David Icke: The Deceptions Of David Icke by Arthur Cristian - The Role Of David Icke In The New World Order - AS ONE DIVIDED

The Role Of David Icke In The New World Order
by Arthur Cristian
21st January 2009

Hi Grant
About your comment ["And not about his talk. U for starters raised a few points that made me think twice about David and then quite a few other things have started to get my attention that don't sit with me. I mean take a look at this picture of him (below the video and read the text under it) http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/18696/48 ... it's like they are trying to market him as some sought of God himself and he certainly plays along with it well."]

Note: I suggest reading these recent posts and comments first which provide lots of background information to support what I am stating here:

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I have put something together really quickly to explain my view on the role of David Icke.


The Establishment plan to come up smelling like roses

in their end-times, seen by everyone as "THE GOOD GUYS"

Be the "AS ONE" GOOD GUYS coming to the rescue of the stupid dumbed-down sheeple.

Order Out Of Chaos ------ that's one of their trademarks.

The As ONE Establishment good guys will offer the fictitious As ONE remedy
out of the chaos they planned from the very beginning of their fictitious
global economic, environmental, legal/lawful, social, political, spiritual meltdown.

David Icke, groomed as one of the AS ONE GOOD GUY harbingers
(preparing the fictitious mind-set of the sheeple)

Take A Look At David [Take A Look At David "The Christ"]

is paving the way for this As ONE remedy

which will come in the form of William Spencer,

The As ONE Good Guy heading the

As ONE spiritualised One World/New World Order

as the "AS ONE" promised "Anti-Christ", with an As ONE World Law based in Zion/Sion

Zion/Sion is the tallest mountain of IS RA EL which are three of the thirteen black-magic sects/cults of the

As ONE Ancient Egypt. -- One = Monotheism but number one is a con-struct (fiction) therefore it does not exist!

The sheeple are creating The Establishment's As One in their image. The Obelisk represents The Establishment's As One/One World/New World Order and the reflection of the obelisk on the water is the brainwashed sheeple (zombies) who believe the As One.

Can you already smell how the As One William is being portrayed/packaged/prepared by the global media as the nice guy, the good guy, the noble guy??????

The Establishment as ONE remedy will cancel all debt/credit/loans, will stop all wars, will stop all social/civil chaos etc etc etc etc.

All borders and boundaries will be removed leaving the
as One Earth with an
as ONE spiritual/political leader overseeing an
as One World Law,
as One World Government,
as One World Religion,
[Anyone Notice David Icke In This Picture]
as One World Education,
as One World Language, (English)
as One World Trade/Economy,
as One World /commerce/Currency via a permanent
as One World signature (The Mark) in the form of a
as One World microchip injected in the forehead or palm of right hand of the

as ONE World man, woman or child slave.

The AS ONE garden (government = Rule Of Law/Divinely Appointed Royal Family/High Priesthood = The Beast) that is the civilisation of global commerce, is blooming with roses everywhere. The handshake represents the merging of the Establishment commerce into the lives of the global population and everything is AS ONE.

Everything will be just wonderful for the AS ONE DIVIDED stupid-dumbed-down-sheeple.

I wrote about this 3 years ago, particularly about David Icke, nothing has changed to change my views on David Icke since.

The common denominators of "The Secret" - "Zeitgeist" - "David Icke" "Dalai Lama" etc etc is this......

1. They offer no remedy to step out of the fiction. They may change props but the new props are fiction based as well. Unfortunately the sheeple are too duped to realise this.

2. On behalf of Zeitgeist, Dalai lama, David Icke etc etc; The movie "The Secret" covers point 2 very well. "The Secret" encourages you to believe in your power of creation and to use "The Establishment's" fairy-tale systems (fictions) "on offer" to provide you with the tools you use to form your sense of belonging, worth, esteem, confidence, success, joy, happiness, standing and purpose out of. (where is creation in all of this?)

It makes sure no one thinks to look outside the enclosures of the establishment's knowledge "on offer" to create who they really are (remember who they really are) which creates their true freedom.

The subliminal message in "The Secret" is to accept the existence of the establishment's invention of The Western World Civilisation (fiction-fantasyland) as your partner and therefore to form the purpose of your life out of it. (where is creation in all of this?)

So instead of co-creating MAN (our real-lives) through our interactions with everything of living-creation, we are trained to accept the establishments sacred geometry, mathematics, read and write alphabet languages, history, university/education, rule of law, courts of law, banking, commerce, economics, money, credit, debt, finance, insurance, federal/state/local governments, their departments, statutes, private corporations, Hollywood, Media, New Age, Religions, Cosmic Phenomena, channelling, esoterics, occults etc etc as the dead props/tools we use to co-create our dead lives out of.

"We Create What We Focus On", thus the movie "The Secret" subtly trains you to use "The Law Of Attraction" to focus on the establishment knowledge (the systems of civilisation) "on offer" so you keep re-creating the establishment knowledge "on offer" as your image in their image.


And we wonder why suicides are on the increase!

Arthur Cristian


Cut and pasted from this posting: Suicide, Nibiru, Explaining Some Of David Icke's Deceptions + Divide and Rule - Communications Between Gustavo & Arthur Cristian 9th October 2007 - http://www.loveforlife.com.au/node/1800

There are many Illumined minds (MASTERS Of Knowledge That Is Fiction) like David Icke, who spin stories of truths, of morally correct truths, of logic in such ways that the masses are:

Duped into becoming distracted with INTELLECTUALISED belief systems (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction) which are fantasy stories, issues, insights, concepts and understandings.

Note: The word understand means UNDER THEIR STANDING .

Those who believe in David Icke, are allowing David to hypnotise them with HIGHLY INTELLECTUALISED (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction) cosmic spiritual "supposed" awakenings such as:

"You are all tiny aspects of the infinite cosmos" (you are individuals - the word divid [divide] is in the middle of the word individual)

"You can think and become anything you want to be because there are no limitations" (just use all the con-structs Of Knowledge That Is Fiction we have provided you to be anything you want to be)

This really means:

"HEY, don't listen to consciousness (the information of creation of every living life-form of creation, inanimate or not),

You (divided individuals separated from consciousness/creation)

must focus on the intellectualised ideas (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction))

that I give you including all the highly intellectualised Illumined con-structs (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction)

we (the establishment who I represent)

have already provided you since you were given birth ON OUR EARTH (The Western World Civilisation)."

"THIS IS OUR PLANET (The Western World Civilisation - Our Version Of Reality)


"Yes that's right, You must keep playing with ALL the plastic building blocks (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction)

of The Western World Civilisation we have provided you."

"And, You Are To Always Stay And Play In This Sandpit called FANTASYLAND (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction That Is The Western World Civilisation)

And Never Leave It."

"Gees, We Went To So Much Trouble To Build This Sandpit (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction That Is The Western World Civilisation)


"You Are Not Meant To Get Out (of the fiction that is The Western World Civilisation)

And If You Do (trying to return to creation - accessing the information of creation),

My Illumined Mates (The Establishment)

Will Get Mad And Force You To Get Back In."

"So, Please Listen To My Soothing Words (of mind-control)

And Appreciate What My Mates Have Built Just For You By Not Trying To Escape, OK."

"Do Not Get Us Mad By Trying To Climb Out."

"We want you to stay in this sandpit ALL YOUR LIFE."

"Yes, that's right, they are all pieces of the meccano set we gave you to CRAFT your life IN OUR IMAGE."

"We Want You To Worship Our Cleverness"

"You know what I mean" says David Icke:,



"That's right, your getting it now" says David,

"ALL our ILLUMINED Con-Structs of Knowledge That Is Fiction that we have crafted; languages, education, history, all our university courses & careers, "The Law", our science, government-politics, banking, economics, accounting, tax, sport, alcohol, sex, news, conspiracies, new age, ufo's, ET's, aliens, cosmic consciousness channeling i.e, Andromeda, Pleiades, Saint Michael, Christ Jesus, Nesara & Gesara, The Galactic Federation, Kryon, Ramtha, Spirits from the other side, our Dalai Lama etc etc,

are our tools of mind-control to stop you REMEMBERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE."

What David Icke is saying is




"I want to support my illumined brethren by conning you into believing that you have a mind, an ego, an intellect, a person, an individual, an agent-in-commerce, a strawman so that you are constantly focusing outside creation and upon us and our fiction."

"I want to keep you looking out into SPACE (fiction), out with the fantasy reptilian shape-shifters who reside in the cosmos of your own imagining."

"But please, please, please, do not look and feel for your soul's existence (the information of creation that creates the MAN you are or should be creating)

and become grounded in reality."

"We do not want you to bring LOVE (substance - LIGHT)

into OUR world of fiction and destroy all our lies (FANTASIES - DARKNESS)."

David Icke and others of the dark side, are INTELLECTUALISING your mind with ILLUMINED IMAGES (Of Knowledge That Is Fiction), ideas that were not created by the information of creation.

David Icke does not want you bouncing love with the real world.

He wants you thinking you are part of the cosmos (the fiction of space and time that is Of The Knowledge That Is Fiction)

so you can't be bouncing love with anything real in the real world to create MAN (your real life as conscious-living MAN).

There are only two paths we can take............

1. Creating MAN/WOMAN through the information of creation offered by everything of creation to be shared by everything of creation (consciousness) = DO NO HARM.

When we are conscious we refuse to Do Harm to the creation of the MAN/WOMAN we are creating.

2. Believing in The Images (The Knowledge Of Fiction) Crafted by The Establishment which transfer you to Fiction-Fantasyland (unconsciousness) = DOING HARM.

When we are unconscious we are Doing Harm to creation, Doing Harm to the creation of the MAN/WOMAN we are creating.

By believing in the IMAGES of the Illumined Mind (The Knowledge That Is Fiction),

you take a ride on an escalator that instantly transfers you into the pits of THEIR MAKE BELIEVE HELL, their CRAFTED VERSION OF REALITY, that being The Fictitious Western World Civilisation.

Only the unconscious (the dead) reside in the Fictitious Western World Civilisation that is a make-believe world of the dead by the dead where everyone is doing-harm to the creation of the MAN/WOMAN they are creating, EARTH being part of the creation of MAN/WOMAN.

This is what David Icke and many other trained Illumined Minds of Knowledge (in Sacred Geometry, Mathematics, Read/Write Alphabet Languages & all History recorded in such languages [of knowledge])

are doing to you,

but they don't realise they are destroying the MAN/WOMAN they are supposed to be creating as well.

"The Lost" (The Destroyed)

Are Leading (Destroying)

"The Lost".

It is impossible for a conscious-living MAN to Do Harm, cause destruction to self or to creation so we have to first destroy the creation of the MAN we are creating by becoming unconscious to be able to destroy others by guiding them to destroy themselves as well.


We can only become unconscious when we believe in and worship FICTION, the man-made knowledge that has nothing to do with the living information of creation which is co-created by all living things that bear the substance of creation.

When we place man-made knowledge, invented out-of-thin-air, onto the information of creation, we block out (BLUNT) that information and become numb to it, unable to feel it through all the layers of knowledge.

Man-Made Knowledge separates us from conscious-living creation, from the information created by the living-God of creation.

No matter which INTELLECTUALISED path Of Knowledge that Is Fiction you take, the Illumined Minds have already got you by the balls in their hell because they CRAFTED each and every man-made con-struct of knowledge that exists on Earth today.

As you can see, the Illumined Minds of Knowledge like David Icke, know that if they maintain the CON you will continue using all their plastic building blocks and mecanno pieces (of knowledge) to CRAFT your unconscious-dead life (version of reality) IN THEIR IMAGE on earth.

What Is Critical To Illumined Deceivers Like David Icke Is Making Sure That The People Do Not Become Awakened To The Tools OF KNOWLEDGE They Use For Their CRAFT.

They use their tools to maintain their power and control but they do not realise that the tools they use are destroying them as well.

David Icke Is Just Like A Hornet That Comes Out Of The Hornets Nest To Sting (Distract) The People (Who Are Awakening) From Getting Too Close To The Hornets Nest.

What Are The Hornets Hiding?

Any information of creation that assists us in remembering (creating) who we really are.

David Icke Provides Another Series Of Illumined Distractions, Pathways, That Keep The People Preoccupied In The Maze Within The Maze Of Fiction-Fantasyland (The Western World Civilisation) where everyone is destroying the creation of MAN and MANS Earth.



21st January 2009

Less is more for those trapped in the knowledge (true matrix) but more is not enough for those outside the matrix. Remember, we are talking about the worship of the intellect (knowledge) here which is the basis of all mind-control (lost in fiction). The sun shines, have you ever seen it stop shining? Your statement "less is more" is only relevant for those who live out of their intellects (in the matrix). We never shorten or edit (apart from the odd grammatical error) anyone's postings because we support freedom of speech and we publish everything relevant to the subject.

Do they want us to fit neatly into their paradigm so they don't grow beyond what they already know? Should we be fitting in with the herd? Only those still in the fiction put up barriers when it comes to freedom of information, speech, thought, etc. Those who truly want to grow with the truth are open to finding it wherever it may be, not just where they expect or hope it to be. Those not really interested in growing are those who censor and control. They prefer to fit in with the standards of the herd and reject all else.

Only those still in the fiction want to fit in with the fiction and behave the right way to be accepted by the herd. Fiona and I will not conform to the fiction, will you? By becoming them ("less is more") you join them. If we write the way they do, fit in the way their brains were hard-wired by the education of fiction and the "norms" of the society that unfolds out of it what difference do we make? How do we stand out from the herd???? Is it not a compliment that we are getting plenty of reaction from the sheeple, that the sheeple are lifting their heads to notice the distraction from their grazing amongst the grass of knowledge?

Knowledge is where all the sheeple are grazing. Those that wish to remain with the sheeple will ignore people like us and our work so we don't threaten the barriers to their enclosures. They do not want to lift their heads and look over the fence to other possibilities. The freedom truth movement, including strawman/freeman/honour/dishonour/admiralty law/commerce etc is an enclosure (maze) of many enclosures (mazes) for those who don't like the fiction but it is not a remedy because they are still trapped within the fiction of knowledge. Yes we use the fiction to deal with the "norms" of the society of fiction (keep the wolves at bay) until enough sheeple have awakened and together we step away from fiction to rejoin creation.

Until the sheeple learn to distinguish between the information that is creation and the knowledge of fiction they will always be trapped and the destruction will continue. They will fight to protect their knowledge with their stances of arrogance and or with their lives because they value their knowledge above themselves, others and the earth. This is the problem we have been facing for the last 10,000 years. The slaves are fighting to wear their manacles and protest vigorously whenever someone tries to loosen them.

The carefully crafted education we undergo, if we choose to follow through to the top, refines and hones our fictitious intellect to the point where we say "less is more". Less is more is conditional, it is arrogance to tell one man or woman that they should only say so much or in such a way. These masters of the intellect are the leaders of the packs, the lawyers, barristers, top business men and women, politicians, judges etc, still part of the herd but at the top of the pyramids. This education, this pure knowledge, is the basis of the British Empire, and forms the backbone of the true practice of Freemasonry (worship of the intellect of knowledge). At the top they are the leaders of the herd, all grazing in the fictitious fields of fiction, therefore regardless of how brilliant their clever intellects maybe they offer no remedy to step out of the fiction. All their cleverness does nothing to solve our problems, does not offer any remedy. David Icke, Steven Spielberg, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Jordan Maxwell, Paul K eating, Einstein, Robert Arthur Menard, Churchill, etc etc, hundreds of thousands of brilliant intellects.... how many more of us are going to join the worship of the fiction in rebellion against creation????

I go to great trouble to point out statements like these "More Is Less" to show what is the more behind the less. I only do this because I love you and care about you and only wish the very best for you at all times. The sun shines and all is life.


Pasted from here "The Way" by Arthur & Fiona Cristian 9th August 2008 (which we recommend everyone to read): http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5231 (particularly take note of the James Bond Syndrome)....


When we fall for a fairytale and base our lives on the knowledge it offers, we become a character in that fairytale and surround ourselves with other characters from the same fairytale. For example, when we become a Christian, we mix with other Christians, another Mad Hatters Tea Party. The problem is that, having exchanged who we really are for a fairytale character, we find it hard to distinguish government plants that are also playing character roles in our present fairytale. The establishment are outside the fairytale enclosures, watching from above, as if they were Gods.

From their overall viewpoint acting as master puppeteers pulling at the strings of belief of those who have become marionettes, under-their-standing, they can easily manipulate the fairytales to suit their agenda, trapping innocent men and women who can’t see past the roles the plants are playing. The way to detect them is through their lack of ability to offer any substance as an equal exchange in value. If they are unable to, they are liars and deceivers, whether innocent or not. There are many “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us” representatives of the establishment peddling fairytales to keep us focused on the fiction rather than on our true antagonists, “The Establishment”. The freedom & truth movement is full of them as is everything else “on offer in fiction-fantasyland.

The establishment ensures we are fed a cocktail of truth and lies. The Bible, for example, contains truths that many of us recognise, leading us to assume that everything in the Bible is true. This is a fatal mistake as the lies intermingled with the truths are what cause the destruction of creation and what create the enclosures that trap us. We call this the James Bond Syndrome; you want James inside the targeted compound to do his job of destroying it but you got to get him past the high security gates, so you hide James in the boot of the car to get him inside. Once in, you release him to wreck the joint. That is what lies mixed in with truths will do to anyone believing in the establishment knowledge “on offer”. Truth does no harm while “the lies” (James Bond) cause all the damage. Religions, New Age and all its walking talking leaders like Deepak Chopra, all channellings (no matter what), cosmic phenomena, science, ufo’s, aliens, personal success motivators like Anthony Robbins, movies like The Secret and Zeitgeist, the Dalai Lama, David Icke, most conspiracy theories, freedom and truth websites and periodicals are James Bond in action.

Our belief in the fairytales of our choice and the characters we play within them are what offer us some sense of security in the chaotic world of fiction-fantasyland, which is why we cling tightly to them (the fairytales), sometimes to the point of being ready to die for them. Our fear at losing this sense of security has us become very arrogant as we insist that our fairytale is the correct one, and ignorant as we refuse to listen to another fairytale because we are frightened of what will happen if we have to give up our fairytale. This arrogance, ignorance and fear is what has us arguing and fighting amongst each other, easily divided and ruled by our determination not to give up our points of view that are based on our fairytales. We will never find a remedy while we are clinging to our points of view. The remedy only comes when we live as creators, creating acts of love, moment by moment, that aid creation in rolling along.

Becoming conscious again means letting go of our beliefs in knowledge and going back to who we intended to be before we were brainwashed by the knowledge “on offer” in fiction-fantasyland. We already have everything we need when we are conscious; we don’t need books or dead technology bringing destruction. When we use the information of consciousness to create acts of love, here and now, moment by moment, we recreate the Garden of Eden as it was before we (MAN) fell.

What we are doing in our fairy tale lives is killing each other. We may not be physically attacking each other with knives and guns but we might as well be because the end result is the same. Our fairy tale lives are ensuring the death of those around us, even though we do it ever so nicely. As we lovingly cook food and render it toxic, enjoy our new car that spews noxious fumes into the atmosphere, obediently vote to maintain the power of the establishment, marvel over the convenience of our appliances that have caused the destruction of mountains, poison ourselves with alcohol and cigarettes and support one another’s destructive habits, we are killing each other and killing the earth here and now.

We are killing each other with niceness; the pretty wrappers around toxic sweets full of MSG, Aspartame and white sugar, the “Lean Cuisines” that promise weight loss while filling our bodies with poison, the smiling bank commercials offering financial enslavement, the politicians kissing babies as they pass laws that are to our detriment, the 80,000+ poisons and chemicals saturating the planet which find their way into our lives, no matter which way we turn.

Worst of all are our nice judges, barristers, lawyers and politicians allowing the existence of big business private corporations like Monsanto (a fiction) to genetically modify seeds, destroying the livelihoods of ancient tribes and farmers all over the world. It is “The Law” of the establishment that determines what does exist and what does not exist in their fiction-fantasyland.

All the pain, suffering and disease we experience in the real world here and now is a reflection of the harm we are causing or supporting here and now, overseen by the establishment rule of law that ensures all this chaos will occur. When we stop causing destruction to the earth, we will stop experiencing the pain and suffering because we will be creating acts of love instead of acts of destruction and we will experience the love bouncing back to us rather than the destruction and the pain and suffering.


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Differing opinions

Isnt it amazing how there can be so many differing opinions about a subject or person? There are as many people that think Jordan is a fraud, or Cooper for that matter.

I can honestly say that I have followed David Ickes career since before his Wogan appearance, his downfall and his slow, so very slow climb to the limelight\stage again.

Arthur, although your arguments sound very knowledgeable, my experience does not match your opinion of David, but that is ok because we ALL feel different things about different things. I have watched most of Davids videos\lectures and he does end with a solution, granted it may not be "get the guns out lads" but it is an attempt at getting people into the realisation that this all an illusion anyway. But hey, who is right? I like a lot of your posts especially the legal stuff, we all cant agree on everything, life would be so boring otherwise, but we are all entitled to our own opinion eh?

Got any further information regarding this secret language you speak of, I would love to be a knowledgeable fellow also.

Peace man

Re: Differing Opinions About David Icke

Hello Man of Peace
The fall of David Icke and his slow climb back to the limelight after the Wogan experience "WAS ALL STAGED", all cleverly crafted (like the resurrection of Jesus) part of the true Freemasonic tactics used to catapult one of their FORECASTED plants amongst the Sheeple, to be accepted by the sheeple as one of them/theirs (their saviour) etc.


To enable the "WE WILL LEAD EVERY REVOLUTION AGAINST US" mind-control tactics be used upon the stupid-dumbed-down sheeple who fall for this CON over and over and over again, generation after generation, as recorded across all their recorded ages of HIS-STORY.

The whole WOGON show and media backlash was a CON within a CON to create Davids (GOOD GUY) profile over time.

David Icke is a deceiver of the worst kind.

He offers no remedy for the sheeple to step out of the fiction. Instead he maintains a distraction by keeping the sheeple grazing in the fields of man-made (masonic) knowledge, minimising any "TRUE" resistance against the REAL-TRUE "Establishment" agenda.

Please read the early part of this posting about enclosures:

What Are We Waiting For?
By Fiona And Arthur Cristian 25th July 2008:

David Icke seduces/tempts/invites the sheeple into one of many enclosure (all enclosures interlink with each other forming the maze within the maze within the maze of the real-true matrix of fiction-fantasy la la land) where they can graze in a field of man-made (masonic) knowledge) thinking they have found TRUTH.

You want to know the real-true remedy????? well then explore this for starters and all the other remedies on offer within these postings........

A Love For Life Do No Harm Community "KINDOM" Proposal At Greenwich Park In-Between Sydney & Canberra
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All the best
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life

RE: Re: Differing Opinions About David Icke


I hear your argument, but cant that not be said of so many people around the world that preach this information, it is not as if the information David Preaches is so much different say than Jordan Maxwell or Bill Cooper? They all have their spin on things! I am not sure if David has the limelight now because he had it before, or the fact his demise was so public or whether it is because of the message he brings, he was after all a publicly known name from the TELY:D.

I for one do not focus on the messenger, rather the message\information. I do not pick one source and follow that source as if they we're the messiah, I think people would be wise not to do that, and due diligence is also advised to ALL. I think people can generally tell if a message resonates with them, but you are correct in that some people will be drawn into the MESSENGER, but that is people's choice, their own free will. We all have perspectives, different perspective and we all go around living, doing based on our experiences - we are all exposed to different information upon which we base our decisions’, don’t you think? You have had your experiences and thank you for sharing.

I am currently studying the common law\uniform commercial code aspects, very, very interesting indeed and it may well be an avenue out of this slavery we all call a civilised society.

Peace Aruthr
Man :D

PS I am reading your articles you have listed :D

David Icke...

Dear Arthur,

I enjoy all your posts, and acknowledge your right to say what you want.

I'm open minded completely about your point of view on David Icke. I don't beLIEve in anything, I discover the facts and know them or not.

I've read David for a long time. He's a man. I've seen him enter into personality fiction in the past, but I must say, he is concertedly working towards removing that, from what I see. I see this because I see it in myself, in my own journey to be free. To remove the fiction piece by piece.

In other words, he is not perfect, he has not got all the answers, he's been victim to disinformation, and his own ego. That makes him one of us, in the thick of things working to get free.

I want to address your point about his "resurrection" and the alleged staging of his "rise".

You may be right about that.

However, this is an issue that has been rearing it's head repeatedly the last six months. This idea of all pervasive illuminati. They are not all pervasive, they do not own everything, and not everything is of them. A flower rises from the dirt. The sun rises from the horizon. In my own life, I have fallen into darkness and despair, and risen again as a child of the light remembered (and still going). I am not a mason, I'm not any of those things. Was I programmed with these ideas? Perhaps, but I did not INTEND to follow them. Everything that happened was against me being enjoined to the system. Everything that happened was gross and painful and shocking in order to force me to wake up from my lazy ignorant slumber. I do not think the system was involved in that revolution that I personally undertook and continue to undertake. And much of the time now, more and more I do see the matrix from the outside. Very interesting.

So I don't think your argument holds on principle automatically - it depends upon the specific case at hand. I guess we just have to wait and see.

I have found the MOST inspirational solutions in David Icke's work, and consider that his contribution. The rest of the research is indeed for those who don't know and who need all the ditty bits of information to prove to them that there is indeed some real structure behind this conspiracy that is verifiable and actual Once you get past that, his message is simple, clear. It is to connect with consciousness and find the way. He does not suggest the way, he does not say he is the way. he says he is looking for it too. I think this whole strawman knowledge is definitely a huge piece of the puzzle and though not yet whole, it is the most pertinent area of research for our remedy that I have seen to date.

The other area, that is in fact, in my opinion one and the same is the point of view of the observer / participant (which is really just the observer at it's pure point of reference). The observer becomes participant when it enters into enjoinment with it's perception of the matrix and looks upward at it's origin (God / All that is) this is the illusion of duality. The true is the observer creates, or the observer is creator. This you all know of course, just pointing out that it is our enjoinment or bondage or entrapment in the co created illusion that creates the observer position of participant and thus re-creates that reality perpetually. In order to create reality properly and enjoy it to the full one must be observer from outside of the matrix, in other words, the point of view is from the point of the pure observer, observing the participation. Then we are safe and free, for co-creators who seek to bond can be easily dealt with, principally because they can be seen! (observed). Deceits always take place in the blind spots, in the dark.

The observer sits out side the plane of the matrix border and is in fact in a space of infinity, and therefore infinite leverage over the physical universe and it's super counterparts such as the energetic matrices, fields, meridians, spirits, energies, and all that. We can refer to the nature of reality as chemical, nuclear, quantum to put it simply, and at each stage we are another level deeper into the order of the matrix reality, but beyond the quantum plane is the observer which is beyond all of it. It is the creator in fact. The eye in the pyramid represents the observer entrapped and enjoined in the act of participant / observer. The correct placement of this symbolically would be the eye over the pyramid, outside of the matrix, with the light streaming forth and creating it. This is, in my interpretation, the correct meaning of the symbol with the freemasonic version being the distorted / corrupt version. (Even then it is merely a symbolic depiction of the subconscious speaking to itself - they are symbolically demonstrating to themselves "Hey you are an entrapped observer". The shadows in the system fear the observer because it is their master and they may live or be dissolved before it. They worship fear because it helps to entrap the observers into participation and perpetuate their illegitimate survival as empty program fictions. They make the fundamental psychological error of assuming that their greatest fear is fearful to all. They put the observer at the top of the pyramid (but still inside), so there is also this double meaning there as well that they probably don't know themselves. The point is that it is useful for us - we are able to now see what they fear most since they are showing us by placing it in the most exhalted position of fear. They fear the eye. The observer, and the streaming light of consciousness that will come forward and re order reality when it's position outside of the pyramid is attained. So thank them for that one, quite a useful confirmation wouldn't you say? In a way they are also prescribing their own treatment, their own pill to heal their errors, to seek and delete the viruses in the system, so there, you have a triple meaning. All of this is simply symptomatic. We get a symptom in illness and that helps us diagnose the problem. The symbols everywhere are the symptom. They help us diagnose the problem. The problem is that the observer is trapped and enjoined into a dualistic observation / participant reference point.

I'll give you a real world example. When I have been able to - simply and easily without living in a mountain for 10 years - attain the observer status I find that a) I realise my energy systems, consciousness and all that is all created fiction not the source b) immediatley my enjoyment of life increases c) rather than being detached or removed from the energy centers and all that is going on, including the body, another energy level become more sensitive, one can feel things more, perceive things more accurately. In other words, the opposite happens as to what you would expect. When you attain this simple elevated position, everything becomes better, the air smells nicer, the water tastes better, and you feel things more acutely and more pleasureably, and there is an infinite extent to which you can elevate into the pure observer status. Further one is NOT disengaged from reality, this is not a transcendental meditation. It is the opposite. One is absolutely engaged, aware of the world especially the physical world, as a tool for realising the nature of reality. You are totally engaged with all of it, and totally free at the same time. This is true freedom - the freedom to be participating but not enjoined with the system. And it is attainable and easy to do.

Once you have attained this state of engaged observance - the pure observer status - which is completely grounded in the real world I remind you, not "out there" or "channeling" or any of that, in fact one is only aware of the immediate present NOW moment and the self. At this point in time - the now - the ever present moment one can experience the true observer status and from that point of view, you can actually activate your choice with great great power. In fact the more purely you can be the observer, participate in reality without being enjoined energetically the more powerful your choices become. Remember we're talking about infinite leverage here. X billion infinite times more powerful than nuclear or quantum power. What I was able to see was that the only thing I needed to do, more simply than anything was to realise I was resisting an infinite tide of ultimate love at the matrix as a consequence of my participance observer status (illusory duality). Immediately upon realisation of this fact I attained the observer status and entered into a state of incredible loving of the matrix and all entrapped in it. and I found that this had an effect on my energy systems and all that - great but they are just vehicles the same as the body and the same way a body gets into a car and a car onto a boat and so on. No, this love was beyond any systems, it came from the creator status and issued down and manifested into the system. What is so great about this level of love is that it is all you need to do. Its like a one size fits all, magic pill for anything. So I'm trying to teach this extremely simple system and point of view to people so that they can do it as well. we are co creators and the more people who attain observer status the more peaceful and safe will be the matrix for us all.

the principle is that the first subset of manifestation of creation from the point of the pure observer creator (as one) is CHOICE. This precedes intention.

I have found that all you need to do is attain the reference point of the pure observer by realising the truth of the nature of reality (easy and simple not complex) and then you are able to choose the manifestation. Your creation may be pure energy as I've found the most potent and useful force that will re order reality in it's own image very quickly and safely is Universal Love. From the correct point of reference it is possible to simply inject untold amounts of this energy into the matrix. Like an anti virus it goes everywhere and no where, and re orders specific elements as well as the whole alike in a universal fashion. reality is just a program, and love re writes the program without judgement over writing bad code instantly. It's simply a choice to program Love into the system inherently and it will then manifest on it's own, automatically, accordingly.

People spontaneously wake up as a result of this I've found, and yes, you start to see the results reflected back from the movie screen of reality which is nothing more than an experience of reality that you have already created. And again I'm not paraphrasing Icke, the similarity in what I say here with some of what he says is not my fault: that's my direct experience of the nature of things: if he concurs that's just a coincidence or an indication of the fact he has also observer or discerned this.

Quite useful.

I want to point out most clearly that this has nothing to do with ANY new age teachings that I have found. I can't stand Depak Chopra or any of the new age gurus or old age gurus either. I believe in first hand knowledge. Although I read various stuff, that was a long time ago and I have since departed from most of it except for a very thin veil of it that I found first hand to be true, Kind of like the bible if you like. Certainly in a matrix of co creation any system that purports to be the answer from the bible to the celestine prophesy one must understand that anything can and does go, only love is eternal and everlasting, so as Bruce Lee said, you have to be like water / take any form you need, learn it all, and let it all go (also Morpheus in the Matrix says something similar). All systems contain doubt and fear because they are enclosed and not universal, so the fear and doubt is only natural. Realisation of this truth allows us freedom from judgement and thus, recreation of the problem (which is all that judgement is - it is the holding on to and recreating perpetually of those things which we judge). "It is like a finger pointing at the moon, don't look at the finger or you will miss all that beautiful glory". Everything that I have outlined here is from the point of view of direct personal experience with the attitude that to beLIEve is to be the lie (I have thought that for some time) so I only impart what is direct experience or discerned knowledge, which you are free to like or not. therefore I don't talk about issues which I don't have direct experience of since that would be belief not knowledge, and I don't practice that, or if i do refer to things speculatively I say or indicate that is the case.

What we must engage in is a refusal to see things other than what they are no matter how bad or ugly (or beatufiul therefore) things may be and at the same time a preparedness TO see things as they are. This sounds funny but really it's about dissolving the illusion of duality Those two things together, actually make one thing and that one thing is what we need.

David Icke has helped me. And your post about him has helped me to do a double check and make sure I don't follow him. I think unconsciously (we are all working to be conscious) I did a little. Now I don't. Thank you. So you have played that part and thank you it's important that we remember to not follow any one but our own God nature. That is the nature of trust.

Now my respectful point of view.

You are perhaps throwing out the baby with the bathwater as the saying goes.

That means, energetically (and when I say words like that I do NOT mean them in some fantastic new age manner, it is simply a word that is a symbol of a phenomenon and that is the best I have available to me at this time and perhaps describes the movement of consciousness in a useful abstract terminology) I do feel that you are quite certain of your point of view but are you? Perhaps I am wrong, but I do think you are angry, and hateful sometimes. And that's OK. I'm not judging. I will say the same of myself. But it's important to realise that's a trap. i'm not "analysing" you. Just saying what I feel (big difference). It's something we are working to be free of. And I don't negate your loving good nature which is also readily discernable. Do you see what I mean?

we aren't perfect. It is part of the problem to judge. Judgement is the first departure of the observer from pure observer status, free and enjoying, into participant observer dualised unfree and enjoining.

Judgement is unnecessary and therefore wasteful and the first act of destruction. What is there is there to be seen and known and observed freely, it is not necessary to judge and define it further.

I think David Icke is a man on a journey, on a personal mission and ultimately in the most pragmatic sense his work is good and helps people. I think if anyone follows him, they haven't listened, and if they believe in him, they haven't listened or heard what he has said, and it goes precisely against his message. He is repeatedly saying that he is not the answer, he is a questioner and is ready to learn. He has said if he starts talking rubbish we should have enough sense to not listen. He is not a belief system unto himself. how can you, it is purposefully haphazzard and totally against the grain of nearly everyone who reads it, yet it makes a lot of sense. He is also somewhat limited and trapped in his fictional persona and tries to elevate that persona to a higher level unsuccessfully as it naturally is dead and cannot vibrate and like us all, he has to successively shed that piece by piece. That's how I see it anyway. He also has a freeman topic section on his forum which is nice.

All the best to you.
Love & Peace.

Anonymous Post 7 March 2009 Re: David Icke etc

Anonymous i just wanted to say mate that what you have articulated here is pure GOLD. I Love it and it has helped clarify my understanding of the matrix (i.e. the fictional mental constructs we have created). Personally i have felt the observer presence also with gaining momentum but i was still drawn towards understanding the "world" (i.e. the matrix) and also felt a resonance with the Freeman on the Land idea. The penny dropped when reading your post. Observing it we enjoy it, see it fo what it is whilst remain centred in our own being rather than contract with it and grant it jurisdiction over our being by judging and by participating unconditionially we lose ourselves in it. Conditional acceptance however (i will participate but remain an observer throughout the process) shines light upon it and it will hopefully dissolve as more and more observers start participating from their true essence. As we know from the STrawman Illusion that if we accept unconditionally we have granted the fictional matrix jurisdiction. The matrix is all about contracts which can be another way of saying CHOICES.

The co-creative element is wonderful and it excites me no end to be alive at this point in time and to witness and be a part of our awakening on so many levels.

Anonymous, are you in Brisbane mate (or nearby) because i'd love to catch up!

Mark Will I AM

Take Your Deceptions & Put Them Where The Sun Don't Shine

26th January 2009

Get a grip Arthur.

I've know David for over ten years.

You can take your conceptions of deceptions and put them where the sun don't shine.

Let everyone know? ..........It is only a fool that would like the world to know what a dufus he is.

If the shoe fits,....................wear it.


Re: Take Your Deceptions & Put Them Where The Sun Don't Shine

26th January 2009

You are obviously blinded by arrogance Jack.

So I write to help you overcome it if you are truly sincere and will always go wherever the truth takes you.

He stayed in our home for 1 week back in 1996, much happened, too many strange occurrences as well. He even put on a talk for our friends in the living room. Kept in touch with him for sometime until he couldn't answer questions presented to him and he just cut away from Fiona and I. Never returned a book we lent him either.

During 2005 a script analysis of his book "And The Truth Shall Set You Free" revealed that David Icke was trained in the secret codes (meanings) of the English Language. Every letter of the English language has a meaning not taught to the sheeple but David knows all 26 of them very very well. Another complete language of communication jumped out from every page which can only be deciphered by those initiated into the true Freemasonic craft (cult) of sacred geometry. The same info we used that had judges get up and flee the courtroom back in Dec 2006 when we filed all this Judeo-Judaic (Ancient Egypt) read & write alphabet language info.

The Establishment motto "We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us" and David Icke is most definitely one of their lackeys.

On up to ten occasions during the intimate time I spent with David that week and almost every day I got these series of horrible/awful gut feelings when I was around him, but only when I was around him, that overwhelmed me and I kept saying to Fiona it must be me, something was wrong with me, maybe insecurity or self-esteem issues etc. Fiona kept saying it wasn't. Back then I was impressed by David. It wasn't until years later and due to many other life experiences that I finally realised that spirit (consciousness) was warning me just like the robot out of the Lost In Space series from the late 1960's/ early 1970s would say with pending danger, "Warning" - Warning" - "Warning" - "Warning" - Warning" - "Warning".

An elderly wonderful brilliant Australian came into our lives out-of-the-blue to assist us during the early stages of our court battles 2005/2006. He asked us to promise him that we would not reveal what he would teach us and who he was so we agreed and we have kept our word ever since. What I can discuss is that he read/studied many old biographical books of all kinds from the 1700's/1800's/early 1900's particularly autobiographies from archbishops and other books like Thesaurus.

By chance (or guiding intuition) at the back of many of these books he discovered meanings to various English letters provided in these books and over a ten year period of intense research he uncovered another whole language within the English Language which only those privileged and initiated into such secrets could ever know. He put it to practice in court to do with his million $ businesses and was able to talk an Old English Language, even bantered with certain judges and barristers who were stunned to find someone in court who knew this other English Language. He won every case (many of them) and he was always referred to as a learned friend. When I filed those set of docs in Dec 06 I was also called a learned friend in banter by the barrister on many occasions.

It became very obvious that it took between 5 and 10 years to master this craft (the true language of Freemasonry) and its 110% clear that David Icke was trained in this old English Language.

Unrelated to our work or influences, there are now hundreds who have contacted us since 2005 who have come to the same conclusion about David Icke working against all sincere freedom-truth seekers. Some of them worked very very closely with David. A little of such info is posted here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/2491 - many have asked to stay anonymous.

There were two very unusual women, (one particularly) with weird vibes who kept coming and going from our home. We were told exact stories by many many other researchers (who knew nothing about our experiences or that David even stayed in our home) who mentioned about one or sometimes two women acting as David's Handlers, both they believed were MI6. This could all be false accusations against David but it just felt right every time I would hear such a story.

As with all True Freemasonry devotees (not the red herring bullshit dished up to the sheeple in the thousands of books of Freemasonry) they offer the sheeple no remedy to step out of the fiction because they want them trapped in the fiction, so as one lie wear thins its replaced by another "We Will Lead Every Revolution" lackey liar peddling lies mixed in amongst mountains of truths.

All sheeple are trained from childhood to graze in the grassy-green fields of knowledge (worship of the intellect) because that is exactly what the mind-control agenda is all about. The masters of mind-control do not want you to remember who you really are.............

Cut and pasted from here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6269

When you have faith and belief in the act of eating meat, you take that knowledge and put it onto the animal, creating a barrier between you and the animal rather than leaving the channels of communication open. Thus you are unable to receive any information the animal might have to offer you. It's ok to kill an animal because the information we are using that tells us so comes from our brainwashing and not from the animals.

This is what is meant by being unconscious, we are no longer listening to the information of creation, instead we have deadened our senses by our obsession with fiction. The evidence of unconsciousness is blatantly obvious, just take a good look around us, particularly where the Western World has ventured and the men and women who give this fiction their energy.

Cut and pasted from here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5304 ....................

Only the unconscious (the dead) reside in the Fictitious Western World Civilisation that is a make-believe world of the dead by the dead where everyone is doing-harm to the creation of the MAN/WOMAN they are creating, EARTH being part of the creation of MAN/WOMAN.

This is what David Icke and many other trained Illumined Minds of Knowledge (in Sacred Geometry, Mathematics, Read/Write Alphabet Languages & all History recorded in such languages [of knowledge])
are doing to you, but they don't realise they are destroying the MAN/WOMAN they are supposed to be creating as well.

"The Lost" (The Destroyed) Are Leading (Destroying) "The Lost".

It is impossible for a conscious-living MAN to Do Harm, cause destruction to self or to creation so we have to first destroy the creation of the MAN we are creating by becoming unconscious to be able to destroy others by guiding them to destroy themselves as well.


We can only become unconscious when we believe in and worship FICTION, the man-made knowledge that has nothing to do with the living information of creation which is co-created by all living things that bear the substance of creation.

When we place man-made knowledge, invented out-of-thin-air, onto the information of creation like a rock or flower, we block out (BLUNT) that information and become numb to it, unable to feel it through all the layers of knowledge.

Man-Made Knowledge separates us from conscious-living creation, from the information created by the living-God of creation.


Also read LESS IS MORE - MORE IS LESS, see above or go here http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6268#comment-1032

David Icke is not who you think he is Jack.

He was asked about "remedy" and he avoids this subject big-time.

His job is to keep the Sheeple grazing in the fresh green grass of "Illumined Knowledge" and make sure they never connect with the information of creation so they can begin to remember who they really are.

This is what its all about Jack, has always been about mind-control (to block out access to the information of creation) going back 10,000 years.

With the exposure David Icke has, with the extensive networks he has and his forum, do you honestly think that 12 Million sales of Ringing Cedars Books http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1125 spreading everywhere and our Love For Life work receiving 5000 visitors per day to the website + its mailing list having 4,800 registrations reaching upwards of 200,000 readers globally, with almost everyone whose finger is on the leadership pulse of the freedom-truth network globally registered to the Love For Life mailing list, all exposed to the remedy of KINDOM-KIN-DOMAINS we promote heavily, that David Icke is not aware of said remedies????

Remedies which truly frees MAN up from all forms of harm-doing?????

That he is completely ignorant of said remedies??????

Come on Jack, Icke is on the cutting edge of everything going on, particularly the Ringing Cedars books & our work and he says nothing about remedy but spiel and spiel and spiel and spiel about man-made knowledge (fiction)!!!

What a fantastic distraction he offers the sheeple to keep them grazing and completely unconscious of creation.

But David, "What About The Remedy"????????????

Don't you want the sheeple to be truly free of Fiction?????

Arthur Cristian


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A Little Overboard With Your Opinion About Icke There Arthur.

A little overboard with your opinion about Icke there Arthur, you always have to write WAY to much, however i agree with you- I've looked into his work (with recommendation of my relative who DOES idolize him, believe it or not) and it entertained me for a bit... but then he just kept saying the same shit over and over... with NO way out, except for that silly `we are all one` theory... not helping. plus, I notice that he does like to avoid real remedy on how to use the fiction for you, to do no harm, plus he just goes on and on and on and on- do people actually READ his newsletters you have to SIGN UP and pay for! they are all garbage `fear this, propaganda that, rebel rebel!` again, someone close bought into the whole thing... books and galore and she regrets it, I ran thought most of the next and me more or less, every single big book is the SAME. my relative admitted that it was a waste of money there.

actually, one thing that he DID write that was decent, one of my favorite things someone ever said, I feel that exact way about his work ironically

`its a piece of shit, walk away`

that's exactly what I did soon enough. yeah, there is something about people spin the truth and... for example, look at his latest newsletter.. sounded something like this

Yes, I know it's not popular and I know it's swimming against the
tide. But it has the benefit of being true.`

oh fuck you David! who died and made you Jesus! I have a real problem with people who claim to tell the truth and arrogantly say something like that- at LEAST Will Cooper said in the very beginning of his book, `don`t take what I have to say as true, it is just my experience`

anyway, my two cents, I don`t trust that man further then I could throw him, but some times you blow shit out of your ass too Arthur- maybe because you just talk to much to try and get your point across and use the same points over (yeah, I do that too) I do know, a lot of the time I disagree with your strong opinion on certain people as if you were spinning bullshit propaganda yourself, but I agree with you here- David can not be fully trusted.

Don't Take What I Have To Say As True, It Is Just My Experience

`Don't Take What I Have To Say As True, It Is Just My Experience` . . . . I think you will find David Icke says that too in his lectures, but he adds "investigate yourselves" . . . .you might have missed it but the mind is a weird and wonderful thing, it does filter information you know, based on your beliefs.... Bruce Lipton explains it the best I think. All this kind of thing has taught me . . . never trust your thoughts’ :D.

David’s book are repetitive sure, but it is the same information related in a different light each time, adding newly learnt, subtracting falsely interpreted information, I would probably do the same . . he does explain this also if time was taken to actually “listen” to him and not judge him by his cover :D.

As I said, sod the messenger, look at the information.

Most people are put off by David because of the lizard agenda and miss all of the other stuff he is informing people about. Opening one persons eyes with information and getting them to investigate has got to be a good thing surely, that’s one of the reasons I ended up on this site . . . so who is right? "Your path will be shown to you - develop the eye to see"

Do you know, there probably as many people that think Bill Cooper and Jordan Maxwell were spooks, I for one thing Jordan tends to repeat himself as much as David but I listen to his information not the fact that he repeats. Jordan Maxwell: "There are people on the earth that are divinely ordained in there positions of power". Watch a few of Jordan’s videos ‘Back to Back’ and see what I mean.

I agree with this. And the

I agree with this. And the thing with it is that if David Icke touted the Kindom rememdies as espoused on this site, which are great and all (though not whole), then you have to understand the information would automatically be lumped and labelled in that "basket" as though the whole point of him bringing all that information to you was to get you to accept the outcome or remedy that you are proposing here.

Whereas: getting people to open up their minds, question their reality, learn about the lies of the corporate world, and then look further for their own answers is, as the poster above said, one of the things that also brought me to this site. Had I not read David Icke first and many other studies, I may have thought you lot were just a bunch of crazies! ha ha. But it does make a lot of sense.

I think his neglect of remedy to the degree you want from him or expect, is tactical and wise, and helpful to the movement. It's not up to him to do it all that's what you me and everyone else is here for. The reason he's not trying to "do it all" is because he knows he ISNT Jesus. He's trusting others to pick up where he leaves off, and concentrating on his area, in what he knows best, and where he feels he can effect the greatest change.

The idea he is a mason seems rediculous to me, not because of the material he publishes, I'm not that 2 dimensional - I mean because of his energy. it just doesn't fit - to me anyway. I say he's alright and you lot are somewhat overly paranoid. Take what you can from it, leave the rest, make your own way, that's what he says and that's good advice.

Truth Is Where There's Substance Creating Conscious Life For MAN

Man made knowledge is useless, provides no remedy for the sheeple, it keeps the sheeple trapped in fiction-fantasyland. Only the creation of substance can provide remedy. Man Made Knowledge (all invented out of thin air) offers no substance because it is dead.

I suggest you study this document and all the links that stem from it so you can learn about substance and true remedy.

3000 Acres In-Between Sydney & Canberra
Not Too Far From Goulburn or Bowral

Part 1: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6305
Part 2: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6306
Part 3: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6320
Part 4: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6322
Part 5: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6321

Truth can only ever be found where there is substance. We can't eat or drink words or books or sacred geometry or mathematics or read and write alphabet languages or reptilians or annunaki or ancient Egypt or the Illuminati or the nwo or the microchipped population or conspiracies or mind-control or freemasonry or the royal family etc etc. ALL DEAD - ALL USELESS.

The remedy is in creating substance and that can only be done by creating acts of love to benefit others and to live like this means giving up being an individualised self-centered individual (SHEEPLE).

If you want life (want to live as MAN) which path do you take..... a) substance .... b) man-made knowledge??????

Also, there is no mind (or ego or intellect or individual), have you found the mind?

Please do show when you do.

I have no beliefs either.

If you have studied the body of our work you will have fully comprehended both the comment about mind and the comment about beliefs.

Again thanks for sharing your views with us.

All the best
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life

The Spells Run Very Deep, Sheeple Need Repetition To Snap out

Thanks for writing
The Spells Run Very Deep, Sheeple Need Repetition To Snap out so that is why I repeat & write lots. I can only inspire those who seek to be inspired keeping in brain that Fiona and I always say "We Are No Ones Sheep Nor Shepherd".

I am always up for expanding consciousness so any bullshit propaganda you have sourced out in my work, please point them out and provide the remedy to replace the bullshit with truth.

Have you explored the remedies we recently posted?.....

A Love For Life Do No Harm Community "KINDOM"
Proposal At Greenwich Park In-Between Sydney & Canberra
30th January 2009
Part 1: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6305
Part 2: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6306
Part 3: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6320

All the Best
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life


I'm surprised of your criticism of Icke, I'm not one of his followers, in fact I'm blocked out of his website for speaking some rather harsh words but your references to his "I am the son of God" supposed claims are similar to those expressed by the British media when he experienced his first spiritual revelation. I knew "exactly" what he meant i.e. that we are all one and so YES ! we are all the children of God because of it. It was clear that he didn't actually believe that he was Jesus Christ, he didn't say it, Wogan said it and he replied with an aside of "yes" which he immediately qualified.
The book cover with the "arms up" criticism as if he was Jesus is a bit lame as well. You know how publishers work, the same crap occurs with record companies who will agree on a particular cover and just change it without telling the writer or the artist.
To a publisher it's all about book sales so they'll do whatever they think will boost sales. BOTTOM LINE !
I don't think Icke chases the fame, he chases the truth. No one puts up with the amount of ridicule that he has over the years unless they're driven by a passion. Icke has a driving passion and it has nothing to do with $$$ or fame.
I'm still not sure about the reptilian "thang" although there's evidence for some sort of extraterrestrial influence on the side of evil just as there is on the side of good. There's certainly a systematic program of interference with the nuclear silos around the planet as well as the recent events where weapons on both sides of a military confrontation simply didn't work, they heard a bunch of clicks instead of bang bang as the firing pins on their rifles jammed in unison.
Although Icke's said nothing he has obviously steered clear of the subject who knows, who cares as long as everything else he says rings true which it does.
As far as a remedy goes I don't believe we can expect him to come up with that as well. He's preached non compliance and I think that's enough, let's leave the remedies to the white hats in our global military forces I think they've got a good handle on that, you'll see it soon.

RE: Criticism Of David Icke

We cover the ground of this in the videos we've been posting on YouTube since October 2011.

Go here: http://www.youtube.com/ArthurLoveForLife - They are embedded below.

More info (links to articles, debates/discussions, documents & more background info on the videos) can be found by scrolling down the Love For Life website home page www.loveforlife.com.au or the Quick User Guide page: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6608

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

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The Cristian Family November 2006

We Stand For NO SYSTEM

Kindom (Do No Harm Communities) is the dream for freedom, but it is the dream for the freedom of those around us who also live the dream of freedom, because it is in living for the freedom of others that we get our freedom. When we live for the dreams of Kindom of those around us, we live life as a gift because we live for (dedicate our lives to) their dream of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance, etc, just as they live for our Kindom dreams too. This is true co-creation (cooperation) with no attack on the uniqueness of each of us. When we live this way, we have no need for any man-made system - everything/everyone has already been taken care of by our love for life.

Just as we do not have to jump 10 feet across the room to grab our next breath, neither do we have to worry about food, water and shelter because it has all been taken care of as we each co-create Kindoms/Kin-Domains for everyone. Now everybody and everything of the dream of life that is Kindom/Paradise is free (has been set free once again). The issue is greed and selfishness, power and control trips, arrogance, ignorance, being fed many many lies and being traumatised. The issue is not overpopulation - there is more than enough land available for every family to have a hectare (2.5 acres Kin-Domain) to care for. The land of Australia can provide a Kin-Domain for every family across Earth, each with a food forest, clean fresh drinking water and plenty of space for building natural do no harm habitats and with plenty of land left over.

Everyone must have the freedom to take full-responsibility for their lives, for the water they drink, the food they eat and for their shelter. Currently, "The System" forces everyone to give up taking full-responsibility so that we become grown up children accustomed to sucking on the nipples of "The System" corporations for everything, having to use money to get by and to follow the rules of money because we are not co-creating freedom, peace, truth, joy and abundance for each other. Money only leads to haves and have nots and all the abuse, manipulation and distractions that we are subjected to as slaves to money.

When we give up living for other's Kindom dreams, we start creating hell ("The System") all around us because we become self-centred - now it's all about "my freedom","my money", "my land", "my belief", "my saviour", "mine", "mine","mine", "i","i", "i", "own", "own", "own", etc. To protect what we claim we own requires a man-made system with FORCE to protect those self-centred claims. This is ALL trauma based and all story-telling (brainwashing/braindirtying).

NO SYSTEM = KINDOM/DO NO HARM COMMUNITIES photo Kindom_zpsa6d24e8a.jpg

Our true freedom comes when we set our thoughts of freedom into motion so that we live freedom rather than just talking and thinking about it while we still slave for "The System". Kindom will not happen while we meditate for hours in the bush or do yoga retreats or wait for Jesus or follow the processes of the OPPT (One People's Public Trust now called One People). This is not freedom because we are not living freedom because we are living the story-telling of Jesus or Zeitgeist or The Secret or Thrive or One Earth/Consciousness/People.

Living Kindom is very, very hard work as we set about repairing the damage to MAN/Earth/Nature that we are ALL responsible for but the burden becomes lighter the more of us put our life-energy into the dream of returning Earth to Paradise. Day-after-day, we all have to work our arses off until Kindom is all around us (MAN) once again. This is the price we pay to set each other free on a piece of land (Kin-Domain), so that no one is under the image-power (education/brainwashing/story-telling) of another MAN anymore and so that everyone can have their space of love to create and live their unique, do no harm dreams. This only happens once we have the Kindoms set up so that everyone is provided for.

Once we re-create the food forests, whether on land or in the suburbs, we can re-claim our freedom, breaking the strangle-hold of "The System" because we are no longer reliant on its services and benefits and no longer turning each other into slaves of "The System", cogs in the wheels of "The System" machine. If we don't put the effort in to set everyone and everything free all around us then we still live in HELL ("The System"). The key is to live for everyone else's freedom so that we can have it too.

From Bare Dirt To Abundance
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two A
5th November 2014

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two B
Coming Shortly

We live for NO SYSTEM. We do not lose anything by not having a man-made system and, in fact, we gain. We gain our freedom and we gain abundance. Let go of the fear.

The Cristian Family November 2006

A Collection Of Various Love For Life Posts
Providing The Big Picture We See

Sequential Order

We ask you to NOT believe anything we say/share and instead use scrutiny like an intense blow torch and go where the logic of truth/sense takes you. This is very, very important. Put everything you believe up to the test of scrutiny to see how it stacks up. If you are true to your heart/senses and go where the logic of truth/sense takes you will find that NO belief, etc, will stand up to the test of scrutiny. They just do not stack up because they are lies/fraud.

After you have watched and read all the material and any questions are left unanswered, send us your landline number and we will use the internet phone as a free unlimited call. We are on Sydney NSW Australia time. Best times for us to chat are between 11.00am and 6.00pm.

It is critical that you fully comprehend Image Power, "Spelling", Trauma, Reaction To Trauma, Curses, Processing Curses, Full-Responsibility/Liability, Limited Liability/Responsibility (passing-the-back), Slavery, Senses/Sense vs Non-Sense/Senses, Re-Presenting Intellectual Property such as but not limited to "Name", Storytelling/Storytellers, Duality, Black-Magic, Belief, Lies, "i", All Seeing "i" (eye), etc..... These themes and others are covered over and over and over again.

If you do not comprehend these insights and are unable to use your senses to sense your way through all the non-sense/non-sensory-images that enslave MAN under their image power (darkness = "The System" = Hell), men and women will remain deeply trapped under a terrible state of trauma. Our intention is to inspire you to remedy by showing you how to move away from reacting to trauma in all its nefarious and devious forms.

Superb Diamond Range Interviewing
Arthur & Fiona Cristian 4th February 2014

His-Story/Her-Story (History)
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
2005-2007 - Re-posted July 2014

The Dream Of Life Part 6
Under The Spell Of Intellectual Property

Arthur Cristian - 51 Minutes 52 Seconds

Trauma Induced Fantasy
July 2013 Interview With
Jeanice Barcelo And Arthur & Fiona Cristian

The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Background To "The System"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Interviewed By
Jahnick Leaunier, The Tru-Mon Show
24th August 2016
Love For Life - 142 Minutes

Eric Dubay's Flat Earth Is A Cult
The Background To The System Part Two

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 31st August 2016
154 Minutes

Eclipse Of The Sun - Video (Arthur swears in this video)
The Background To The System Part Three
Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 25th October 2016

The "Name" Is The Mark Of The Beast
The Strawman Identifying
Your Slave Status In "The System"

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
5th February 2012 - 56 Minutes 25 Seconds

The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practice
Fiona's ACT Supreme Court Affidavit Explaining Inculcation & Illumination
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
4th March 2016

The Spinning Top
Full Bloom Inculcation

Arthur And Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
Facebook Discussions Between The
8th December 2016
26th January 2017
Link: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/16/03/04/satanic-craft-inculcation-pra...

The Shit Of Death
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
28th January 2017
Link: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/16/03/04/satanic-craft-inculcation-pra...

The Selfie Of Freakenstein
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
17th March 2017

Three Sets Of Fiona Cristian Documents Filed With ACAT
Merged Into One Document For Downloading

Fiona Cristian Affidavit
ACT Supreme Court / Court Of Appeal


Dancing With Magic (Lies)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Videos, Articles, Comments
And Pending E-Book
Love Fort Life
September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part One
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
5th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Two
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
12th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Three
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
13th September 2015

Dancing With Magic (Lies) Part Four:
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
16th September 2015

Introduction To Kindom Video
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
6th March 2015

To Be Educated Is To Have No Soul
The System Is Soul Destroying

Frederick Malouf & Michael Tellinger's
Contrived Gifting
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
1st September 2016

Illumination IS Definition
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th to 29th January 2016

The Nefarious Tactics Used
To Disguise Truth And Distract Us
From Remedy

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
24th January 2014
This post contains many recent Facebook comments
and email replies which collectively provides a big picture
into exposing the deception behind IMAGE POWER.

The Pull Of E-Motion
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
8th February 2014

Processing Curses
A Lie Is A Curse
Liars Process Curses

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th February 2014

How The System Is Really Constructed
Bouncing Back Curses Upon Curse Makers
To Stop Harm Forevermore

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
27th February 2014

Slave To A Name
Parts One, Two, Three, Four,
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd to 6th March 2014

Educated Slaves
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
20th March 2014

The Only Path To Freedom
Beware The False Steps

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 2nd April 2014

Free-Dumb For All
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 5th April 2014

Revoking The Ego
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 8th April 2014

How MAN Commits Spiritual Suicide
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life - 3rd April 2014

How To Detect Intel Operatives Working
For The New World Order Agenda
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 10th April 2014

How The Psyop Program & Intel Networks
Are Messing With Your Head +

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - April 2014

Godzilla Through The Looking Glass
Destroyed By Name"

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 20th April 2014

What It's Going To Take
To Co-Create Freedom Forevermore

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 22nd April 2014

Falling For Fairy Stories
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 24th April 2014

A Disassociation From The Work
Of Kate of Gaia

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 17th May 2014

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 22nd May 2014

Revolution Or Revolution
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 25th May 2014

Routing Out Psyop Programs
Routs Out Intel Operatives
Exposing Max Igan's Psyop Program

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 31st May 2014

The Psyop Program Scam
Behind Religion Belief Faith
& Associated Opinion

Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
11th June 2014

Another Delusion
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
11th June 2014

A World Of Words Is A World Of Lies
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
13th June 2014

The Name Of The Beast Is MAN

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 9th May 2014
Includes Mountain MAN Arrested
Facebook Discussion About "Name"
Uploaded 25th June 2014

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 13th August 2014

Discussion With Brother Gregory
Clearly Demonstrating Christianity
Is Part Of The Problem
And Not The Solution

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
Between the 12th May 2014 and 30th August 2014

The Psyop Program Behind Free Food
And Permaculture

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
29th October 2014
Facebook Discussion With Unconditional Love Moon

Head So Strong
Music and Vocals Arthur Cristian
Backing Vocals and Vocal Effects Arthur Cristian & Hannah Wood
Lyrics Fiona and Arthur Cristian
Written during our spare time between Aug & Oct 2014

The Time Of Trauma That Destroys Us
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
9th November 2014

The Most Powerful Video On Spirituality
And Happiness FOR SLAVES
How To Accept Slavery And Be Happy About It

Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
6th August 2014
Facebook Discussion About The Work Of Eckhart Tolle

What Can We Do What Can We See
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
A series of Arthur Cristian Facebook
posts and discussions
between 17th and 21st November 2014

The Misuse Of Love By Intel Networks
To Create Doubt And Uncertainty
With The Intention To Destroy Love
And Therefore Destroy MAN
(True Freedom, Peace, Joy, Abundance And Truth
For Everyone)

By Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
26th November 2014

The Void Of E-GO That Is Spiritual Suicide
The Justification Of Laziness
That Perpetuates System Creature Comforts
Ensuring Our Fall

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
13th December 2014
Massive Update Occurred 14th Dec 2014 3.10pm Sydney Aust time

Darkness Visible Part One A, B, C, D
The Freemasonic World In Plain Sight
Decoding George Washington Lithographs

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
14th December 2014
Part One A http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8557
Part One B http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8567
Part One C http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8568
Part One D http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8569

Darkness Visible Part Two
Yin And Yang, Duality, Spiritual Suicide
And Frank O'Collins UCADIA / One Heaven

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
14th December 2014

Darkness Visible Part Three
How The Word Sausage
Re-Presents The New World Order
Boiling Point & Out To Get Us

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
27th December 2014

Darkness Visible Part Four
Aleister Crowley - Thelema - OTO
And The Black Magic Psychedelia Of The Intellect

Facebook Discussion
4th to 10th January 2015

Darkness Visible Part Five
Living MAN Fiona Cristian's Standing
+ Decoding Judeo/Judaism

Fiona Cristian & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
24th January 2015

Darkness Visible Part Six
The Many Fingers Of The Hidden Hand Appearing
YouTube Community Flagged A Video
Posted To The ArthurLoveForLife YouTube Channel
As Being "Hate Speech"

Fiona Cristian & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
4th February 2015

Darkness Visible Part Seven
The Full Responsibility For Setting
True Freedom For All Into Motion
In Present-Sense Forevermore

Fiona Cristian & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
10th February 2015

Who We Really Are Does Not End
At The Surface Of Our Skin

Arthur Cristian & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 22nd February 2015

Introduction To Kindom Video
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
6th March 2015

The Rot Parts One, Two, Three
Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
5th June 2015

"The Good Guys" And The "Bad Guys"
Working Together To Bring In
The New World Order

Arthur Cristian - 18th July 2015

Can You Spot The Ego?
Where's Wally? Part One

Compilation of Facebook & Youtube
Insight Posts During Aug/Sept 2015
By Arthur Cristian

Can You Spot The Ego?
Where's Wally? Part Two

Compilation of Facebook & Youtube
Insight Posts During Aug/Sept 2015
By Arthur Cristian

Dancing With Magic (Lies)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Videos, Articles, Comments
And Pending E-Book
Love Fort Life
September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part One
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
5th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Two
Arthur Cristian - Love For Life
12th September 2015

Dancing With Magic Part Three
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
13th September 2015

Dancing With Magic (Lies) Part Four:
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
16th September 2015

Illumination IS Definition
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
26th to 29th January 2016

The Satanic Craft Of Inculcation In Practice
Fiona's ACT Supreme Court Affidavit Explaining Inculcation & Illumination
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
4th March 2016

The Dark Side Of The Moon
The Background To "The System" Part One

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 24th August 2016

Eric Dubay's Flat Earth Is A Cult
The Background To The System Part Two

Arthur & Fiona Cristian Chatting With
Jahnick Leaunier On The Tru-Mon Show
Love For Life - 31st August 2016

To Be Educated Is To Have No Soul
The System Is Soul Destroying
Frederick Malouf & Michael Tellinger's
Contrived Gifting

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
1st September 2016

New Love For Life Kindom Facebook Group
Started March 2015
Includes 63 Minute
Introduction To Kindom Video
By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Facebook Kindom Group Guidelines
The Love For Life website home-page provides
the bigger-picture background to the themes
touched on in this video: http://loveforlife.com.au

Crop Circles Are A Massive Hoax
Facebook Discussion On Simon Kawai's Wall
Involving Arthur & Fiona Cristian
31st August 2013

OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
27th February 2013 onwards...
Part One: http://youtu.be/Qjp_9nlrBao
Part Two: http://youtu.be/tbybeOWZ-Bc
Part Three: http://youtu.be/yOWoxH-HbVw

Water Is The Life Of MANS Consciousness (Breath)
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life - 8th February 2013
Part One: http://youtu.be/4ze66_33wxM - 70 Minutes 5 Seconds
Part Two: http://youtu.be/43gIi-sjxJc - 81 Minutes 13 Seconds
Part Three: http://youtu.be/oooY6W63K-M - 70 Minutes 18 Seconds

What Do You Believe On Origins?
Who Said There Was A Beginning?
Who's Truth Do You Accept?
Belief Is A Strange Idea.

Discussion Lyndell, Scott and Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Between March and April 2013
Posted 29th October 2013

So You Want The Good Bits Of "The System"
But Not The Bad Bits?

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life - 12th August 2013

Turning Away From The Reflection
Of MANS Looking Glass

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
30th April 2013


From Bare Dirt To Abundance
A Year In The Life Of The
Love For Life Food Forest

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
8th February 2013
51 Minutes 46 Seconds

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Two
5th November 2014

From Bare Dirt To Abundance Part Three
7th March 2016
60 Minutes

Love For Life Food Forest & Native Garden March 2016
Extension Of The Love For Life Food Forest And Establishment
Of A New Native Garden At The Front Of The Rental Property
In East Bowral - 24th October 2015 to Mid February 2016.
15 Minutes

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Divine Spark
Facebook Discussion With Raymond Karczewski
Arthur & Fiona Cristian & Others
2nd October 2013

Capturing Another MANS Uniqueness
A Facebook Debate With
Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
And Raymond Karczewski
Starting 13th May 2013

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

The Steps Of Kindom
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life 2006/2007

To explore these themes in greater detail go here where you can find links to all our Love For Life comments, articles, debates, discussions, videos, podcasts, etc: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385

All the best
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

Website: http://loveforlife.com.au
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Links below will kick in when the professionally recorded Love For Life music is released.

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Peaceful Transition Through Sacrifice And Service

We feel there is an essential peaceful do no harm transition required to get all of MAN back to standing on MANS feet without reliance upon another MAN for water, food, shelter. As it stands everyone in "The System" are highly dependent and reliant on the "group mind-set" that forms "The System" of slaves providing services and benefits for the emotionally addicted slaves to "The System" (and you can put us in the same basket too). The transition is to get MAN back to relying ONLY on nature without 3rd party interlopers, intermeddlers, interceders getting in the way. The transition is a team effort with the foresight for setting all of MAN free down-the-line so that MAN is no longer dependent on slaves and masters providing services, benefits, privileges and exclusivity while being bound to contracts, rituals, procedures, conditions, rules & regulations which compromises MAN severely.

This transition is all about shifting from limited liability/responsibility to full liability/responsibility. This full responsibility is all about caring for our health, nature all around us, clean uncorrupted (pure) water and food, partner/co-creator, children, shelter, animal-friends in partnership, etc. In "The System", we are already together destroying each other - we have to come together to create peace together so that we can all have peace. We cannot live peacefully when we are islands, not taking full responsibility for the lives of those around us until EVERYONE can take full responsibility for their life, which means that EVERYONE is healed of system trauma. In "The System", we all come together to make slaves of each other - now is the moment to come together to set each other free, to live for each other's freedom, peace, joy and abundance. Once we have set each other free, we are free.

Control The Land
And You Control MAN On The Land
Displace MAN From Land
And You Turn MAN Into Slaves

Arthur & Fiona Cristian - Love For Life
April 2011 (Updated 14th September 2011)

The Spell Is Broken
Taking The Land To Create Kindom

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
3rd March 2013

"The Steps Of Kindom"


Once we fix these issues, we or our children or our descendants to come, can start focusing on the even bigger picture of getting back to where our ancestors were, as breatharyan's, before they fell into non-sense images to be enslaved by them.

All the best to you and your family
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

The Cristian Family November 2006

The Cristian Family Declaration

The Cristian family and The Love for Life Campaign are apolitical, non-religious, non-violent, anti weapons, anti drugs (both pharmaceutical and recreational) and anti any ideology that denies the existence of Do No Harm Communities (Kindoms) and suppresses the uniqueness and freedom of all men, women and children.

The Cristian family and our Love For Life work is unaligned to any big business corporation, intelligence agency, government body, "system" law, "system" think tanks, "system" green or environmental movements, religion, cult, sect, society (fraternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, order, club, etc,) secret or not, hidden agenda, law or sovereignty group, occult, esoteric, New Age or Old Age.

The Cristian family supports and promotes the remedy that brings an everlasting peace, freedom, truth, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life without causing loss of uniqueness or the need for having slaves and rulers. We are not into following the one in front or being shepherds for sheeple. Most importantly, we take full-responsibility for everything we think, feel and do.

The Cristian family are not Christians.

Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

December 2006

The Cristian Family November 2006


Being of clear brain, heart and intention, we each declare the following to be true:

• We have no intention of ending our own lives.

• We will not tolerate suppression of truth, ideas, freedom, or our work. We stand for freedom of speech.

• We stand together to support others in the expression of truths and freedom to speak out no matter how radical those ideas may seem.

• Standing for freedom takes courage; together we shall be strong in the face of all odds.

• If it is ever claimed that we have committed suicide, encountered an unfortunate accident, died of sickness/disease, disappeared, been institutionalized, or sold out financially or in any other way to self-interested factions, we declare those claims false and fabricated.

• We testify, assert and affirm without reservation, on behalf of all those who have dedicated their lives to the ending of secrecy and the promotion of freedom of thought, ideas and expression that we shall prevail.

• We Do Not Have Multiple Personality Disorders

Arthur Cristian
Fiona Cristian
Jasmin Lily Cristian
Emma Rose Cristian
Frances Hannah Cristian
Xanthe Jane Cristian

15th December 2006 (Edited/Updated 18th September 2011)

The Cristian Family November 2006

Update Regarding The Love For Life
Home Page And Quick User Guide

We are turning the Love for Life Quick User Guide http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6608 into a blog of all the main insights of our work since March 2005, whether through articles, videos, podcasts or discussions/debates.

As we do not have the time to compile everything we have written into a book, as many have suggested we do, compiling all our most important work into one area of the website is a way of providing easy access to this work so those interested are able to fully comprehend the big picture.

Instead of having to find our different articles, videos, etc, in various parts of the website, it will all be accessible here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6608 and here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385.

Love For Life Videos

As amateurs and posted in the Quick User Guide below the Facebook links, we're currently creating and posting a series of videos called "The Dream Of Life" which covers the ground of all the Love For Life insights. We plan to have the videos completed by December 31st 2012. Once this is behind us, our intention is to create a 2 hour or so video covering the body of this work. All videos are embedded in the quick user guide http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6608 and uploaded in Arthur's YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArthurLoveForLife.

Love For Life Music

We have started recording songs, with others, that express the themes of Love For Life. They are now being posted on Arthur's YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ArthurLoveForLife and are embedded in the quick user guide http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6608. We have over 100 songs to record. A few rough demos have already been used as the soundtrack on the first "Dream of Life" video.

About Us - Love For Life & The Cristian Family

Also, everything we, the Cristian family, have gone through, from bank fraud and the theft of the family home to death threats and attempts on Arthur's life, is documented in the Quick User Guide too. If you, the reader, are prepared to put the effort in, you will comprehend the extent to which we have all been tricked into becoming slaves, giving up our uniqueness and our full-responsibility for life and destroying everything of life to the point where life is in danger of dying out completely. You will also comprehend the remedy to all this chaos; a remedy that requires only love for life and the determination to do what needs to be done. Though our focus is very strongly on the remedy that creates a world of freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance and Do No Harm for all of life without loss of uniqueness or the need for slaves and rulers, we realise that it is vital to comprehend how to get there and what stops us from getting there. This is why there is so much information on the hows and whys of everything going wrong in the world today. We are not into peddling conspiracy theories, we are into routing out all forms of organised crime.

Saturday 26th November 2011

Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life

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1. For The Body Of The Love For Life Work by Arthur and Fiona Cristian

Which Unravels The Reasons For The Chaos, Mayhem and Confusion Being Experienced In The World Today, Explains The Need For "Community Immunity" and Responsibility, and Focuses On The Creation Of Kindoms - Do No Harm, Life-Sustainable Communities (As The Remedy That Heals All Mans Woes) - And How We Can Co-Create Them. For Comments, Articles And Discussions, Go Here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385 - Also Go Here To See Podcasts And Videos Posted by Arthur & Fiona Cristian: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7309 - The Information Shared Comes From Inspiration, Intuition, Heartfelt-Logic And Information Gathered From Nature And Many Amazing Men And Women Along The Way. It Is Not Found In Any Books Or Channellings, Or Talked About By "Experts". Go Here To Read A Brief Synopsis Of Why We Started Love For Life: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8182

2. For Information About The Ringing Cedars of Russia Series

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1125 and for more on Eco Homes, Villages, Organic and Permaculture Gardening and Life-Sustainability, etc, go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3641 and here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1985 and Mikhail Petrovich Shchetinin - Kin's School - Lycee School at Tekos: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5173

3. For How To Eat A Raw, Living Food Diet,

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5068 - LIFE is information. When we distort LIFE and then eat, drink, absorb, think, feel, hear, see, touch, taste, smell and perform these distortions, the information of LIFE, your LIFE, our LIFE, our children's lives, everyone's LIFE, is distorted.

4. To Find A Menu For The Extensive Research Library (over 8,000 items posted embodying over 11,000 documents, pdf's, videos, podcasts, etc)

Which Covers Topics From Health to Chemtrails/Haarp to Brain Control to Archaeology to Astronomy Geocentricity Heliocentricity to Pandemics Bird Flu Swine Flu to Fluoride to Cancer to Free Energy to Global Warming, 9/11, Bali Bombings, Aspartame, MSG, Vaccinations, Aids/HIV, Mercury, New World Order, Satanism, Religions, Cults, Sects, Symbolism, etc, etc, go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/82

5. If You Would Like To Read About The Cristian Family NSW Supreme Court Case

(Macquarie Bank/Perpetual Limited Bank Fraud Condoned By Judges, Registrars, Barristers, Lawyers, Politicians, Public Servants, Bureaucrats, Big Business and Media Representatives - A Crime Syndicate/Terrorist Organisation) Which Prompted The Creation Of This Love For Life Website December 2006, And The Shooting And Torture Of Supporters Who Assisted Us In Reclaiming The Family Home, Joe Bryant And His Wife, Both In Their Late 70's, go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5 And Read Some Of Our Email Correspondence With Lawyer Paul Kean - Macedone Christie Willis Solari Partners - Miranda Sydney May 17th-June 27th 2006: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7300

6. For The Stories Of Other Victims Of The System,

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/australian_stories (If you have a story you would like us to put up, we would love to here from you:
action @ loveforlife.com.au)

7. For Documentation Of Harm Done By The Powers-That-Be And Their Representatives,

Evidence Revealing How Victims Did Not Break The Peace, Caused No Crime or Harm, There Were No Injured Parties. Documenting Incontrovertible Evidence Demonstrating How The Powers That Be (PTB) And Their Lackeys Will Break All The Laws They Are Supposed To Uphold. They Will Kidnap, Intimidate, Terrorise, Rape, Pillage, Plunder And Lie And Take Responsibility For None Of It. All Part Of Their Tactics Of Using Fear And Trauma To Keep Us In Our Place. Relatives Of Those Under Their Radar Are Also Not Safe From Attack And Intimidation. All Starting From A $25 Fine For Not Voting And A $65 Fine For Not Changing A Dog Registration. We Do Not Have Freedom And Can Only Appear To Have Freedom If We Comply. Regardless How Small The Matter The PTB Throw Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars Away To Enforce Their Will.... Go Here:
Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office - Part One to Part Ten - From 17th October 2008 And Still Continuing:
http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6319 or
Fiona Cristian Reply To State Debt Recovery Office
Part One: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5742 - From 17th October 2008
Part Two: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6135 - From 18th December 2008
Part Three: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6295 - From 9th January 2009
Part Four: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6296 - From 14th January 2009
Part Five: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6375 - The Sick Puppy - From 20th February 2009
Part Six: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6390 - Police Officers, Sheriff’s Officers, Tow Truck Driver and State Debt Recovery Office Blatantly Ignore the Law To Rape, Pillage and Plunder The Private Property Of Fiona Cristian - From 11th March 2009
Part Seven: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6445 - Affidavit Of Truth - Letter To The Queen + Australia: Fascism is Corporatism - From 30th March 2009
Part Eight: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6652 - The Pirates Auction And The Ghost Of VSL386 - From 4th April 2009
Part Nine: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7073 - Arthur Cristian's Letter To Pru Goward MP - From 15th December 2009
Part Ten: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7500 - Should We Be In Fear Of Those Who Claim To Protect Us? "Roman Cult" Canon Law - Ecclesiastical Deed Poll - The Work Of Frank O'Collins - From 13th October 2010

8. If You Are Interested In Information On Freedom From Statutes, Rule-Of-Law, Free Man/Free Woman, Strawman, "Person" and Admiralty Law (The Law Of Commerce),

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/895 - For Common Law, Democracy, Constitution, Trial By Jury, Fee Simple, etc, go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/category/main/law-articles-documents

9. If You Are Interested In Banking and Money Created (Fiat/Credit/Debt/Mortgage/Loan/Overdraft etc) Out-Of-Thin-Air, How Banks Counterfeit Money,

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/banks

10. For A List Of All The Latest Posts In The Love For Life Website,

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/tracker

11. For Links To Many Hundreds Of Videos, DVDs And Podcasts

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/video_dvd

12. To See The Cristian Family Pledge, Legal and other Disclaimers

go here: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/06/12/05/love-life-legal-disclaimer

13. To Read About How A Representative Of The NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies Had Threatened To Shut Down The Love For Life Website

go here: Part One: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6616 Part Two: THE STEVE JOHNSON REPORT AND VIDEO: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6665 and Part Three: Latest Update On James Von Brunn: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6673

Conscious Love Always
Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
action @ loveforlife.com.au
0418 203204 (int: 0011 61 418 203204)
PO Box 1320 Bowral 2576 NSW Australia

Arthur Cristian

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The Cristian Family November 2006

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The Cristian Family November 2006

Posted Wednesday 17th June 2009
Updated September 2011

NSW Jewish Board Of Deputies
Has Threatened To Shut Down
The Love For Life Website

No Freedom Of Speech - No Freedom Of Thought

Love For Life does not support harm doing in any shape or form. However, we are supporters of free speech and post articles, documentaries, etc, that represent a wide cross section of ideas. See the Love For Life extensive research library where over 6000 documents, articles and videos are posted: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/82. We clearly see the evidence of the destruction to MAN and the earth that has been caused by ALL religions over the centuries and are therefore not supporters of religions, cults, sects or any group that demands conformity of thought, speech or action, or has rules, regulations or rituals that must be followed. Religions, nationalities and cultural "identities" are formed as a result of the brainwashing we receive from childhood. They are part of the tactics the Establishment uses to keep us all divided from one another and fighting one another.

All religions promote discrimination and division, leading to hatred and even violence and murder. None of them have yet to produce a remedy to all the suffering, poverty, unhappiness and discrimination in the world. If any religion truly had the remedy to all the suffering on earth, there would no longer be any suffering. What have Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, atheism and the New Age done to end the suffering in the world?

Since December 2006, there have been many attempts to take down the Love For Life website. Any attempts have been thwarted by Love For Life supporters inundating the harm-doers with emails, etc, objecting to them taking down the website for a variety of reasons. The trouble makers usually back off when they realise that they can post all their views, arguments, beliefs, etc, in the Love For Life website without censorship or restriction imposed. They get to see that even the Queen, Pope, Prime Minister, President of America, etc, can post all their views without hindrance or sabotage and that we support freedom of speech/thought which means we support the right of all sides to express their views.

Of note, there is a vast amount of information posted in the Love For Life website which we do not agree with but we leave it all up because we refuse to be biased, opinionated or self-centered/self-serving. Of the many thousands of comments posted over the years we have only removed posts containing secret links to commercial advertisements, terrible foul language, threats of violence and death, etc, and attacks on other people's characters that avoid the subject/debate at hand. Besides links to advertisements, we have taken down less than six comments due to the above. We usually leave everything up, all warts and all, even those posts threatening to do terrible things to Fiona, our children, our dogs, our friends, family & supporters, etc.

The Love For Life website has information from all sides on many subjects, whether about Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Law, health, psychology, mind control, vaccination, aspartame, MSG, Chemtrails etc. There are over 11,000 articles, documentaries etc on the website and they are so diverse that we are sure that everyone would be able to find something they loved and something they hated, if they took the time to search. If we removed all the articles hated by everyone, there would probably be nothing left! We are not anti anyone but freedom of speech is freedom of speech and no one should condemn the work of another without taking the time to research the subject themselves. Yes, there are articles by those who have a less-than-rosy-viewpoint of Judaism, but there are also articles on the dark side of Tibetan Buddhism (and it is very dark) for those who are interested in the truth: Tibet - Buddhism - Dalai Lama: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6271 Should the authors of these articles be abused and imprisoned for daring to challenge the widely conceived reputation of Buddhism as being the religion of peace and love and that of the Dalai Lama as a saint, or should those interested be allowed to study the work and come to their own conclusions? The same applies to all the articles, documentaries, etc, about Christianity, Islam, Freemasonry, New World Order, etc.

The Love for Life website also shows how the Rule of Law, the Bar, the Government, the Monarchy, the system of commerce, the local, national and multi/trans-national private corporations, all the courses and careers on offer from our universities, all the educators, scientists, academics and experts, the aristocrats and the Establishment bloodlines have also done NOTHING to end the suffering in the world. The website maps the insanity of a world where there is no help for those in need, just as there was no help available for us when we were victims of terrible bank fraud: "NSW Supreme Court Case - Macquarie Bank/Perpetual Limited vs Fiona Cristian - Victims Of Bank Fraud Condoned By Judges" http://loveforlife.com.au/node/5 (orchestrated, condoned and protected by an international crime syndicate/terrorist organisation of judges, barristers, registrars, lawyers, politicians, banksters, big business representatives, media moguls and other lackeys who, all together, put up a wall of silence despite our trying many, many avenues. After the family home was stolen and business destroyed we were left close to poverty and destitution caring for 4 young daughters. Three years later not much has changed regardless of all our efforts. Where were all the followers of all the religions to help us? Or do we have to be members of those religions to receive help from others involved in them?

The New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies accused us of being anti - Jewish, see: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6616 and http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6665 because we had posted an excerpt from James von Brun's book: Kill the Best Gentiles: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6054 in which he blames Jews for the problems of the world. Obviously this is not our view because of what we have stated above. We do not hate anyone, whatever religion they follow. We are always open to talk to any religious leader or politician and meet with any judge, member of the Bar, experts, academics, educators etc to share the remedy we offer that heals all the divisions between MAN and MAN, and MAN and the EARTH.

Today, a representative of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies is threatening to close the website down, because they have decided it is anti - Jewish and that we promote racism. What has the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies done to end the suffering in the world? Can they show that they are concerned with the suffering of ALL men, women and children AND ARE SEEN TO BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT or are they only concerned with Jewish affairs? If so, they, along with all the other religions that only care for their own, are part of the problem, not part of the solution. The man who rang Arthur today was only concerned with Jewish affairs; he was not interested in our intentions or in anybody else, just as most Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Catholics, etc, are only interested in their own. While we separate ourselves into groups, dividing ourselves from others with rules, regulations, rituals, procedures and conditions, we will never solve our problems.

No matter what we in the Western World Civilisation of Commerce have been promised by our politicians, religious leaders, scientists, educators, philosophers, etc, for the past two hundred years, all we have seen is ever-increasing destruction of men, women and children and the earth. None of the so-called experts and leaders we have been taught to rely on are coming up with a solution and none of them are taking full-responsibility for the fact that they can't handle the problem. All religious books talk about end times full of destruction and suffering but why do we have to follow this program when there is an alternative to hatred, mayhem and death? Why are our leaders following the program of destruction and death rather than exploring the alternatives? It seems that any mainstream politician, priest or academic are only interested in supporting the RULES OF THE DIVIDE, that maintain the haves and the have nots. For 200+ years, 99% of the world population have been so trained to pass on their responsibility for themselves, others and the earth, that the 1% of the population that make up the leaders of the rest of us are making all the decisions leading to the destruction of all of us and the earth. Let's not forget the education system that brainwashes the 99% of the population that we are free and have equal rights while, in fact, we are feathering the nests of those at the top.

At the root of all our problems is self-centredness, an unwillingness nurtured by the Establishment that keeps us concerned only with our own needs rather than the needs of others around us and the Earth. Instead of creating and releasing acts of love for those around us as gifts to benefit them and the earth, we take, take and take, until there is nothing left. The whole point of the Love for Life website is to show people the root of all our problems and to share the remedy. The extensive research library is there to attract browsers and to provide access to information not available through mainstream channels. If the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies can, after careful examination of our work, prove that anything we are saying is wrong, we will be happy to accept their proof. If they cannot, and they are still insistent on closing the website down, they will be showing themselves to be traitors to MAN because they are not interested in pursuing any avenue that can end the suffering in the world.

All religions, corporations and organisations that support and maintain the Western World Civilisation of Commerce are part of the problem because our civilisation is a world of haves and have nots, racism, violence, hatred, poverty, sickness, discrimination, abuse, starvation, homelessness, corruption, collusion, vindictiveness, social unrest, arrogance, ignorance, fear, war and chaos. While we support civilisation, we support death and destruction because ALL civilisations that have ever existed are apocalyptic by design.

If we truly want peace on earth and freedom for all, we have to let go of all that which keeps us divided, and come together as MAN, conscious living co-creators of creation. The Love For Life website offers a remedy to the problems we all face in the form of DO NO HARM COMMUNITIES: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3641 For more details see here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6511 and here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/3385 - We also highly recommend that everyone read the brilliant Russian books called The Ringing Cedars: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/1125 - The Love For Life Website Homepage also provides lots of inspiring remedy based information: http://loveforlife.com.au - If you want to be kept up to date with our work please register to the Love For Life Mailing List here: http://loveforlife.com.au/content/09/05/14/mailing-list. We usually send two postings per month. Presently (September 2011) there are over 7000 registrations reaching over 500,000 readers across Earth. The website now (September 2011) receives up to 12 million hits per month. Since December 2006, over 100 million people have visited the Love For Life website.

Conscious Love Always
Arthur and Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
17th June 2009

The Cristian Family November 2006

Clarification Regarding Our Intentions
Behind The Use Of Donations

The Love For Life website is offered for free without a fee and without any conditions attached. If people are inspired to donate money, then we accept their gift and have provided an avenue for them to support the work we do through Fiona's Paypal or ANZ bank account http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8515. There is no obligation whatsoever to donate and all are equally welcome to our work and to our "time", whether they donate or not. Over the last 9 years, all the Love For Life work has been put out for free and it has often been donations from supporters that have enabled us to renew the domain name, etc, to keep the website going. While some complain that we have an avenue for donations, others complained when we didn't! Either use it or don't - the choice is yours.

Since Love For Life started March 2005 and website December 2006, Arthur has worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week unpaid for much of this period, putting together the website and sharing insights to wake people up to what has been done to them, whether through the 11,500+ individual articles, videos, podcasts, debates, discussions, pdf's, research documents, etc, found amongst the 8,500+ posts, as well as helping many, many men and women over the phone, and through email, website correspondence, Facebook and YouTube, and creating the Love For Life food forest vege garden and Love For Life music recording studio. This is our life is a gift commitment to serve MAN/Nature/Earth but we are still severely compromised by "The System" and still have to give to Caesar what is claimed to belong to Caesar, which is where the donations help us.

Fiona & Arthur Cristian
Love For Life
21st July 2014