: Should the authors of these articles be abused and imprisoned for daring to challenge the widely conceived reputation of Buddhism as being the religion of peace and love and that of the Dalai Lama as a saint, or should those interested be allowed to study the work and come to their own conclusions? The same applies to all the articles, documentaries, etc, about Christianity, Islam, Freemasonry, New World Order, etc.

The Love for Life website also shows how the Rule of Law, the Bar, the Government, the Monarchy, the system of commerce, the local, national and multi/trans-national private corporations, all the courses and careers on offer from our universities, all the educators, scientists, academics and experts, the aristocrats and the Establishment bloodlines have also done NOTHING to end the suffering in the world. The website maps the insanity of a world where there is no help for those in need, just as there was no help available for us when we were victims of terrible bank fraud: "NSW Supreme Court Case - Macquarie Bank/Perpetual Limited vs Fiona Cristian - Victims Of Bank Fraud Condoned By Judges" (orchestrated, condoned and protected by an international crime syndicate/terrorist organisation of judges, barristers, registrars, lawyers, politicians, banksters, big business representatives, media moguls and other lackeys who, all together, put up a wall of silence despite our trying many, many avenues. After the family home was stolen and business destroyed we were left close to poverty and destitution caring for 4 young daughters. Three years later not much has changed regardless of all our efforts. Where were all the followers of all the religions to help us? Or do we have to be members of those religions to receive help from others involved in them?

The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies accused us of being anti - Jewish, see: and because we had posted an excerpt from James von Brun's book: Kill the Best Gentiles: in which he blames Jews for the problems of the world. Obviously this is not our view because of what we have stated above. We do not hate anyone, whatever religion they follow. We are always open to talk to any religious leader or politician and meet with any judge, member of the Bar, experts, academics, educators etc to share the remedy we offer that heals all the divisions between MAN and MAN, and MAN and the EARTH.

Today, a representative of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies is threatening to close the website down, because they have decided it is anti - Jewish and that we promote racism. What has the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies done to end the suffering in the world? Can they show that they are concerned with the suffering of ALL men, women and children AND ARE SEEN TO BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT or are they only concerned with Jewish affairs? If so, they, along with all the other religions that only care for their own, are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The man who rang Arthur today was only concerned with Jewish affairs; he was not interested in our intentions or in anybody else, just as most Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, etc, are only interested in their own. While we separate ourselves into groups, dividing ourselves from others with rules, regulations, rituals, procedures and conditions, we will never solve our problems.

No matter what we in the Western World Civilisation of Commerce have been promised by our politicians, religious leaders, scientists, educators, philosophers, etc, for the past two hundred years, all we have seen is ever-increasing destruction of men, women and children and the earth. None of the so-called experts and leaders we have been taught to rely on are coming up with a solution and none of them are taking full-responsibility for the fact that they can't handle the problem. All religious books talk about end times full of destruction and suffering but why do we have to follow this program when there is an alternative to hatred, mayhem and death? Why are our leaders following the program of destruction and death rather than exploring the alternatives? It seems that any mainstream politician, priest or academic are only interested in supporting the RULES OF THE DIVIDE, that maintain the haves and the have nots. For 200+ years, 99% of the world population have been so trained to pass on their responsibility for themselves, others and the earth, that the 1% of the population that make up the leaders of the rest of us are making all the decisions leading to the destruction of all of us and the earth. Let's not forget the education system that brainwashes the 99% of the population that we are free and have equal rights while, in fact, we are feathering the nests of those at the top.

At the root of all our problems is self-centredness, an unwillingness nurtured by the Establishment that keeps us concerned only with our own needs rather than the needs of others around us and the Earth. Instead of creating and releasing acts of love for those around us as gifts to benefit them and the earth, we take, take and take, until there is nothing left. The whole point of the Love for Life website is to show people the root of all our problems and to share the remedy. The extensive research library is there to attract browsers and to provide access to information not available through mainstream channels. If the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies can, after careful examination of our work, prove that anything we are saying is wrong, we will be happy to accept their proof. If they cannot, and they are still insistent on closing the website down, they will be showing themselves to be traitors to MAN because they are not interested in pursuing any avenue that can end the suffering in the world.

All religions, corporations and organisations that support and maintain the Western World Civilisation of Commerce are part of the problem because our civilisation is a world of haves and have nots, racism, violence, hatred, poverty, sickness, discrimination, abuse, starvation, homelessness, corruption, collusion, vindictiveness, social unrest, arrogance, ignorance, fear, war and chaos. While we support civilisation, we support death and destruction because ALL civilisations that have ever existed are apocalyptic by design.

If we truly want peace on earth and freedom for all, we have to let go of all that which keeps us divided, and come together as MAN, conscious living co-creators of creation. The Love For Life website offers a remedy to the problems we all face in the form of DO NO HARM COMMUNITIES: For more details see here: and here: - We also highly recommend that everyone read the brilliant Russian books called The Ringing Cedars: - The Love For Life Website Homepage also provides lots of inspiring remedy based information: - If you want to be kept up to date with our work please register to the Love For Life Mailing List here: We usually send two postings per month. Presently (September 2011) there are over 7000 registrations reaching over 500,000 readers across Earth. The website now (September 2011) receives up to 12 million hits per month. Since December 2006, over 100 million people have visited the Love For Life website.

Conscious Love Always
Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
17th June 2009

The Cristian Family November 2006

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Behind The Use Of Donations

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Since Love For Life started March 2005 and website December 2006, Arthur has worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week unpaid for much of this period, putting together the website and sharing insights to wake people up to what has been done to them, whether through the 11,500+ individual articles, videos, podcasts, debates, discussions, pdf's, research documents, etc, found amongst the 8,500+ posts, as well as helping many, many men and women over the phone, and through email, website correspondence, Facebook and YouTube, and creating the Love For Life food forest vege garden and Love For Life music recording studio. This is our life is a gift commitment to serve MAN/Nature/Earth but we are still severely compromised by "The System" and still have to give to Caesar what is claimed to belong to Caesar, which is where the donations help us.

Fiona & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
21st July 2014